I hereby propose that the birthday of every U.S. President be celebrated as a legal holiday.  Heck, let’s observe the dates of their deaths, too!  (Can you tell that I really don’t want to go back to work tomorrow?!)

I woke up to snow this morning, too.  Joyous.

My plans for the Alphebruary O were foiled when Whole Foods decided they were out of Oro Blancos. Which didn’t upset me too much, since my body doesn’t like fresh citrus fruits, even though I do.  So, Plan B:

Orange marmalade and orange extract.  The latter was actually an impulse buy — I have so many extracts, it’s not even a joke — but it turned out to be a wonderful thing… because it means I can get all the citrus flavor, but none of the agony caused by the acid!

Because Operation Clear Out the Freezers, Version 2011, has arrived, I used some of the bread I have in one of them to make French toast… dipped in a mixture of egg white, almond milk, sea salt, Truvia, and orange extract.  (Yes, I am aware that it just looks like… bread.  It is French toast, I assure you.)

Topped with a “sauce” made by whisking some marmalade with a bit of water to thin it out.  It was kind of weird having shavings of orange peel in there, but I guess that’s what makes it marmalade.  I was actually very excited that I was able to eat something sort of resembling citrus and not have to be in pain afterwards.  :p

But can I just say that I am not at all excited about having to clean out the freezers again?!  It means that Pesach is coming… and we all know how I feel about that!  (In a nutshell: not a fan.)

Also coming out of the freezer… one of those seven muffins my mom bought.

A blueberry muffin the size of my head.  I actually tend to want to get rid of the bigger ones first, so that I’m not stressing myself out over them.  Yes, I have issues.  Is this supposed to be news?… Anyway, it was still a little frozen inside… just the way I like it.  😉

And then I actually did some schoolwork.  Completely shocking!  Though, of course, I didn’t complete a fraction of what I should have… sometimes I get into a there is so much to do that I will never finish it all, so why bother doing anything? mindset.  And then I was interrupted by the UPS delivery man bringing me a package, which is as good a reason as any to stop toiling away.

Actually, the poor guy went through quite the ordeal to get the package to me.  One thing about me (and evidently, my brother, since he was home too): I do not answer the phone if I don’t know who is calling, and I don’t answer the door if I’m not expecting someone.  I don’t have to answer the landline, actually, because it’s never for me; if anyone wants to contact me, they can call my cell phone.  And if I don’t know that someone is supposed to show up at my door, why would I bother answering it?!  I just happened to go to the window to see who was being so persistent, and I caught him just in time.  (Because I know you’re so curious, the package contained Redken Radiant Sea Spray.  Apparently, I won it.  I love when that happens — something shows up and I had no idea it was going to do that!)

I’m a little confused about how I’m supposed to “stuff” anything into mochi, since it’s basically just a gooey mess.  So… it’s a mochi waffle!

Actually, it was kind of weird to have a waffle be so chewy on the inside.  But it’s cool, nonetheless.  😉

The second pair of earrings which I bought a couple of weeks back made their debut today.

I know it looks like there’s a stone missing, but there’s not… it’s just scratched.  😦

And now I am off to face more nutritional fun.  *sigh*  I like my nutritionist, and all.  I just don’t feel like going!!

Happy Tuesday.

“I can live for two months on a good compliment.” 
~Mark Twain


3 responses to “Proposal

  1. hehe…I can always seem to relate with just about everything you have to say. Not bothering with the phone/door? Yep. There’s no reason someone’s going to call me here (during the day, at least) so whoever it is can leave a message with the machine as easily as they can with me! And “there’s so much, I’m not even making a dent” mentality? Yup. I also have a “well, I’ve been doing good, it’s okay if I skip that just this once…” mentality. Maybe it sounds better if I just call it “go big or go home.” haha.
    So, I kept having this dilemma this am: pancakes or french toast? I chose pancakes – and they’re great and all – but seeing your french toast is making me want french toast, too 😛 I love the addition of orange!!

  2. I think we should swap tastebuds ~ I can’t stand citrus fruits for the most part (unless they’re uber-sweet tangerines) Perhaps that would solve the stomach/taste preferences problem? Sounds great that you found the orange essence though.

    Your schoolwork dilemma completely echoes my own. Once a to-do list drags past a page of A4, even the prospect of tackling it makes me want to curl up and go to sleep.


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