While I’d be the first one to admit that there are many, many things I question, in this instance, “WHY” is not actually a question.  Rather, it is an acronym for the three Alphebruary letters I covered today (W, H, and Y, obviously).  Though I could ask why I am still awake when I’ve been sleeping horribly all week and can barely see straight for exhaustion!!

First up: Wildflower honey.

By the way, I do not like honey.  The only reason I selected this was because of its size: I won’t have an entire jar to worry about!  I figured that honey is honey is honey.  Apparently, I was wrong.

I spread it on some toasted sprouted kamut bread; the bread was still warm from the toaster, so the honey looks more liquid than it actually is.  It’s far more “spreadable,” closer to raw honey.  And I loved it!  Come next Rosh Hashanah, I refuse to use regular old honey.  (Actually, now that I know there really is a difference in the types of honey, there is a whole new world to be explored… oh, dear.  This might be a problem.)

Next, the H: hoisin sauce.

It was a pleasant surprise to find kosher hoisin sauce — so of course I snatched it right up!  And, obviously, I have a tendency to purchase things without knowing what I plan to do with them… which explains the baby bok choy.  I bought it when I went to Trader Joe’s, because I didn’t want to go all the way out there just for some romaine lettuce… and besides, I liked bok choy.  Better than baby bok choy, apparently.  Anyway.

I don’t think I used enough hoisin sauce, though.  It smelled good, but I had to drain this before plating it, since I was going for a stir-fry, not a soup.  Said drainage probably caused me to spill out most of the sauce!  Oh, well.  Better luck next time.

And, finally, the Y.  I was going to use yucca… but there was something that looked similar right near it in the supermarket, except that they were a lot smaller.  So I grabbed a yautía instead.  (Apparently, this is also known as malanga, tannia, tannier, tanier, and cocoyam.  And probably several dozen other things.  But we’ll ignore those.)

It’s a root vegetable.  What do you think I did with it?!

Yeah, that was the entire yield.  After I started to peel it, it became evident that some of it was molding.  Boo.  I just roasted these with sea salt.  The outside turned a little crisp, and the inside was starchy, almost doughy.  I love.  Doesn’t it look just like taro with those striations?!  This would probably make awesome chips.  *Adds to mental list*

Can I just share an aggravation of the moment?

Note the expiration date.  I have a couple of cases that I need to finish by mid-March… so when my nutritionist asked me if I thought it would be easier to increase my calories in food or in supplements, even though the answer is neither, I chose this.  And that irritates the hell out of me because I hate feeling like I have to eat something.

Not to mention the fact that I can eat X number of calories, and if I maintain or gain, it’s all fine and dandy; but if I do the same thing the next week, and I drop a bit, all hell breaks loose and I’m accused of being “on a weight loss diet.”  Hello — aren’t you the one who keeps telling me that weight fluctuates?!  Eesh.

Also aggravating: those stupid fruit fly things are breeding up a storm, my co-worker is still driving me bonkers, and I have class tomorrow.  Kill me now.

Not aggravating: I went to the pool tonight, which was fairly empty, and while not quite as warm as I’d like, the water wasn’t frigid.  The clock on the wall read 3.35 during my entire swim, so I had no idea what time it was; I just did the same number of laps I usually fit in, and I thought I was moving pretty leisurely, but I guess I wasn’t, since I was done way earlier than I expected.

Recycled photo: earrings of the day.


Oh, yeah, a word about this whole “I want to go skiing” debacle:  I understand that skiing is not the cheapest activity on the planet.  As someone who has paid more than half of my past year’s salary to tuition, completely out of pocket, I would understand if someone couldn’t come with me because of the cost.  However, I fear it isn’t the cost; it’s me.  And because my therapist apparently doesn’t believe that doing the same thing and expecting different results is insane, I had to bug this friend again.  So when she doesn’t answer me — again — I am moving on to Plan B, which should have really been Plan A all along: go by myself.  I think I should just rent a car and take my lonesome on a road trip.

Happy Hump Day.  (Not so happy on this end — I.  Hate.  School.  And I never did finish that schoolwork I was supposed to do.  Whoops.)

“Insomnia is a gross feeder.  It will nourish itself on any kind of thinking, including thinking about not thinking.” 
~Clifton Fadiman


5 responses to “WHY

  1. I think this is a great title for a post 😛 I have an urge to walk around for the rest of the day randomly looking up at the sky and shouting “WHY!!!”.

    I want your shops, I’ve never seen half the things you’re trying in UK supermarkets! Granted, as I said, I live 300 miles from London, but Newcastle is a fairly large city, why (WHHHYYYY!) can’t we have such interesting vegetables too? Jealous.

    I think your road trip plan sounds like a great idea. Road trips are fun 🙂

  2. You’re making me wish I hadn’t forgotten all about alphebruary. Maybe I can do Alphamarch or something. I think I’ve mainly just decided that going to the store every day/every other day is too much of a pain. Ohhh, to live in a city such as yours 😉 That and alphebruary would probably not be conducive to my frugal february plan, haha.
    The yautia does look (and sound) a lot like yucca. I bet you’d like yucca, too! I have one in my fridge as week speak that I intend to make fries with 🙂
    And I always thought honey was honey, too – save for the “orange creme” and “blackberry creme” honeys I’ve found that are absolutely amazing on toast.
    Fruit flies: oi vei, fruit flies. When I didn’t live at home (at an apt, last summer) someone must have left SOMETHING somewhere, and we had the most ridiculous amount of fruit flies EVER. Like, you’d walk in the house and there would be a swarm. I was so skeeved out I spent all my time in my room and eating elsewhere, haha. I can’t remember what the cause ended up being – I just remember being the only one who cared. I mean…really, guys?You don’t care? Probably a good added explanation as to why I don’t live there any longer.
    -End Novel-

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