Monday Not Funday + Giveaway

Thank you for the support re: my last post… I don’t mean to be impersonal, and I did fully intend to answer each comment individually — and I hope to still do that! — but I’m about to run out the door now…

Monday morning… not anybody’s favorite time of the week, is it?  It certainly wasn’t mine this time around, as I mysteriously doubled in size since the day before.  What I wanted to do was stay in bed all day; what I did do is haul myself to the gym.  And I’m glad I did, because it helped a bit.

Residue from Sunday:

I made bagels again.  At least they’re bagel-shaped this time.  But seriously, I’m all out of patience; there are so many other exciting things to do than try to figure out why I seem to have lost the ability to make bagels!

Making quick work of them.  Then again, I only made five.

Something slightly more exciting: I took another shot at those banana oat muffins.  This time, I used muffin liners.

Which, as it turns out, I did not need to do… 

They tasted good, and they had a lovely dense texture.  The only qualm I have is what happened to the bottom.

WTF?… But, charcoal aside, I’m quite pleased!

And on the topic of muffins… my mom was in the neighborhood of the muffin man today.

She bought seven (freaking. huge!!) muffins for me.  My freezer is now filled with muffins…

Let’s humor me and pretend to be surprised to see this again…

Brown and wild rice, broccoli, carrots, baby bellas, and bok choy stalk… over spinach, because it looked like me… all sad and lonely without a bed of greenery.

This is what I should have worn today, given how I was feeling this morning… but I couldn’t, because I wore it yesterday.

Can I just say that Aeropostale guys’ hoodies > girls’ hoodies?  They are freaking huge.  (Yep, that’s a good thing in my book, at least in this case.  Not so much with the muffins!  And the sleeves are long enough for me to pull them over my hands if I feel so inclined, which I often do.)

There was something lovely that happened today, though, all-around crappiness notwithstanding.  I received a package in the mail, courtesy of Jess

Can’t wait to read this from cover to cover!!  😀

And at least tomorrow will bring one thing I like.  Teaser:

Yeah, that would be necessary.  Because if I want to go to the pool tomorrow, I’m going to have to walk there.  According to Google Maps, that would take eighteen minutes.  Perfectly fine when I’m dry; not so perfectly fine when I’m soaking wet.  Hmm.

So, about my 500th post… In the past, I’ve said what would be included in a giveaway.  But because I want to be able to leave it open to international readers, I’m not going to do that this time.  I actually pondered doing a vlog instead, à la Katie, but I decided that the prospect of embarrassing myself more than usual just wasn’t so appealing.  And then I’d have to password-protect it, which would just be a pain.

Soooo, I am going to host a giveaway.  I’m just not going to say yet what is included in it.  In fact, nobody is going to know what it is until the winner receives it!  I guess you’ll just have to check out my past giveaways and decide whether or not you’re willing to trust my judgment on this one.  😉

To enter the giveaway… if you had to get stuck in Never Never Land, how old would you want to be?  I’ll choose the winner… um, three posts from now!

I’ll leave you to ponder that… I’m off to my nutritionist.  😦

Happy Tuesday.

“Put a grain of boldness into everything you do.” 
~Baltasar Gracian


19 responses to “Monday Not Funday + Giveaway

  1. I’d have to pick being 18 because I think at this age you are still relatively care free but you can do pretty much what you want as well, basically I think 18 is a fun age!

  2. I am so confused as to how you got charcoal inside your muffins cases! Did that happen to all of them? Must be the muffin cases.

    I gotta say those bagels look deliciously ugly 😉 Just the way I like my food.

    OMGOMGOMG GIVEAWAAAAAAAAY! If I had to be stuck in Never Never Land I would want to be either 10 or 15.

    The reason I say 10 is because I had no bloody care in the world. I remember the days lasting forever and I was such a kiss ass to all of my teachers at school that everybody loved me. Yeah, that’s right, I was one of those. Not only was I super cool at 10 years of age, but that was the age where I reached my peak of awesome craziness. You may not believe it now, but I was insane. I know right? Me insane? Get out.

    15 was a pretty awesome age for me, too. I remember watching the Olympics and I couldn’t stop laughing at the rowing on the TV. (I mean, c’mon, how can you not find “Coxless fours” funny?!) My humour is not to everyone’s taste, I have to say. Also, 15 is the age when you know what is going on around you but you are too, “OMG, whatever!” to want to do anything important. Oh, the good ole days.

    Actually, no, come to think of it I would prefer to be 13 again. 13 was the age that I found my talent in writing music. Yes, I wrote music once…about toilets and orange people. I could give you the lyrics to one of my biggest hits, if you like:

    “I’m a manderin,
    & I’m an orange!
    Let’s make some juice,
    squiggie, squiggie, squiggie.
    You pull out the pips and you sip it down,
    so you don’t suffocate,
    with a frooooown.

