A T … and Sprouted Kamut Bread!

Guess who didn’t do a speck of schoolwork today? … If you’re looking at me, you’re looking in the right direction.  Why is it that what should be the most relaxing day of the week tends to be the most hectic?!  It must have something to do with the fact that my sole activity is not sitting on my butt at work… hey, I’ll take it.  (But right after I’m done here, I am going to have to get down to business.  Sigh.)

Yesterday, I mentioned that my Alphebruary “T” came with quite a long tale.  There will be no tale told today, because this isn’t the “T” to which I was referring… but it is a “T,” nevertheless.

That would be fresh tamarind, which I’ve never even seen before in my life.  Now, I have some gripes about this fruit… it’s outrageously expensive ($4.99/lb!), yet most of it is refuse.

Cracked shell in the lower right; exoskeleton in the upper left; fruit in the center.  Yes, it looks like a pile of crap.  No, it doesn’t taste like it.  It actually is quite an interesting mix between sweet and sour, with neither flavor being very prevalent.  But there’s not much to eat on it; it’s mostly a large pit in the center of each “pod.”  I am glad I tried it, but I definitely will not be purchasing it again!

However, I do think I ought to start purchasing kamut berries in bulk.  The bag I have now cost me $5.99, and that is just not going to work if this becomes a regular occurrence.  You see this?

Yeah, I know, they look like living creatures.  I’ve been told.  But they are sprouted kamut berries, and they turned into this:

Oh.  My.  Goodness.  I think this is even better than the sprouted wheat berry bread!!  I wish it didn’t require so long and labor-intensive a process, but really… this is so worth it.  (And just by the way, if you try it — wait to slice into it.  If you don’t let the loaf cool down first, you’ll think it’s raw.  It’s not.)

Here’s that “Pat on the Black” polish I mentioned

…which actually does look black in this photo, despite my purple sleeve, because I was too lazy to move myself into an environment with better lighting.  I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it — it’s purple!  (Or you can enlarge the photo — you can tell on my sloppy edges, it really is purple.)

Oh, and I’ve found a use for my chia seeds which pleases me greatly. Since I used it in my chocolate banana oats, which thickened up nicely, I decided to get fancy.

It totally got all mushed together before I ate it… but it looked so pretty!  (Steel cut oats, pumpkin pie spice, Truvia, chia seeds; divided, pumpkin mixed into the smaller portion, and “swirled” into a bowl.)

I am very, very, very, very, very sad to be going back to work tomorrow.  The only co-worker whom I actually like is on vacation (I still want to go skiing), and I just do. not. feel. like going there… and we’re going to have a total heat wave!  52 degrees, can you imagine?!  (Oh, but it will probably be frigid in my office.  I conveniently forget such things.)

Time to work.  At least it might distract me from my weekend gloom!  I hope.

Happy Monday?

“Procrastination is something best put off until tomorrow.” 
~Gerald Vaughan


10 responses to “A T … and Sprouted Kamut Bread!

  1. holy moly, 52?! I am jealous. Very jealous. But still psyched to hear it’s supposed to be 45 one day this week. I even think it’s supposed to be Thursday, my day off!
    I had no idea tamarind was a fruit. I thought it was a kind of soy-sauce type paste! baha. Whoops.
    And your oats = work of art, as is that bread 😉

  2. I don’t think I had ever heard about tamarind before I read this post! Shows how much I know about exotic fruits, huh?

    Your bread looks yummy! I hate making breads…only sweet ones 😀 That nail polish looks awesome too. I LOVE purple nail polish. I always wear purple on my toes because my feet go purple if I stand on them for too long so by wearing purple nail polish, my feet don’t look AS purple. Genius, no?

    I hope work isn’t too gloomy tomorrow, oh valentine of mine 😉


  3. I had heard of tamarind (not to be confused with tamari, as with the first commenter 😛 ) but I didn’t know it was a fruit, I’ve only ever seen it dried and crushed into a sort of spice. Random! It really does look like crap, but I’m glad it was nice 😉

    I dutifully enlarged the photo of your nail polish. Definitely purple round the edges. I like it!

  4. You have to send me the recipes for the kamut berries bread and the protein Chocolate brownies….I really want to make these. BTW, guess who else bought that polish…me. LOL

  5. Beautfiul nail polish, whether it’s purple or black. I think it’s more black with a purple sheen or patina to it, but regardless with a name like that how can it not be fantastic? You know me and my love for puns 😉

    Tamarind may be the ugliest fruit in the universe (including Ugli fruit :P) but now you’ve intrigued me I may have to seek some out.

    Unlike, the tamarind, your oats are indeed very pretty. And I am still in awe of your ability to make sprouted bread. I suppose I like to think that it’s only capable of being made by magic hippies that sprinkle enchanted dust over raw grains and transform them into something magical…

    Hope your return to work was not too awful.


  6. Tamarind is really popular in the tropics where I work, you can get the juice, the fruit in fresh or dried form, tamarind yogurt, tamarind flavored hard candies, tamarind flavored chocolate bars…except I actually really dislike the flavor, so I stay away from it for the most part. Is definitely interesting to try, though, it’s kind of sweet and spicy at the same time.

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