B & C

Picture this:

There is a restaurant with several tables filled.  Someone from Table A gets up, goes over to a diner at Table B, and says, “How did you ever get so fat?  I can’t do it no matter how hard I try!”

…Yeah, something like that is not going to happen.  So why, why, why, why do people think it’s okay to ask other gym-goers, “Were you always slender?… I’m envious of people like you, because it’s always a struggle for me.”

Um, no.  No, you are not envious of me.

Anyway, moving right along… Alphebruary continues, with a double dose today!  I know I said I wasn’t necessarily going to proceed in alphabetical order, but it just so happens that today I covered B & C.

I tried to make chia seed pudding a while ago, and it just never really gelled.  I threw it out, so I can safely say that I’ve never actually tried chia seeds.  Hence its appearance now… I think my proportions must be off.  I used two teaspoons of seeds for about a third of a cup of almond milk, and I refrigerated it overnight.

I was expecting a much thicker, more pudding-like consistency!  But I wasn’t going to throw it out again, so I figured it wouldn’t kill me to eat it… and because unlike the last time I had a “banana split” for breakfast, today I actually had cherries, you can see just how un-pudding-like this was.

The cherry sank right in!  This was definitely thicker than plain almond milk, though, and once I got past the weirdness of eating what are essentially just slimy seeds, I kind of liked it.  But… is this what people mean when they say “chia seed pudding”?!

Brief interlude for the sake of chronology… when I get home late from classes and I still need to make lunch for the next day, I am reminded that cans are a very good friend of mine sometimes.

romaine, cut green beans, black eyed peas, baby peppers

Especially since this served as a reminder that I love canned cut green beans.  It is one of the very few vegetables of which I actually prefer the canned version.

And, back to Alphebruary.  I debated several things for B, but I ultimately decided on bok choy.

Regular bok choy, not baby bok choy, because I am a cheapskate and this one cost less.  😉  I had absolutely no idea what to do with this thing… some Google time later, I decided to sauté the tougher stalks, but treat the leaves as I would any other greens.  So, into the pot went some peanut oil and the diced bok choy stalks; a few minutes later, sliced baby bellas followed, and a couple of minutes after that, some frozen baby broccoli florets and shredded carrots, because when I first tried this brown and wild rice with broccoli and carrots, I wished for more veggies.  I didn’t realize that there would be so much stalk to the bok choy, though; I still have a huge hunk of it left in my refrigerator!  Anyway, I mixed all of that together with Bragg’s and some cubed tofu that I Bragg-ified and roasted for a few minutes, and plated it atop the steamed bok choy leaves.

I.  Loved.  This.  (Which is good, since I’m probably going to have the exact same thing again on Sunday!  Minus the bok choy leaves, since I don’t have any left.)

In the progress-making department, guess what?

No more chocolate Cheerios!  Which makes me a little sad, because I quite like them, but … there are many, many boxes of cereal to be finished before I can even think about buying more.  And I’m definitely going to want to try the cinnamon Cheerios first…

Even more good news!!  I’m shocked that this happened so quickly, especially as they came from Illinois, but look what arrived today.

My Ugg Millcreeks!  They’re a tiny bit big, but that’s better than having them be a tiny bit small… what remains to be seen is how comfortable they are over time.  Because, seriously — the boot / rain boot collection I accumulating is getting to be more than a little insane.

My brain is more than a little bit fried because of these absolutely ridiculous and probably pointless record modifications Mr. J had me do today.  And he’ll probably come to me in, like, three months (because he’s the worst procrastinator on the planet — even worse than I am), saying that he didn’t realize that I shouldn’t have done it, and please un-do it.  ARGH!

Now for the not-so-good good news… hardly surprising, I know, but I have some cousins staying here for Shabbos.  I don’t actually mind these cousins all that much.  And they’re leaving on Sunday morning.  But my mom is still cooking up a storm, and it is aggravating.  Not even from an ED, OMG-there-is-too-much-food-around-me perspective… it’s just that I kind of enjoy opening the refrigerator without having things fall out onto my head!!

