I Wanna Run!!

So, I made waffles today.  Or, I should say, I tried to make waffles.  I can’t really complain about it since it cost a grand total of seven dollars, or something, but my waffle maker is a piece of junk.  I used the same “recipe” I’ve used for pancakes in the past: just peanut flour and banana, with enough liquid to make it into a batter instead of a paste.  The liquid was seltzer water, this time, because it was there.

Now, really.  Does that look like a waffle to you?!  And I don’t even want to think about cleaning the waffle maker… sometimes it’s worth it to spend the extra money for A) removable plates and B) a waffle maker that actually makes waffles.  As opposed to unattractive lumps of cooked batter.

Then off I went … you know, my butt isn’t as big as it looks.  It’s just that I’m surgically attached to an office chair.  Seriously — I feel like I spend my entire life at work, and I have nothing but aggravation to show for it.  Mr. J just needs to be in my general vicinity, and my blood pressure shoots up.  I know it’s not unusual to dislike your boss, but I really think the level of hatred I have for mine is sort of … abnormal.

Brief interlude to say…

I do not like hummus.  Surprise, surprise… I’m going to have to find a way to disguise the rest of it.

After an interminable workday, I took myself to the running store — an absolute necessity.  I actually felt like a total fraud when I walked in there, because I am not a runner.  Put me in a dive shop, and I’m in heaven.  Put me in a running store, and — no pun intended — I am a fish out of water.

Anyway, I explained my problem and that I thought they might be caused by my shoes.  Turns out, I pronate slightly, but it’s highly unlikely that that is the reason I got injured.  Still, he put me in another pair just to see if it made a difference… and I fell in love.

I can’t justify buying new shoes when the ones I have are perfectly fine.  But when I do need a new pair, I’m going for the Brooks Ravenna 2.  I did get a foam roller.  And directions to ice, ice, ice… which would be so much easier if I actually had a freezer at work!!

When I got home, it was so gorgeous outside that I couldn’t resist lacing up my shoes and going outside… and hoping that I wouldn’t live to regret it.  I didn’t go very far — probably about half a mile — but it was so lovely.  Particularly the part where I didn’t drop dead from agony!

I probably don’t even need to say that I’ve neglected to do any schoolwork.  And I guess I won’t be doing any, either, because my mom and I are going on an oh-so-exciting little trip soon.  I kind of wonder how I am going to graduate at this rate!

Doing my cleaning out the freezer duties:

Asparagus stir fry (asparagus, carrots, cauliflower, pasta) stir-fried in peanut oil; dry roasted cashews; Bragg’s and chili powder.  I’ve been meaning to make a stir fry with cashews for ages, and I’m glad I finally did!  Particularly because I’m probably going to make it again tomorrow…

I’m wondering if my legs will let me run tomorrow… I’m getting more than a little frustrated, here.  The plan has already gotten all messed up.  Not.  Happy.

The procrastination methods for tonight include ANTM, the aforementioned trip with my mom, and figuring out how on earth to use that foam roller.  Anyone want to do some schoolwork for me?…

Happy Thursday.

“Inside myself is a place where I live all alone, and that’s where I renew my springs that never dry up.” 
~Pearl Buck


4 responses to “I Wanna Run!!

  1. You must share your foam rolling experiences. I *GASP* still don’t really have much of a clue as to..well…what foam-rolling is. I know, and I call myself a blogger 😛
    I love using seltzer water in waffles or pancakes, though!! Saw it from Sarena. Genius. So chewy and moist!
    I’m glad your legs are feeling better, I’ve got my fingers crossed they do tomorrow, too 🙂
    And man; I’ve had a “I need a BREAK” day, too. Mainly schoolwork. I was so looking forward to a break…only for there to not be one. That killed my motivation.

  2. I got my own school work to do, thank you very much! To be honest, I’ve never had waffles so I wouldn’t know how they are supposed to look. You fooled me 😛

    I should probably get my feet fitted for walking shoes but meh. I has no monies right now so the chance of me buying shoes is the same chance of me sprouting wings…although that would be cool!

    Your stirfry looks yummy! I only tried cashews for the first time yesterday and LOVED THEM!! I don’t know why it took me so long…


  3. Good luck with the foam roller: basically if it hurts like heck at the time but feels better about an hour afterwards then you know you’re doing something right 😉

    And hey, enough with the negative self-talk. A runner is a person that/who runs. You run, therefore you are a runner. You might be an injured runner but you’re still every bit as worthy to be in that shop and trying to improve your performance as everyone else. And now you’ve got me coveting those shoes.

    If you find someone to do your school work, perhaps they can pick up some of mine too?


  4. SHOES. I need new running shoes, I’ve had the same pair since 2006 and I went through half of a marathon training schedule with them back then :/ oops! I’m glad running was more comfortable this time anyway! I hope the foam roller helps. I don’t know anything about them!

    Ooh, trip with your mom. I’m curious now 🙂

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