3.48 AM

That is what time I woke up this morning.  Needless to say, I was none too pleased about the situation.  After several failed attempts at going back to sleep, I decided to just get up and go completely out of my way to find the wheat berries I wanted… if I am making sprouted bread on Sunday, I need to start sprouting the wheat berries on Wednesday night, and I can’t find the brand I want.  (Yes, it matters, because I don’t want to mix two brands and I already have an open bag.  And besides, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.)

First, though, I somehow managed to dip the edge of my towel in the toilet when I got out of the shower.  Awesome.

Then I tried out another new yogurt…

Apple flavored yogurt??  I’d never heard of that before, so I was intrigued.

One day, I am going to make a pretty parfait.  But, until then, here’s what I had for now!

Last night, I cooked up some basic cinnamon oats, which I refrigerated overnight.  This morning, I layered the oats with the yogurt and a chopped Fuji apple.  While it didn’t taste like any apple I’ve ever eaten, the yogurt was pretty good.

Everything was moving along at a steady pace, and I was ahead of schedule (duh — I woke up much too early not to be ahead of schedule!), so I headed out to go buy my wheat berries, which would require me to go way further uptown than usual.

In short, public transportation was not cooperative.  At all.  I ended up arriving at the gym fifteen minutes later than usual.  But I did get these!  (Sorry for the blurry picture… my eyes are so tired by the time I get home on Wednesdays that I can’t even tell on the LCD screen!)

I’ve only ever used the hard red spring wheat berries before; and to make it “worth my while” for having dragged myself all the way up there, I bought the soft white berries too.  Because I don’t have too many grains at home, or anything.

Another purchase I made today:

I only have between half a dozen and a dozen pairs of sunglasses… but running in fashion sunglasses is not exactly easy on the nose, if you know what I mean.  Actually, I was supposed to be buying gloves for my mom, since she lost hers.  Somehow, I wound up buying these.  (I did get her gloves…)  Can you tell I’m really hoping it doesn’t rain on the day of the race?!… I don’t want to ruin my shoes!!  Somehow, even though I’ve run outside with them, they’re still pristine.

Blah, blah, blah, work, work, work, school, school, school… at which point I had already been awake for over twelve hours.  Bad situation.

I’m counting down to graduation in PBJ sandwiches, since I never really eat them except for at school.  Eight more to go!  (Actually, that’s inaccurate, because Pesach obviously means no PBJ sandwich, but whatever.)  And next week, I get to eat food for dinner on Wednesday instead of a sandwich, because I am on spring break now.  Hip, hip, hooray.

The palpable lack of excitement is due to the fact that A) I have a midterm on the day I come back; and B) my other professor oh-so-kindly assigned a sh!tload of work to do over the next two weeks, “because I know you have nothing else to do during spring break.”

Seriously, if that is your idea of a joke… it isn’t funny!!

I need to go to sleep.

Not-so-random random question of the day… toilet paper: over or under?  OVER ALL THE WAY!!!

Happy Thursday.

“No man is rich enough to buy back his past.” 
~Oscar Wilde


5 responses to “3.48 AM

  1. OVER. I can’t stop myself from changing it if I see it the other way around somewhere 😛 it’s very bad of me. Also, ewwww about your towel! My dad once dropped a pair of socks down the toilet. He still wears them now. I think they are immortal socks or something, since this was 20 years ago. Sorry, that was a weird little anecdote!

    Sorry for rambling at you on FB yesterday too! x

  2. I used to be a stickler for UNDER on the tp dilemma, as it looks nicer. However, I can now say with certainty that OVER works better. It’s much easier to roll a piece off if you need it as a tissue for your nose. Whenever I think of this, though, I think of a card I saw once. It had a picture of the two different ways, labeled over and under, and on the inside, said “Somehow, we make it work.” (intended for like, an anniversary or something?) I got a kick out of it.
    Man. We go to crazy lengths for the food we want, don’t we? 😉 Also, re: focusing the camera – I have THE hardest time photographing my breakfasts most mornings that I wake up early for work. I just can’t see through my sleepy eyes and my lens doesn’t have autofocus on the camera I use!
    ANnnnnnyways. I hope you were able to catch up on sleep last night – you need it! Just think, though – break is almost here 🙂

  3. what the frick, i woke up at the same time..around 3:35 ish. i did however fall back asleep after fighting with my pillows and blankets. usually i get up and have a tea or possibly read books..sometimes just read blogs or surf the internet a bit. it messes my whole day up tho, urgh!

    actually i think going to the gym like you did is a great idea. it sort of gets your mind to awaken and “dust the sleepy cobwebs away” lol. btw those sunglasses are really nice- and it looks like they have those rubber grippers on the ends to prevent them from falling off which is awesome!

    xoxo ❤

  4. Over! Always over…my mind finds it hard to conceptualise it when it’s under. I want to compulsively change it if I see toilet paper the other way round, just like Katie does.

    Funny, I woke up at a similar time having got ‘to sleep’ at 2am. Fail. But it was due to gale force winds battering my house so I suppose I can’t blame my brain.

    Those running shades are so cool! You’ll be the most stylish runner at your 5k for sure. And your parfait IS pretty! As I’ve said before, all of your meals are so dainty and cleanly presented. Your oatmeal art is still the best though 😉

    I could happily live off PB&Js if I could find a decent GF bread….boo to your workload though. I hope you get at least a little time to relax over spring break!



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