Whole Foods owes me a dollar.

Does this look like a pattypan squash to you?!

I didn’t think so.

The bar mitzvah was… a bar mitzvah.  It was actually buffet style, which is rather unusual, and which I should have known, but did not.  It totally threw me for a loop.  But having a camera around my neck always makes things better…

It also makes people I apparently should know, but do not, ask me to play photographer and take pictures of them with their wives / daughters / whoever these people are.  Um… there is a paid photographer here.  If he takes your picture, you’re far more likely to actually see said picture.  I couldn’t possibly give you the picture since I don’t know who you are.

This morning, I went to Trader Joe’s, even though I hadn’t been planning to go this week… because I got wind of some dreadful, dreadful news.

The peanut flour is being discontinued!!!  😦  (The sea salt is just in the picture because I’ve been wanting to buy it for weeks, and they finally had it in stock again.)  This makes me very, very sad indeed.  The cashier suggested I try almond flour.  Not exactly the same thing… and TJ’s almond flour isn’t kosher.  The brand that is kosher is also insanely expensive.

As I’ve mentioned, my house is full of people right now.  They are strangers.  Maybe I’m just a selfish bitch, but my skin kind of crawls at the thought of someone else — especially some random person I don’t even know — using my hair dryer, even more so because it has a diffuser attached.  So when these people asked my mom for a hair dryer last week and she told them they could use mine, I did not exactly appreciate it.  When I told her that, she said that it was not believable that “a house with a teenager” does not have a hair dryer.

First of all, I am not a teenager, even though these people thought I was sixteen.  (Yeah, I look younger than I am; but come on, can we at least make me legal?!)  Second of all, I never used a hair dryer before I went to Ouidad, so if they had been here when I actually was a teenager, I would not have been able to help them.

Anyway, I did not want to give them mine.  I actually have two — the one I use regularly and a compact one for travel — but the point wasn’t that I’d be out a dryer, it’s that I was grossed out at the thought.  Because I am a pack rat, I thought I had my sister’s old hair dryer buried in my closet somewhere.  It’s probably older than I am, but that’s what I gave them.  And you know what?  That was last Wednesday, and they still haven’t given it back.  Exactly how am I supposed to be drying my hair, if that were my dryer?!  Gah!!  I hate it when my house is invaded!!

I went to that school performance, thanking the heavens that I am no longer in high school, and taking pictures of my nieces because my sisters seem to think I am a photographer as well.  (Actually, it’s just that I have a better camera.  But whatever.)

Then I tried out this new-to-me product I picked up at Whole Foods recently:

Spicy?  Okay, I like hot and spicy.  Let’s see.

I added a couple of teaspoons to this creation: baby bellas, baby peppers, snow peas, tofu, and udon noodles stir-fried in a bit of peanut oil.  It was spicy, but not unbearably so.  I actually quite liked it.  Ditto the sea salt pictured above, which I ground over this.

And then, out of desperation to finish my kefir before it expires, this followed.

That would be plain protein powder, peanut flour, baking powder, Truvia, and kefir… microwaved for about three minutes, I think.  It tasted like peanuts.  Shocker.  😉

There’s another finish-the-kefir creation in the oven right now — I should probably go check on that — and a failed attempt at bagels.  Don’t ask.

Since I am feeling very persnickety (is that even a word?) right now, I will be quiet and go sulk somewhere else.

Have a lovely start to your week.

“Books serve to show a man that those original thoughts of his aren’t very new after all.” 
~Abraham Lincoln


6 responses to “Persnickety

  1. Don’t you love how the second you’re seen with a big camera you’re all of a sudden recruited to be photographer? For free? Okay – so I don’t expect you to charge your sister – moreso personal grumblings of my own, I suppose 😛
    Eek – why on earth is TJ’s discontinuing peanut flour?! It seems like such a hot ticket item, too! I do still need to try almond flour, but I agree. Not the same. I mean, a. it’s expensive. and b. you can’t make almond butter sauce out of it. Not to mention you sure as heck can’t make peanut butter sauce with it 😛
    I’m curious about the failed bagels 😉
    (oh, and keep your eyes peeled for mail! Hmm, I wonder what it could be? haha. I’m starting to get a little paranoid that they’ll mess up the order for the first time ever, being as it’s the one time I decided to just have it delivered straight to someone other than myself. So you’d have to tell me should that happen :P)

  2. It sounds like your family needs to learn the meaning of “personal space” huh? Bar mitvah’s always fascinate me because I don’t know anyone that’s jewish so I kinda wish I will be invited to one some day. Although that is very unlikely haha.

    Peanut flour being discontinued?! I wonder why! It seems incredibly popular…how confusing :S

    Your stirfry looks awesome! Almost as good as mine (I kid, I kid.) I love really hot and spicy stir fries so if there ain’t no spice, I’ll throw it out the window. (Restaurants be warned…)

    How’s the ear thang going?


  3. perhaps that dollar will go towards a greater, undiscovered cause.. haha

    revel in yoru persnickety mood. maybe it’s significant… maybe it’s not.

  4. i hate money, always and i hate spending it! i am glad i got to move outa my house, as it only helped my recovery and enriched my relationship with my family.

    ps- sketti squash is YUMMMMMMM!!!

  5. I love the word ‘persnickety.’ So onomatopoeic 🙂

    Uh, you are not being selfish at all with regard to the hairdryer incident. It’s bad enough that your family does not respect your need for a little quiet and solitude, let alone forcing you to lend out your personal belongings to strangers that, as you’ve emphasised, won’t return them. You’re not five years old and don’t need to be told how to share your toys.

    Hope the madness quietens down today.


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