Upcoming Blogging Anniversary … Giveaway?

It just dawned on me that Sunday is March 6… AKA, my two year blogging anniversary.  I’m not feeling very celebratory at the moment — check back with me in May about that one — but I do want to acknowledge the “milestone” somehow… I’ll get to that later.

Last night, I threw together a salad for today’s lunch.

My life is a series of “I need to finish up those ingredients” — romaine, the last of my baby peppers, the last of my snow peas, and tofu cutlet squares.  Generally, I prefer to roast my own tofu — I like the texture so much better that way — but I bought this for such occasions when I get home late from class and don’t want to stay up waiting for the oven to do its thing.

In this case, it was kind of silly, since I had to wait up for something else to come out of the oven.

As soon as I saw this PBBF Breakfast Bake, I knew I had to make it.  I immediately went out and bought dried figs, even though, as much as I adore figs, I’m not a major fan of dried fruit.

Keeping in mind that my stomach doesn’t like food before a run, I downsized the recipe.  (I’d say I halved it, which is what I intended to do… but that wouldn’t be entirely accurate!)

Jess, you are a genius.  Let’s just say I am not at all worried about what to do with the rest of those dried figs!  In fact, I’ve got another one chilling in my refrigerator right now.  (I’ve never liked hot baked oatmeal in the past, so I left this in the refrigerator overnight.  I also sprinkled a bit of Truvia on top before baking it, but since I “halved” everything except for the fig jam, it was already insanely sweet.  The one I made tonight definitely did not get the Truvia treatment!)

But the most awesome thing of all?  I didn’t experience any cramps today!  Though that might have something to do with the fact that it was a very short run, completed at the pace of a turtle or snail… but I’m not averse to having this again to test that theory.  😉

I’m sure that all of you are laughing at me for this, but I am kind of laughing at the idea that I’m going to run two miles on Sunday.  As in, yeah, right.  Can’t see that one happening!!…

In positive news… I got my bracelet fixed today.

See the round link near the clasp?… Yeah, apparently it would have cost more than double what I paid, and it would have taken two days, to get a link exactly like the one that broke.  I don’t really care whether it’s round or not, so this is how it looks now.

And I made a to-do list, hoping to at least get my school-related anxiety under control… but it just served to make me feel hugely overwhelmed!  (Side note: I asked my acupuncturist whether acupuncture can help anxiety at all, and he claims that it can.  Must discuss this further next week… because this situation is getting to be incredibly ridiculous.)

I am more than just a little bit freaked out.  Something happened that hasn’t happened in weeks: I sat down and worked on school-related things for an hour straight.  And barely made a dent in the list, which is very, very worrisome… but my brain has officially shut down, so I am throwing in the towel and going to bed.

But I was supposed to discuss that blogging anniversary thing, wasn’t I?… Yeah, so I was trying to think of something more “unique” than a generic giveaway, and I couldn’t come up with anything that I can do exclusive of anyone else!  But if you give me a topic for my Records Management research paper, I’ll, um… make you some sprouted bread??

Okay, I’m kidding about that.  The paper part, I mean.  (Though if you do give me a topic, I’ll make you sprouted bread and muffins, and I will love you forever!)  For just the sprouted bread, leave a comment telling me where you’d want to go on a tropical vacation… because it’s high time I got started on planning my next dive trip.  😉

I’ll choose the winner — surprise, surprise — on March 6!

Have a lovely weekend.

What matters is not the idea a man holds, but the depth at which he holds it.”
~Ezra Pound


10 responses to “Upcoming Blogging Anniversary … Giveaway?

  1. Just about to go to bed when I got your pingback and got a little giddy that you tried the bake. AND very glad you liked it 😉 Don’t you love how the banana and just the wee bit of fig jam sweetens it without the need for much else?! That and…c’mon. Figs+pb+banana. ’nuff said 😛
    Ugh. I started getting uber anxious about school today, too. I started off SO good being on top of everything, but now I’m getting anxious about everything I need to do next week for midterms. And I don’t usually let school get to me, either! I think it’s because alll of my midterms happen to be big projects like multi-page writing assignments, and no actual exams/tests :[
    And I feel bad entering this giveaway, but for sprouted bread I am shameless. Right now I’ll take any tropical vacation, because chances are it’s a whole heck of a lot warmer than it is here. UGH again!

  2. go to bali! i loved it there! 😀

  3. I’d like to go to Malaysia. There are many interesting historic spots over there, and I really want to try local foods 🙂 Kuala Lumpur sounds great to me now, but honestly I’d go anywhere warm and nice. I’m so sick and tired of this frigid winter!!!

  4. Congrats on your blog b’day! I wish I could help you with a paper topic…but I have a super-fried brain from trying to research my master’s thesis 😦 I need a vacation from my useless brain(senioritis+procrastination +anxiety+insomnia+ED=worthless student) and would like to visit the “A,B,C” islands for the snorkeling!

  5. Ok, now that I’ve seen you make Jess’s oatmeal bake thingy I HAVE to try it.

    Yay for 2 year blog anniversary! Doesn’t that mean you and your blog should be getting engaged soon or something? That’s pretty much the norm.

    I could tell you where to go on a not-so tropical vacation…NEW ZEALAND! Although, I have to admit, New Caledonia is quite spectacular 😛


  6. Would love to try the bread! For a tropical vacation, Hawaii would be lovely.

  7. I’m thinking your sprouted bread wouldn’t make it over to the UK 😉 so I won’t enter the giveaway! I’m glad you got your bracelet fixed, it always makes me feel sad to see broken jewellery. I know I’m odd. I hope your acupuncturist can help with the anxiety – anything’s worth a try, I guess! Good luck with your run at the weekend…I usually get stomach cramps when I run, no idea what causes it but it’s not food for me, I leave it hours afterwards. Grr at my body!

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