I Love My Body

I love my body.  Not in an aesthetic sense — I actually find it pretty grotesque — but I am completely amazed that it ran over two miles today and didn’t die.  Laugh at me if you must, but I was sure I couldn’t do it.  Or that if I could, I’d be slower than a turtle plodding through molasses… which wasn’t the case.  I’m not getting too excited until I ensure that it wasn’t a fluke, but I think I just get slower as the week progresses.  Thankfully, the race is on a Sunday.

zucchini muffin roughly the size of my head

I ate that about two hours before I got on the treadmill, and I didn’t experience any cramping at all.  I would love to figure this out — does it matter what I eat, or when I eat it?!  I actually think there’s probably no rhyme or reason to it whatsoever, because that’s just the way my body seems to work — it does what it wants without checking in with me first.

My head was so scrambled last night, I forgot to post a review of the new sorbet we tried over the weekend.

Peach ginger, this time; the peach was fine, but we didn’t like the chunks of candied ginger!  Then again, if you like ginger, that won’t be an issue for you.

I have a bad habit.  (Okay, I have many, but right now I’m only discussing this particular one.)  When something is going out of season, I miss it retroactively and feel compelled to ensure that I will have it available for quite some time… which explains my otherwise inexplicable stock of winter squash.  But then I feel like it would be a pity to use it… until I realize that if I don’t, they’re all going to rot.  So now I’m eating squash like it’s going out of style.

Golden acorn squash, sugar-free syrup and brown sugar substitute (so sue me), microwaved for five minutes or so… I really don’t like acorn squash very much — it’s my least favorite winter squash — but this was so much sweeter than the regular type.  I wish I could find it again, but I guess I’ll have to wait until next year.

And this …

I’m pretty sure it’s a hokkaido squash; I remember buying this in the farmer’s market near my old office.  That means I probably bought it sometime in September.  Yikes.

I roasted it using my new favorite seasoning blend: garlic salt and Mrs. Dash Fiesta Lime.  This is supposed to be eaten sans skin, I think, but because I eat the skin of pretty much everything, I ate it anyway… and lived to tell the tale.

Today was a semi-productive day in terms of schoolwork — I got to take a red pen (red pencil, actually… for some reason I couldn’t find a red pen) to the first item on my to-do list.  Which was also the easiest, but whatever.  And I’m about 70% done with that stupid critique… only because she provided a sample, which means a lot of cutting and pasting and re-wording to make it look like I know what the hell I’m doing when I’m pretty sure I really don’t.  Whatever works…

My mom and I went to a liquor store today, solely to purchase a case of wine.

It’s pretty much all for me, which would be lovely… except that it’s meant for Pesach, so booooo!  And one of the employees in the store was so rude… obviously, he needed a drink, but I’m overly sensitive and take such things very personally, even if I know it has nothing to do with me if he’s just an obnoxious individual.

I did, however, get a huge kick out of the fact that when I went to pick up the case of wine to take it out to the car — with my mom standing right there — they stopped me because they thought I was under 21.  Yeah, sure.

And because it’s been raining all. freaking. day, and I’m almost positive that there is a written rule somewhere stating that one must bake on rainy days, I decided it was the perfect time to make hamantashen.

Purim is in exactly two weeks from today.  Ahhh!!  (Quintuple “ahhhh!!!!” because that means Pesach is six weeks away!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And yes, that absolutely deserves all of those exclamation points; in fact, I’m being conservative.)

Oh, right, today is my two year blogging anniversary.  Which means I’m supposed to be choosing a giveaway winner… or, I should say, someone who is going to get some sprouted bread.  You’ll have to wait a week, though; these things take time.  😉

Gen!  (Coincidentally, the B, C islands are on my bucket list… I’ve already been to A.)  E-mail me with your shipping address, and I’ll get the bread out to you sometime early next week.

Happy Monday!

“I don’t know why it is we are in such a hurry to get up when we fall down.  You might think we would lie there and rest for a while.” 
~Max Eastman


6 responses to “I Love My Body

  1. Congrats on the run!! That is awesome, and laughing I am certainly not. I’m not sure how I’d fare with two miles myself :X
    Um, yeah, what you do with squash? I do, too. Or I’ll just be on a kick with something (not nec. something that’s seasonal) and stock up on it (not like crazy or anything, but at least an extra box maybe!), only for that phase to abruptly end.
    And yes. Rainy days = baking, and I also crossed a couple things off of my to-do list! (…but it was also the easiest things on it. Hey, that’s why I made a point to put it on there in the first place!)

  2. Well done for the run 🙂 heck, anything that makes you like your body a bit more is a good one! I always liked running for that reason, it made me appreciate my body for the way it functioned rather than resenting its demands.

    WINE. Wine is good. I am a big fan of wine. I seem to remember from last year that Pesach is rather anxiety provoking for you (probably an understatement given all those exclamation marks!), so I hope the wine makes it easier 😛

  3. Running isn’t easy! Congrats on running two freaking miles!! I wouldn’t be able to do that anymore. Sheesh, that’s determination, alright. Your hamantashen looks soooooo yum! Can you make some for me please? PLEAAASE?! Nah, just kidding. It would be a bit messed up/mouldy by the time it got here anyway 😉

    I rarely ever have squash. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever had it :\


  4. See, told you you could make it through your runs 🙂 And even if you can’t appreciate your body aesthetically (I know I can’t!) it’s great to have some positive focus for it, even if that’s in a purely physical sense.

    I wish I had a surplus of squash: I have quite the opposite problem and can’t find anything other than boring old Butternut at the moment.


    • I’ve just realised that comment could be totally misconstrued!

      I didn’t mean that I couldn’t appreciate your body/looks aesthetically, because I think you’re beautiful, I meant that I can’t find anything good about my OWN looks.

      I should never comment when I’m in a seminar…

  5. Good job on the 2 miles! After awhile, I think you figure out how what you eat and when you eat if affects you while running. I know if I eat sweets within a day of running I am going to have issues!

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