Sodium Overload

There were some files I had to download at home, since the school’s server apparently couldn’t handle the job — “the file is too big,” saith the professor.  Yep, I pay you $20K a year so that I should have to waste my time at home doing this crap… which then slows down my computer.  I’m pretty frustrated, in case you can’t tell.  So let’s get right to it…

This seems to be the same thing as the eggplant rollatini… minus the protein and a little salt.

Seriously, I can’t wait until I have time to replicate something like this.

It was actually pretty decent.  Too salty, of course; but I was rather expecting that.

I was not expecting it in my “U” for Alphebruary… had I bothered to check the nutrition panel, I probably wouldn’t have chosen ume plum vinegar.

I’m sure it is not too difficult to imagine just how salty this might taste.

Yes, that is 1,050 mg of sodium… in one teaspoon.

I paired this salt attack with my Alphebruary “N”:

Napa cabbage.

It tasted pretty much like regular cabbage… maybe a bit “lighter,” if that makes any sense.  And I guess it looks prettier.  I stir-fried chick’n strips (from my dwindling stash; they’re not kosher anymore), baby bellas and peppers in peanut oil, then added the chopped cabbage and put the lid on the pot while it simmered.  I added a small amount of vinegar, and some other (salt-free!) seasonings.  I couldn’t really taste the vinegar, but I think that’s probably a good thing in this case.

Weekend frozen product review…

I found three new-to-me flavors!  We tried the wild blueberry this week.

Now that I look at the ingredients, it’s not all that surprising that it didn’t really taste much like blueberries.  It was nothing special… which is good news for me, because I don’t feel like dragging out there to buy more of it.  😉

And oh, I did a lot of dragging yesterday.  I took the day off work to go here.

I spent a lot of time sitting in front of a mirror with foil on my head and nothing to do but stare at my own reflection.  There is a reason I avoid mirrors, as a general rule.  Bad things happen.  I rapidly deteriorate into ripping apart every single one of my features, and I really don’t need to hate on myself more than I already do.  I decided to try and teach myself to fold my ears (hands free!) instead.  I must have not been sitting there long enough, because I still can’t do it.

This was before I went out into the wind and rain, which totally destroyed my hair.  Because of course it rained — it always rains when I get my hair cut!  Scientific fact.  I was able to rescue it, though.  Lovely, because we had such important guests last night.

My niece and her husband.  My personal feelings about it aside, it was a totally awkward situation.  Anyway, I was sort of stressing since I found out about this, which is partly why I didn’t post for a couple of days.  I’m selfish, and I like to keep the misery all for me.

And some new fish, just because it’s been a while.

Four painted tetras… which are now three, because the orange one has died, been half-eaten by the other fish, and subsequently flushed down the toilet.  Lovely, I know.

And my senioritis is, if anything, worse than ever.  If one more person expresses unbridled enthusiasm for my total genius and belief that I will come through this with flying colors, I will scream.  Okay, I might not be a complete drooling moron, but I’m not as brilliant as everyone seems to think.  And even if I were — papers don’t write themselves!  Projects don’t do themselves!  Is this not obvious?!

Rhetorical question.  But I guess it’s not obvious.

Have a lovely Sunday.

“Pick battles big enough to matter, small enough to win.” 
~Jonathan Kozel


5 responses to “Sodium Overload

  1. I hate when people expect you to do well in things, because it just puts so much more pressure on you. I can definitely relate!
    I love them fish. They look so cute. 🙂

  2. I had been wondering where you were 😉 And your senioritis is still contagious. I’m trying to get some work done tonight so I can have tomorrow (mostly) free, but I can. not. focus. My compromise is “answer a question, read a blog. answer a question, read a blog.” and soon hockey will be on so my brain will really be out the door. and we’re not going to talk about the fact that i had all day thursday AND friday to do schoolwork.
    anyways! i am really missing “ice cream” lately. by ice cream i mean…frozen desserts? but i have no desire to actually consume any, given how cold it is. grumble.
    and seriously – i think you have gorgeous features. no picking yourself apart!!

  3. Haha senioritis! I find that the later you leave a project, the more motivation you will have to do it as time goes on 😉

    Your hair looks awesome!!! I know you probably dislike them (all people with curls do…) but I LOVE your curls! I have such inbetween hair. It’s not straight but it’s not curly. It’s a fine haired mess if I don’t straighten it. I can’t even go out in the wind without it tangling up into a ball. I should just wear a beanie or something. PROBLEM SOLVED!

    Your fish (plural) ate your other fish (singular)? That’s kinda nasty! (Don’t you just love that fish can mean one or it can mean two or more? I am just so easily pleased.


  4. man. i’m gonna have no studying power at all when i get to school. bad tra.

    i love your hair! it looks gorgeous!!!!! you know what i tried that was really good? pomegranate blueberry? sorbet at Trader Joe’s. totally delicious and i like chocolate sorbet as well. i was a guest at a dinner where we ate little dishes, but i totally would have ripped into the carton like a heathen. haha.

    and dude, i’m sure all the sausage i eat is sodium overload as well 😀

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