Let’s Get Anxious

I love my brother.  It is because he fixed my mini that I was able to begin this post while I was in a really boring class, rather than fall asleep or freak out… because I did a lot of that today.  I lost count of the amount of anxiety attacks I had, so let’s just say the day was one big anxiety attack.

And I’m pretty sure it wasn’t exclusively due to my endocrinologist appointment.  The day started out on a rocky foot — I knew I wouldn’t be able to get to the gym today because of said appointment, so I was going to do a yoga download instead… but my computer is so slow now because of that stupid project, the video was all out of sync.  I spent (a very grumpy and lazy) twenty minutes on the recumbent bike instead, doing a crossword puzzle.  And then slathered my leg in icy hot, because my calf decided to tighten up on me.

Off to the endocrinologist… where I specified that I did not want to know my weight, not from today and not from my last appointment.  He made me get on the scale backwards, then said something like, “Oh, good job, no surprises here!”  And didn’t move the die back to zero, and instructed me to get on the examination table directly opposite the scale.  Seriously??  Am I not going to peek then??  Whatever.  I suck.

And then I went to work, where I had the anxiety attack filled day to end all anxiety attack filled days.

As it turns out, I also quite like the zucchini bread I made to thank my brother for fixing my mini.

Is it weird that I took this entire hunk to work with me?… Oh, right, I forgot.  I am already weird, so I don’t need to worry about that.

There are suddenly quite a few new yogurts in my refrigerator waiting for me to try them!  No complaints here.

I don’t generally buy flavored yogurts, because even though I used to eat those exclusively, I’ve kind of lost my taste for them.  Surprisingly, though, I really liked this one.  It didn’t taste particularly like strawberries or bananas, but who cares?

I added some freeze-dried bananas and strawberries to increase the fruit flavors.  And I was actually surprised that the yogurt was pink, since I’ve gotten so accustomed to vanilla / plain yogurts.  Or I’m just a moron.

Evidence to that last point is this:

I very much dislike sesame seeds.  Ergo, I dislike tahini, which is turn means that I do not like hummus.  (When I say that I used “hommus,” I’m referring to a brand that is made without tahini; essentially, pureed chickpeas!)  But this was on sale — it only cost $1.64! — so I bought it, and now I’m wondering what to do with it.

I’m also wondering why on earth I am still awake… I got back from school about an hour ago, field trip and boring class and all.  Then I had to make lunch for tomorrow, and wait around for something to come out of the oven.  Hmmm… I wonder what it could be??…

I guess you’ll have to wonder, too.  Because I need to go to bed!

Happy Thursday.

“There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.” 
~Jane Austen


8 responses to “Let’s Get Anxious

  1. Let’s NOT get anxious and just say we did 😛

    I’m sorry you had such an anxious day ❤ I empathise, I hate those sort of days. I hope you find something to do with that houmous. I can never really taste the tahini, I never realised it was that obvious, but I guess it would be if you hate it! I'm a houmous fanatic but my stomach does like the garlic, humph.

    I hope today is less crappy xxx

    • my stomach doesn’t like the garlic. Otherwise that sentence makes no sense. I shouldn’t comment on blogs when I’m only half awake.

  2. That zucchini bread looks yum! I’ve only ever tried chocolate zucchini cake. I remember it was at a school camp and the teacher that handed it to me said, “enjoy your vegetables!” as I took my slice from her. You could imagine I was very confused. Then they said it had zucchini in it and I was baffled. But anyway.

    I’m not the biggest fan of flavoured yoghurt either but I have to say that it looks quite yum! What to do with hummus, eh? Hummus fingers? Sandwich? Face plant the hummus? Jam? <–ew don't try that one.


  3. I hate anxious days :X Sorry to hear your day was rocky, but I hope today goes better for you! It’s a new one, after all. I know that sounds corny, but hey – works for me.
    I couldn’t agree more with you re: tahini. It doesn’t make me dislike hummus since I can’t detect the flavor of it, but I think why I love Isa’s recipes for hummus so much is because it’s basically pureed chickpeas, sans hummus! I tried it once and honestly, was sort of like “how can people EAT this?!” it’s so bitter!
    And you bringing the whole last bit of bread weird? Nope! As I showed in my post, I just go through my cupboards and throw whole boxes and bags of stuff into my work bag! This includes a whole bag of cookies, even if I’m not intending to share 😛

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