In any event, I am sleepy.  Surprise, surprise.  Have a lovely weekend!

“Aphorism, n.: A concise, clever statement you don’t think of until too late. “
~James Alexander Thom


9 responses to “B & C

  1. There’s something I can’t get over about chia seeds and that is their “seediness”. Are they crunchy when they gel up? That’s what puts me off of eating them because i don’t like little crunchy things. I dunno if that made any sense but yeah haha.

    I LOVE bok choy. I love how you can always get it at chinese restaurants and they always nicely steam for you. It’s fab. That meal looks amaaaze 😛

    I’m jealous of your ugg-welly type shoes. I want some.

    I hope you weren’t too bored at work today! xxx

  2. I was asked a lot how I stay so thin when I was real sick. People saw me stomping of the treadmill for hours upon hours and asked me why I didn’t do marathons. I’m pretty sure marathons would have been a death sentence. But I’m too “normal” now for people to envy me, well, at least envy my abs.
    And I’ve never understood peoples love for chia seeds. I think its an overrated blog fad. But poppy seeds! Mmmm I love me some poppy seeds in cookies, challah, bagel, and you know, all things jew 😉

  3. I don’t get chia seeds either. I’ve never actually seen them in the UK – I guess they might turn up in Wholefoods in London, but I’m 300 miles from there so I think I’ll have to live without them 😛 Now that Eden mentions it, I love poppy seeds too, especially in lemon cake! But really I’m a pumpkin seed fanatic, especially pumpkin seed butter 🙂

    I know it’s obnoxious of me and not something that everyone can do, but on the few occasions that I had comments like that (not often, since I was pretty yellow when I was sick – not a good look!), I just announced to them that actually I was recovering from anorexia and it was hellish. Unexpected honesty always shuts people up! I get more comments about my figure now I’m healthy than I ever did when I was underweight. Apparently in terms of degrees of slimness, healthy slimness is preferable and more worth remarking on in England. Personally I think people should all mind their own business, but that’s never going to happen!

  4. I feel your pain 😦 well – not so much anymore luckily, but I remember when I was (too) thin this one really loud-mouthed lady was all up in my face asking me if I ate. Ironically, working with her was making me work right through my normal lunch so I was starving and probably really grumpy about it 😛
    The chia seeds can def. gel up more. I use 2 teaspoons when I’m trying to make a chia egg, and mix it with 2 T. of water – so I’d say the 1/3 c. was way too much. Maybe try 2 T. chia seeds with 1/4 – 1/3 c. milk/water? I saw this recipe the other day: http://www.healthygreenkitchen.com/chia-pudding-with-pecans-raisins-and-candied-ginger.html and think it sounds really good. I’m sure you can flavor it any which way, though, and just keep the chiaseed-liquid ratio the same 🙂
    I have been wanting to try bok choy lately! I’ve never had it, either.

  5. I am -s0- jealous of the boots! Enjoy wearing them…haha, wish I could steal them…Your ‘banana split’ looks pretty great 🙂 Im thinking about doing the Alphabet thing as well, as I am recently bouncing back from a relapse and am *interested* in eating! 😉 but i havent been blogging in so long, Idk how to start! ah! Seems like things are going well for you despite the massive amount of cooking that seems to be happening for shabbos.
    have a great weekend! 😀
    p.s.-as far as “thin” comments go, i try to completely ignore them. some people say i am too thin, others think I am perfect. Ultimately, God made my body and I need to treat it with respect, regardless of what others or I think about how ‘thin’ it is! 🙂

  6. I am always surprised when people comment on each other’s weight, unless they know each other well and it is something they commonly talk about (on purpose)!

  7. Very jealous of those Ugg boots! I could really use a pair like that. The 2 pairs I have are of the original ones and they’re really shot after this winter. 😦

    I think I may have posted something like this before to your blog, but people really should keep their opinions/comments to themselves when it comes to weight, looks, etc.!

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