The One Curtailed by a Verbal Anti-Emetic

I’m loving all of your Never Never Land dreams… keep ’em coming!  (Yes, I realize I haven’t answered the question, myself.  I’ll get around to it.  Eventually.  ;))

First things first.  It’s been over a year, which is sort of frightening if you consider the three jars I haven’t even opened yet…

…but it was time for oats in a Mighty Maple jar!

With some sugar free syrup, for optimum maple infusion.

Obviously, it was terrible.

Remember this curry sauce? And how I said I chose that one, because it had fewer calories? Well, so much for that; the higher-calorie version is putting in an appearance anyway…

…because Jalfrezi begins with “J”!  Hello, Alphebruary.  There’s coconut in this, too… and since I’m not a big fan of coconut, and two negatives equal a positive (no, math was never my best subject), I paired this with coconut curry tempeh.  And cauliflower, of course.

I was completely shocked by how much I liked this!!  Especially since when I first opened the tempeh, I nearly ran away screaming because it just looked like a bag of yellow gloop.  I’m going to assume that it was the tempeh that made this simmer sauce seem so much spicier than the madras variety; so I’m going to pair the tempeh with something else to see what happens.

Some random outtakes… the cereal rampage continues.  I finished another box:

I always have several boxes open at once.  This means that I finish several boxes at once, and then I don’t finish any for another couple of months, which is sort of annoying.

Ditto granola.

So I basically have to blindfold myself when I roll my way through the cereal aisle in the supermarket!  I couldn’t avoid it completely, because I needed to buy oat bran.  I can do without an array of “fancy” hot cereals, but I always need to have oat bran and oats on hand.  Anyway, because I am scrupulously honest, I did not come away from this supermarket trip with a free cauliflower.  I did, however, purchase some exciting things…

I am so not going to share these.  😉

And I also may just never again purchase any other kind of cocoa powder.  This wasn’t at all bitter, the way some unsweetened cocoa powders can be; it tasted deep and dark and rich.  You can even smell it.  Instant love.

Since I just posted a picture of a protein cake, I may as well just mention this here… in order to proactively deal with the disappearance of Trader Joe’s peanut flour, I decided to try using some (ahem, expired) PB2 in its place…

…and dare I say, I think I preferred it in this case?!  I guess I don’t prefer the price, though.

Random babble, and then someone needs to go to bed to prepare for some mind-numbing tomorrow.  Sad face.  (About the mind-numbing, not the sleep.)

Working backwards: I got to go swimming today!  I was so ecstatic about this that I almost didn’t mind how cold the water was.  And I don’t just mean in the pool; the showers didn’t have any hot water, either.  And I almost didn’t mind the Bobbing Ladies.  Almost, but not quite, because it was a Bobbing Lady Convention.

I was going to walk to the pool, but my mom didn’t want me to do that, and she couldn’t drive because she had a procedure done today… so she told me to tell my dad to take me.  Which he did, and which I do appreciate!  But, since I am working backwards, I happened to mention this to my therapist today, and she asked how I would feel if my daughter wanted to walk there.  It’s not that far, but it is admittedly also not in the “best” neighborhood.  The thing is, I don’t care… if it’s me.  I definitely wouldn’t want my own child doing it, though!  I’m not quite sure what to make of this.

I’m also not quite sure what to make of the fact that it is no longer just a suspicion on my part that my therapist had an eating disorder, too.  I think I feel a little weird about that, but I’m not sure why, since I suspected that all along anyway.

And now I will take a verbal anti-emetic  because I really, really need to get to bed.  Aren’t you lucky.

Happy Hump Day!

“We call them faerie.  We don’t believe in them.  Our loss.” 
~Charles de Lint


9 responses to “The One Curtailed by a Verbal Anti-Emetic

  1. That’s a bit ironic that your therapist has an eating disorder, don’t you think? How do you know? (Apart from uber skinniness…)

    I HATE bitter cocoa powders. I wish we had hershey’s powder here. There chocolate is crack. For rizzle.

    I’ve always considered putting my hot oats into one of my empty almond butter jars but I just cannot get over the fact that you actually have to work hard to get your spoon into the jar and dig it out. That is just too much for me first thing in the morning. If it was acceptable I would just face dive my bowl of oats or plate of pancakes in the morning. It would make life so much easier (and messier…). Could you imagine that at a cafe or something? Waitor: “Here’s your oatmeal, Miss.” Me: “Oh, thank you.” *FACE DIVE* *SQUISH* Waitor: “Uhhh, what the hell?!” Me: “I don’t need this spoon, thanks.” haha.


  2. One of my doctors definitely had an eating disorder. She used to try to up everyone’s calories, regardless of what they came to her about. I had to change because she was ultra triggering.
    My therapist, has herself recovered from an eating disorder. I find it easier to relate to her because of it because she’s not just reading from a text book.

    I completely agree about the cereal aisle. If I need cereal I usually send my mom to get it or else I’d spend all my time that I was shopping in there 🙂
    All the food looks great xo

  3. Glad you got to go swimming yesterday! That’s another thing I’ve been thinking about doing lately. Besides the fact that I hate being wet…I think swimming in a warm pool this time of year might be rather nice 😛
    I picked up some of that cocoa powder the other day! I was expecting really dark-chocolate type flavoring, thinking I’d make something amazing with it for my dark-chocolate obsessed co-workers but I didn’t notice much of a difference! Bummed. THough I did like it for making hot chocolate, as I didn’t need to add as much sugar 😛

  4. What’s going on with your therapist, is she starting to make unprofessional remarks? I always sort of take for granted that it’s likely an ED specialist has had some run-in with the issue on a personal level, either themself or someone they cared about (although I know it’s not always the case). I kind of prefer thinking they have personal experience with it….but NOT if it is an ongoing issue that they don’t have a handle on yet. Is it affecting what you get out of sessions?

  5. I want recipes tomorrow morning in my mailbox, pronto!!! Weekend project, yippee

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  9. Great post! Read more about Emetic. This post is linked there.

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