My Poor Back

Yep… here we go again.

I am so, so, so sick of this weather!!  My professor let us out early from my last class “so that everyone can get home safely,” but she has this illusion in her mind that for the rest of the semester, we’re going to start class fifteen minutes early to make up for the lost time.  Uh, yeah.  Right.  Whatever.

I finally got around to making this so that I could figure out what on earth it was…

…except that I still don’t know!!  For one thing, the title seems to be a total misnomer — there is no “crunch” involved whatsoever.  I just used an egg white, four packets of Truvia, half a teaspoon of peanut oil (which was totally unnecessary, if you ask me — it was greasy), three tablespoons of white whole wheat flour, a tablespoon of soy flour, and I doubled the cinnamon.  I baked it for about half an hour before I deemed it “done,” since given the crazy measurements (half an egg?!), I assume this was scaled down from the original version.

It resembled a carrot muffin more than anything else!  After leaving it in the refrigerator overnight, I couldn’t decide if it was meant to be eaten hot or cold, or with a fork or a spoon… I compromised and microwaved it for a minute before using a fork.  It tasted like… carrots.

I met a friend for lunch today, which worked out quite nicely because my back is already killing me from lugging this laptop around — having to bring lunch too would have been pure and utter torture.  (I spoke with my professor about this, and it turns out that I might be able to use a netbook anyway.  Nice to know…)  Anyway, going to lunch pisses me off a bit.  Not that I don’t like the company (it was lovely seeing you, Tammy!), but to overpay for this…

…when I could make a better salad myself?  Yeah, that annoys me.  And yep, I am a skinflint.  I can’t believe I used to buy my lunch every day.  What was I thinking?!

One pita down, four to go:

hommus and pea shoots in a whole wheat pita

Yup, I actually took something other than PB&J to school.  Primarily because I needed to use up the pea shoots.  It sort of feels like I’m always rushing to “finish up” something or other.

One of the things that my doctor told me at my 1.30 AM visit was that I ought to “Make sure your teeth are not touching unless you are eating.”  (Yeah, this is the same guy who told me to “splint it in your mind” when I went to see him about the RSI in my wrist.)  Um… isn’t that, like, always?!  (No verbal vomit on that topic today because of the late hour.)  Anyway, I am a very tense person, and I tend to clench my teeth a lot.  This is old news — I’ve been like that since I was a kid, when I ground my teeth like crazy at night.  Which is probably why I had such headaches, and maybe even why I get migraines.  It’s not quite as simple as “keeping [my] teeth apart”!  Either way, my appointment with the dentist is tomorrow.

That is, if the snow doesn’t get in the way; I need to take an elevated train to get there, and those tend to go haywire along with the weather.

And, yet again, I won’t know until 6.00 AM tomorrow whether or not I have to go to work.  I hate that.  So I had to make lunch and dinner for tomorrow, because I don’t know what’s happening… and I just realized that I did something very dumb in making something with kale that is meant to be eaten warm, and refrigerating it.  Guess it’s going to be eaten cold now, unless I fancy eating a blob of completely wilted (instead of slightly wilted) kale.  Which I don’t.  If you know of any way to re-heat kale without having that happen, please enlighten me!!

Just so it can’t be said that all I do is complain: Mr. J called me today (because it’s less strenuous than walking around the corner to my office ;)) to ask when I am graduating, since they are putting together next year’s budget and they need to factor in the raise I am getting once I complete my degree.  Thank goodness, because I was not looking forward to the “I demand a raise” talk.

Bedtime!  Have a great Thursday.

“Men weary as much of not doing the things they want to do as of doing the things they do not want to do.” 
~Eric Hoffer


6 responses to “My Poor Back

  1. Despite how much of a nuisance all the snow is, it looks really pretty in pictures!

    Carrot crunch sounds like some kind of a cookie. What you made there does seem intriguing though. 1/2 an egg?! Who came up with this recipe?! At least it doesn’t look all that bad 😛

    I’ve never had kale and to be honest, I don’t ever want to try it. It seems to weird. It’s like fancy lettuce. I don’t like fancy lettuce. Just the normal, manly kind of lettuce. Coz I’m a man.

    I hope your dentist appointment goes well tomorrow! Try not to scream.


  2. Oh that’s so awesome that you’re already being factored in for getting a raise! That’s a talk I’ve yet to have, and one I wouldn’t be looking forward to either. Nothing like saying “hey, pay me more please.” right? 😛
    I used to (and occasionally still do, when stressed, luckily not for a while) clench my teeth at night all the time. I would wake up with the. worst. headaches. I think it would usually be from nerves, but I know sometimes it would beb ecause I was cold 😛
    And I SO hear you on the lunch thing. Seriously, you always bring up so many points that I just think “dead on” to, haha. But salads? Crazy $$, and I’d always be more satisfied making my own anyway. Not to mention the fact that I think they’re always wayyy better coated in hummus, so I always end up just giving the dressing away and using my own hummus, because heaven forbid a restaurant around here offers hummus. What’s hummus, anyway?!
    Enough rambling (though I need to e-mail you about that cookbook later!) – but I hope you’re safe in NY this morning. I’m hearing it’s pretty brutal out there!

  3. oh geez, i hope your back feels better soon! take care of yourself pleaseeee

  4. YIKES Girl..>!! back pains are the worst.. they pretty much ruin anything you do! your carrot muffin resemblance thangggg looks GOOD!

  5. No worries, I went back to the office starving and had a second lunch… a croissant sandwich from PRET. I am also glad that I wasn’t the only one thinking that that was a lot of money for a little bit of food and for something that I could make better….there has to be another Kosher place somewhere close by….notice they didn’t have an health inspector’s grading sheet…suspicious…I think so.

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