    Why I haven’t been chased down the streets due to my musical talent, I do not know. Maybe people don’t like citrus fruits? Ah well, each to their own. (I prefer lemons.)

    Have fun at the nutritionists office!


    (Woah, this was long. My bad :P)

  3. I’m going to say 13. I was happy to finally be considered a “teenager” and it was before my ED started.

  4. i think ill have to go with 21! although I’m not quite there yet;)

  5. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I do and I haven’t set your expectations too high! The chickpea piccata comes highly recommended 😉
    The muffins look like they came out great, even with the bizarre charring. How in the heck…? haha. Ironically, I sort of enjoy things a little bit burnt anyways, though 😉
    Never Never Land? I sort of enjoy being 20…heck, make it 21. Then I can buy wine and beer to cook with. Old enough to be respected (er, sort of…okay, I take that back…) but not too old.

  6. I would have to say 10. When I was ten life was perfect-I had a best friend who lived a block away, we spent almost everyday together! And my family and I lived in a beautiful farmhouse with horses just down the street. I was also competing in gymnastics and really doing a great job, I made it to State every year! It was also before my ED started and stole away so many friendships. I was so happy when I was 10-I know I cant go back, I need to look forward, look forward to what I can change and make better…But you asked! 😉
    p.s. I also had my own awesome Teddy bear hamster named Twinky when i was ten! 😀
    pps. I love the aeropostle sweater! 🙂

  7. I want to say 10, but really even wouldn’t being that young get old after awhile? Haha! So probably 21. I’m only 20 now, but I think it’s a good age to be.

  8. 23 sounds amazing cuz ill be done with school forever by then haha

  9. I agree with you about guy’s hoodies in general. They’re usually, with a few exceptions, a lot more comfy than their female counterparts.

    I’d pick 20. It’s the age I am now, and it’s the first year since I was 16/17, that I actually feel like I am recovering for real. I feel more free now. And I have some of the best friends, and a year ago (or even before last summer break), it would not be possible for me to go and hang out with these friends like I do

  10. That’s an excellent question…I don’t think I’ve ever seen it asked on blogs before.

    I wish I could give a concrete answer to it, but I’m not sure there’s any age that I could definitively pick. It would be easy for me to say nine or ten, because at that point I had no awareness of food or of being fat, but at the same time I was unhappy at school and not exactly a carefree child. I also had no fitness to speak of whatsoever. There was a brief period when I was about fourteen when food just wasn’t on the radar for me and I rarely thought about it at all, yet at the same time I was putting on a front and pretending to be someone I wasn’t in order to survive at school and maintain what passed for ‘friendships.’ Everything since then has been a cycle of bingeing and restricting, emphasis on the former, so I’d never want to be stuck at any of those ages. I think being a baby was probably preferable, so perhaps I’ll pick age ‘two,’ because you don’t have the cognitive awareness that anything in the world around you is anything other than fascinating. Magic still exists, your parents are the centre of your world and you have no obligations other than to create a mess with paint, sparkles and glue.

    Hope the nutritionist appointment isn’t too traumatic.


  11. I’d like to be six. I work with 6 year olds, and they are pretty awesome 🙂

  12. 11. before i even got stressed about anything! 🙂

  13. i really love how “grainy” your bagels are!!! its not easy to make them and i thing the ones you made are FANTASTIC! what i would give to have one toasted and served with some jelly and nut butter- boo yahh!

    my mom used to always buy me muffins but i havent gotten any since she has been working later in the evening. she used to stop by green cuisine on the way home to pick me up some brown rice vegan muffins… mmm but i know i will have more soon since she wont be working late for too much longer. your mama rocks- huge muffins to freeze up- why YES!!! ❤

  14. Those bagels look good. I think I might be hungry. Hee hee.

    I think I would want to be 30.

  15. I think I would choose 22…not like I was “happy” or ED-free, but I feel about this old, even though I have another birthday soon– inching ever closer to that big 3-0!!! I guess 22 b/c I graduated college and hadn’t started the slog of grad school, was “legal” and working a job I occasionally liked. 🙂

  16. I’d like to say 13, when it seemed to me that everything was going so well, I was still yong and my future seemed very bright.
    I can’t quite believe how fast I’m getting older now, haha!

  17. I made the bagels too and I have to show you a picture. They were so good, Jon ate most of them thus spoiling my plans to eat one a day. So I was force to go to the “grade pending” place to get a proper bagel fix…bugs and all.

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