I woke up today to an ice-covered world.

I don’t have a great picture to demonstrate the situation, because my main priority was staying upright.  You understand.  It took me nearly ten minutes to creep around the corner, and then I wised up and started walking in the street; the tire tracks weren’t icy.  D’oh.

Because of the treacherous streets, I allotted some extra time for transportation … which made me really glad that I had breakfast already waiting for me in the refrigerator: cherry vanilla quinoa flakes!

These quinoa flakes, I think, are the last hot cereal I have that I need to finish.  And since I apparently can’t be bothered with actually cooking it, I just combined it with the last of the coconut milk kefir (about half a cup), Truvia, and vanilla extract, as well as some pitted chopped cherries, and left it in the refrigerator overnight.  I added some more cherries in the morning, but I don’t think it makes much of a difference whether they spend the night in the bowl.  This didn’t really thicken up the way oats tend to do… but I think I liked this better cold than hot.  I love hot cereal, but for some reason, I just don’t like to eat it in the morning.  I don’t know.  I’m weird.

After the annoying rain / sleet finally stopped, I meandered over to Whole Foods on my lunch break to pick up some apples… 99¢/pound for organic apples?  Yes, please!  This may or may not wind up being my “P” for Alphebruary…

A Pinova apple!  It was good.  Tasted pretty similar to a Gala, actually, which I haven’t had in years.

And then I went to school, where the point was hammered home that right now, Wednesdays really suck.  To make a long story short, the school switched servers, so everything we did last week is gone unless we migrate it, which we’re not going to do.  So we had to start from scratch.  And then, wouldn’t you know it, the system crashed.  But, just my luck, somehow only my user account was affected.  So my professor had me log in as another student (who was out today), so now his assignment is updated, and mine has been completely wiped out.  And she wants me to come early or stay late so I can fix it.  Not going to happen, as A) I have a job and can’t leave early because the server in school sucks, and B) I have another class after this one, and it starts earlier than it’s supposed to start now since we “missed” a few minutes last week to go home early and avoid the storm!

I am absolutely not a xenophobe, but seriously?… You live in this country.  You work in this country.  For heaven’s sake, you’re a professor.  Learn to speak the language!!  I’m telling you, talking to her is like pulling teeth.

Having probably not resolved anything, as it is difficult to do with major communication gaps in existence, I had no time at all to eat dinner, so this was gulped down way too quickly.  I hate eating quickly!!

Good ol’ PBJ… and now I have only one pita remaining in my refrigerator.  I wonder what its fate shall be?…

My second class was an exercise in futility.  I have been in very few classes with a professor who has such an incredibly boring lecture style.  She just sits there and talks, and talks, and talks.  It would be one thing to drone on about something that’s actually interesting… but this isn’t.  Sigh.

At least I have acupuncture tomorrow?… I hope.

Happy Thursday.

“I may not be different, but I’m definitely not the same.” 
~William J. Dybus


7 responses to “Icy

  1. Ahhh, lame about the assignment. It’s always the same with me as well. It’s always my stuff that goes to shit while everyone elses is always unaffected. We are just the unlucky ones 😛

    I can’t imagine being snowed in like that. We live down a very steep drive way so I would HATE to try and drive up this thing if it were covered in ice. (I wouldn’t even try. I can’t even drive for starters…yeah I should get onto that.)

    You should make more cinnamon pita chips!


  2. Ugh. Computer/server problems stress. me. out. And what’s with professors expecting kids to “stay later” or “start earlier” these days? I’m pretty sure that’s not legal considering college kids usually have other class commitments.
    And I feel your pain on the boring lecture-er. I had a geography class like that. I am NOT a fan of geo to begin with, and this guy made me hate it even more. To put it politely.
    Wow. This comment was really pessimistic, wasn’t it? Geeze louise. Fingers crossed your accupuncture appt. stays put though!

  3. I remember troubling experiences with math TA’s who had trouble communicating! It made for some frustration but I tried to keep calm and be as accepting as possible, sigh

  4. Haha- maybe you should stand up during the boring prof’s lectures and do jumping jacks or interpretive dance to shake things up a bit?
    I hate those kind of classes… how does one stay awake?
    Found you through Eden’s Eats, btw!

  5. I had quinoa flakes for breakfast this morning too (well 1/3 to 2/3 gluten-free muesli, cooked) and I love the slightly gritty texture they add to things. Not so keen on them on their own though but I think perhaps I need to microwave them for longer.

    Ah, the droning profs. I think most of them reside at my Uni and perhaps they’ve outsourced one or two of them over to you.

    I wish I could come over with a huge hairdryer and melt all of that ice for you ~ it’s obscene the amount of snow/ice/blizzards the US seems to be getting hit with right now. I’m shivering vicariously and for once won’t moan about the weather over here by comparison.

    Stay wrapped up warm!


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