Yuca vs. Yucca

This is another one of those confusing areas — like yam vs. sweet potato.  So I’m going to explain the difference under the guise of having another Alphebruary Y.

This is a yuca (AKA cassava/manioc/madioca), which, by the way, also happens to be the source of tapioca.  My extremely unscientific observation is that most supermarkets tend to label it as a yucca.  But then again, most supermarkets have no issues with selling sweet potatoes as yams.  (Those orange things everyone in the blogworld is gaga over?  Sweet potatoes.)  Anyway, yucca is actually a plant in the agave family.  Native Americans and the early white California settlers used the roots to make soap.  They ate the green pods.  You see that thing in the photo above?  It’s a root.  It is edible.  It is not soap.

So, getting off my soapbox (no pun intended!!), I used the yuca to make some baked fries.

They   were phenomenal.  Not going to lie, I was a little afraid of this, because it’s rather higher in calories than some other root vegetables.  But it is so. dang. good!  It tasted very similar to the yautía, actually, but it didn’t look as pretty because it’s not striated.  It also gets really hard — not crispy — if you leave it in the oven too long.  That means it would probably make awesome chips, so I am making a mental note to pick up another one of these … after I’ve made some headway in the food accumulating here.  There’s a reason why I prefer fresh vegetables for Alphebruary: it doesn’t necessitate buying an entire package of something!

Friday morning, I was really feeling rather disgruntled: here I had a banana, and I wanted banana whey pancakes, but I didn’t feel like cajoling my food chopper into cooperating.  Instead, I used the banana to make pancakes… with peanut flour.

They were good.  In fact, they were really, really good.  Quite the opposite from the whey pancakes in that these puffed up and stayed puffed up.

And they were chewy and moist (sorry if you hate that word!), whereas the whey pancakes have a drier texture.  So it wasn’t a failure — though it didn’t exactly help me make any headway in using my whey protein powder!  I really need to get on buying that new processor

I am, however, still plugging away at my cereal stash.  Upon re-tasting the Maple Sunrise, I realized that I don’t really care for it that much… so I wasn’t about to just eat it with almond milk.  This was prettier in my mind…  😉

A “parfait” with vanilla yogurt, cereal, and sugar-free maple syrup … because it wasn’t maple-y enough otherwise!  *sarcasm*

Can I just share what I think might be one of the most awesome things ever?

I had a little bit of raspberry jam left, and doesn’t a chocolate raspberry protein cake sound like a lovely combination?  This contained chocolate protein powder, special dark cocoa powder, raspberry jam, Truvia, applesauce, egg white, and baking powder.  I don’t know whether it was the raspberry jam, but it was so. much. better. than usual.

The oatmeal artist has returned for the Alphebruary R: rhubarb.

I had absolutely no idea what to do with this, but since I had just a few frozen strawberries left over, I simmered them on the stove along with a serving of rhubarb and some Truvia until I had a red “sauce” of sorts.  Actually, it was more pink than red, but for my purposes, I decided to consider it red!

It’s supposed to be a dive flag.  It kind of resembles one… right?  Right??

My dad says I’m “an oatmeal freak.”  Hey, I like oatmeal!  Is that a problem?!  And there are worse things in the world.

Like the fact that my sprouted kamut bread is now officially all gone.

Topping a toasted slice with fig preserves was as good a way as any to bid it a fond farewell, I guess.

My brother came over to my house today, and I inquired after the wellbeing of my mini.  He’s working on it… and, ironically, it looks like the problem originated from AVG.  Huh.  So much for that, then.

Another ironic point to ponder: remember my overpriced textbook?  It spouts such words of wisdom as “the interview requires the interviewee to talk and the interviewer to listen.”  I really wish I was making that up, but I’m afraid I am not capable of that.  Anyway, I randomly sent a Facebook message to someone with whom I took a class a couple of semesters ago, and who has since graduated.  (Trust me to go through three years in a school and only keep in contact with one person.)  It was about something else, but we got to talking about this class, and it turns out that she took it, too, during her last semester.  For the same reason I am taking it: no other options.  And  she has the book, which she’s never even opened, which means I wasted $50 because A) I could have borrowed hers and B) I don’t even need to be reading it.  Though “reading” is just a generous way of saying “looking at the pages before turning them,” because the content is so inane that my brain cannot comprehend it.

But I keep doing that, turning pages… because it helps me pretend that I’m doing something useful and productive, when I’m really not.  Argh.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

“If hard work is not another name for talent, it is the best possible substitute for it.”
~James Garfield


9 responses to “Yuca vs. Yucca

  1. At least buying expensive text books means you can put them back on Amazon when you’re done with them, and at least get half your money back, if not more 😉 I look at it as “extra money,” because by the time the semester has passed I’ve finally gotten over the pain of shoveling out $300 for books for one semester.
    Hey, I warned you about those yuca fries getting hard! haha. I was so naive at first, thinking “ah, yeah! they’re getting crispier! ten more minutes and they’ll be really nice and crispy!”…chomp into one…nearly break tooth. That fact aside, I would be lying if I said I didn’t entertain the idea of stopping at the store today for the sole reason of picking up another yuca 😉
    Those pancakes are so PERFECT looking!!! And recipe, please? Pretty please?!
    OH! (sorry, but by now you’re used to long-winded comments from me, right?) I have been DYING to try rhubarb in something breakfasty for ages now. Never mind the fact that I’ve never had rhubarb in my life, don’t know how to prepare it, AND don’t even know if I like it :X

  2. My family used to grow rhubarb but I never actually liked it. Since we moved we have far less, and much less established rhubarb, and yet I keep getting a craving for it haha
    Thanks for pointing out the difference. I’ve always wondered when I seen the yucas on blogs.
    I hate that about expensive textbooks. But at the sane time coming up to exams they usually do come in handy.
    Hope you enjoy the remainder of the weekend!!

  3. ew expensive textbooks.

    and whoa, didn’t know anything about yuca OR yams, so this was a nice refresher.

    i really need to take a page from your blog and make my food prettier 😀
    and i really want that chocolate protein cake. ASAP. 😀

  4. Rawr, sod’s law in force about the textbook! How annoying for you. I want a yuca now 😛 I always end up a strange combination of jealous (of the availability of weird vegetables!) and inspired when I look at your blog!

  5. I just found your blog and I love it!
    All your food looks amazing and really interesting.

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  8. Finally someone who knows the difference between yuca and yucca, sweet potato and yam… hmmm… Will u marry me?

  9. I’m asking because I read from Mayo clinic that Yucca (bark and roots) could relieve pain from arthritis. I ate a Yautia (looked like photo above) with the brown rough skin…just stuck a knife in it a few times and micro’d it for 4 mins.–I didn’t eat the whole thing right away, but in increments with other veggies and voilà all my arthritic stiffness evaporated and stayed like that. I’ll be doing this frequently as the taste is fine and the consequences wonderful.

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