That’s my body for you… no rhyme or reason to it whatsoever.

Last night, I decided that instead of procrastinating by doing nothing, I’d go to bed early in the hopes that [the reappearance of] my inexplicable nausea would go back into hiding.  Despite seven hours of (very interrupted) sleep, I had no such luck.  I wish I could pinpoint the cause of it… even if I wouldn’t be too happy about finding out that I can’t tolerate eating X, it’s a more appealing alternative to this.

Figuring that running couldn’t possibly make me feel any worse, I decided to give it a shot.  Fueled by this:

I put the dish directly on the grate in the oven, and apparently it wasn’t interested in staying upright… hence the tilt to its contents!  I’m lucky it didn’t spill out onto the oven floor.  That would have been fun to clean.

Anyway, it may have been difficult for me to determine this, since I generally felt pretty crappy, but I don’t think I cramped up.  My unscientific conclusion is that I need an hour or two to digest, and that I can’t eat anything but carbs before I run; fat or protein doesn’t work.

So, about that run… it was pretty miserable, actually.  I stuck with it because I know that even when I hate it in the moment, I like the way I feel afterward.  And it’s only indicative of my snail-like pace last week that I managed to shave nearly a minute and a half off the same distance.

Can we talk about that for a moment, please?!… My co-worker (the one who revised the training plan for me) seems to think that because I swim, I’m in excellent cardiovascular shape and that if I stick with running consistently for six months, I can break an eight-minute mile.

Hello.  I swim once a week for, like, half an hour.  But I have to say it’s pretty strange to have someone be supportive in this endeavor, because everyone in my family thinks I’m completely nuts.  They’re not wrong in that, but still.

And then I found something for which I’ve been searching for days.

Do you have any idea how difficult it was to find a 60th anniversary card?!  I would think that it’s because not many people make it that far into a marriage, but it was easier to find a 65th anniversary card.  Weird.

Kefir means raita, which means falafel!  As usual, I followed the raita recipe on the back of the falafel box… which they call “cucumber yogurt sauce,” so I have no idea why I call it raita.

Yes, it looks lovely.  The Rubbermaid container only adds to its beauty, I know.

Because I’m not about to buy another package of pitas when I’m supposed to be cleaning out my freezer, I dug out a brown rice tortilla.  Which is no longer round, because when you share a freezer with my mom, things tend to get a little … battered.  I really, really like these tortillas — but they’re impossible to roll!!

Pre-wrap: romaine leaves, falafel, shredded carrots, sliced cucumbers, and raita.

Post- … fold?  This was so. messy. to eat!  I’ll forgive it because it was delicious, but I’m not a fan of messy food.  (I am, however, a fan of edamame in the pod.  Which is not a random statement, since that’s the pile of green in the background.)

My new ear plugs conveniently arrived today:

They’re certainly a lot more comfortable than the silicone ear plugs, but I don’t think I’ve got the hang of it yet.  Or I just have really weirdly sized ear canals, which is not entirely impossible…

In other news, I attempted to make another protein cake variation… inspired by a blueberry corn muffin.

Vanilla soy protein powder, corn grits (because I had them, and not cornmeal), blueberry jam, protein powder, baking powder, Truvia, applesauce, and a few drops of seltzer water.  It didn’t rise very much, but I quite liked the crunch that the grits added to the texture.  It was… different.

Somehow, the schoolwork I was planning to do tonight has not yet been done.  And I, despite spending seven hours in my bed last night, am exhausted, and so it shall continue to go undone.  Can’t say I’m at all surprised. 

I also wasn’t at all surprised to find that I was right about the drug-pushing.  Apparently, my therapist has decided we need to find something that will make me laugh.  I told her that was easy: just give me a mirror.  And then I did laugh, but she totally didn’t get the joke.  Ah, well.

Happy Hump Day… nine more until I mean it!!

“Some people are so boring that they make you waste an entire day in five minutes.” 
~Jules Renard
(I’m sorry — excuse us for living!)


7 responses to “Fickle

  1. Eh, I have schoolwork I need to do too, but what am I doing? Reading blogs. Can’t say I’m surprised…spring break is so close and I just want a break!

  2. Sucky that you still have your nausea 😦 It’s the worst feeling ever! The last time I had the feeling of nausea was when I was on a boat whale watching…by golly that was hell!!

    That cucumber yoghurt sauce looks like…my boogers 😛 Sorry I just had to say it.

    My therapist used to try and push drugs onto me, too. I don’t understand why drugs are always the answer when it comes to things like this…If I would have had them they would have only made things worse. Stupid therapists have no idea what they’re on about! (Kidding!!…ish.)


  3. I somehow know that cucumber-yogurt sauce is called raita too, so your falafel packet is clearly uneducated 😛 I say “somehow know” because I’m highly unlikely to ever eat any – I never liked yogurt even when I could eat dairy products! I’m glad it worked for you though. Falafel is another matter entirely, I could eat falafel all day!

    I’m sorry that you’re still feeling nauseous 😦 I can imagine how disturbing it must be! Possibly stress? I think that’s how my emetophobia started in the first place – lots of stress = lots of nausea = association made between nausea and anxiety. I hope you can find out what’s causing it at some point!

    In the UK therapists are not doctors and can’t prescribe medication, but mental health teams are usually headed by psychiatrists, whose ONLY function is to prescribe medication (or at least it seems that way a lot of the time – they certainly do not take the role of therapists), so although my therapy has always been drug-pushing-free, interactions with the CMHT rarely were. They are now because I am very firm on the subject 😉 I hope you can get your therapist to give up on the idea too!

  4. Does your nausea stem from anxiety from school, or have you ruled that out? Just a thought. Often when I get anxious, I feel like my stomach is doing flip-flops!
    And I know you are in better physical and cardiovascular condition than you think you are. I can’t wait until you kick the crap out of this run so you can see for yourself 😉
    Aaand, now I’m wishing I had a PBBF bake instead of carrot “cake” this morning. Thanks for that 😛

  5. I have the same knowledge as Katie: I think perhaps it’s more common in the UK (the cucumber yoghurt combo, that is) I’ve only had it once when I was about sixteen as part of a moroccan filo pastry chickpea parcel thingy (only restaurant dish I ever really liked so I tend to remember it!) and it was nice in terms of cooling down the spiciness of the rest of the dish.

    Congratulations on the running progress. And I bet you could make that 8-minute mile pace: you have the drive and determination to do anything, plus you always underestimate your abilities. Don’t make yourself miserable by running though! Are you running outside or always on the TM? If it’s the latter then I would be miserable too 😉


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