(For those who inquired — the F1 / F2 thing sort of was intended as a play off the keyboard… har hardy har.)

Anyway, here’s F2, originally meant to be the only “F”!  I had a bit of trouble tracking it down…

Farro isn’t the easiest grain in the world to find; especially when I am seeking kosher-certified farro!  But I prevailed.  (Wait until I get to “T”… that comes with a tale.)

Because I so adored the “pudding” I made with the kamut berries, I decided to do something similar with the farro… only not the same thing, because how boring is that?!

So I used pumpkin instead of the banana, and pumpkin pie spice instead of the cinnamon.  Otherwise, I followed the same formula, right down to adding some more almond milk in the morning.

And not including any extract.  Because I am a genius.  Anyway, this wasn’t quite as chewy as the kamut berries; it reminded me of pearled barley.  It was good, though!

Also good?  This concoction:

Ever since I bought the special dark cocoa powder, it’s been pleading to be used in oats.  How could I ignore it?… I soaked steel cut oats in water for about fifteen minutes, then added it to a pot of boiling water and stirred in some Truvia and cocoa powder. Stir, stir, stir… add in some mashed banana … stir, stir, stir… add in some chia seeds, turn off the stove, and let sit for a few minutes.  If you can wait that long, that is!

This evening, in an attempt to ward off the Saturday blues, I decided to get out of the house.  Unfortunately, it didn’t have quite the desired effect!  I went to Trader Joe’s, reasoning that it would save me time tomorrow, since I already have a pretty full day.  So I already felt a little discombobulated due to this minor break in routine.  It was also disconcerting to be in Trader Joe’s when it’s dark out, since I’m just not used to that; and for another thing, the shelves were largely empty.  Is the end of the world approaching?!  I guess Saturday night is not a good time to go to Trader Joe’s.  All that aside, since I was with me during this trip, it accomplished nothing by way of preventing me from feeling depressed.  I guess the whole point would be to remove myself from my current environment and into one with other people, which is a problem since I am wary of making plans with other people.  Sigh.

Remember Molly?

She has some playmates this week.

Sadie and Vicki

Lisa Ann

My co-worker is going on vacation this week (coincidentally, he is going skiing… I want to go skiing!!), and he didn’t want to leave the plants in his office, because even though they might be fine without water, it’s dark in there.  They need light.  And love, which is why he put their names on there — “in case you want to talk to them!”  (Yep, we’re just a couple of crazies.)  The big plant, apparently, was large enough to merit two names.  According to that theory, I may need to add a name to my own plant soon… how about Molly Sue?  😉

Now that I’ve completely eradicated any doubt you may have had as to whether I am off my rocker, I can go and sulk in peace.  Enjoy your Sunday!

“There must be more to life than having everything!” 
~Maurice Sendak


7 responses to “F2

  1. I’m pretty glad to hear the F1/F2 WAS a computer reference 😛 Makes me feel a little less geeky. Not that geeky is an inherently bad thing, though.
    Anyways. Farro!! I’ve been wanting to try afarro. I think it has to do with how giada delaurenteis says it when she uses it.
    And trust me – I feel your pain on the grocery shopping thing, as you probably know. I guess neither of us were destined to have a successful shopping trip this week :\
    You’ll have to get some skiing deets from your co-worker!!

  2. Ohhh that pudding looks lovely. I like the sound of the mixture.

    The story about the plants made me laugh. It’s great that you have funny workmates like that, that you get on with. It makes work so much easier.

  3. Haha I love the plant names! Sounds like the sort of thing I would do 😉 I really need some plants in my house. Now I am officially jealous of your cocoa powder. Also, I spent part of my Saturday hanging around a supermarket on my own in an attempt to get out of the house. How cool are we?

  4. I used to have cocoa oats all the freaking time until I couldn’t look at another bowl. Now that I haven’t had them for a couple of months I’m kinda wanting them again…dammit! I need some more cocoa powder…

    Hehe don’t worry, I am off my rocker, too. I name EVERYTHING! My wallet is called “Wally”, my laptop is called, “Pooty” and so on. I don’t have any plants because I will just murder them. I’m a plant murderer. And a cereal killer. BAH! Bet you haven’t heard THAT one before lol. Okay, yep, it’s official. I’m insane.


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