Why I Need My Ears

Here’s what I’m not going to do:

I’m not really going to discuss Friday, beyond saying that it was a day of epic crappiness, starting from the moment I arrived at work and had to wait nearly an hour for the security guard to show up, to the moment I arrived home with my feet screaming in pain from my wellies and a pressure so incredible in my ears that I wanted to scream as well.  Instead, my mom did the screaming when she accidentally broke my favorite Pyrex dish.  (Seriously, what is your problem?… It’s my dish and you broke it, so shouldn’t I be the one screaming?!)

Here is what I am going to do:

Babble about a bunch of nonsensical things instead.  That, after all, is my specialty.

After trying barley in the place of oats in overnight oats and quite liking the outcome, I decided to do the same thing with buckwheat groats. 

I liked it, but I think I should have used more buckwheat.  For some reason I thought that eating raw buckwheat would make my digestive system go haywire, so I only used half a servings’ worth.

In other “I wonder what that would be like” news, I tried this bar in yogurt.

Soy yogurt, actually.  It was good.  It was even better when I microwaved the bar, because, of course, when I want it to fall apart, it won’t.  That might be related to the frigid temperatures in my basement, where I keep the bars.  (Pardon the dirty bowl; my Pyrex dish was already dead at this point, so mixing and eating didn’t merit two separate vessels.)

One good thing did happen on Friday, actually.  I found this.

Yay!!  Since I don’t like coconut, it’s very annoying that when I want to make curry or something requiring a little bit of coconut milk, I have to open an entire huge carton.  So I’ve been keeping an eye out for these, and was very happy to finally find them.

But, despite that, my ears were driving me completely crazy.  As a testament to my screwed priorities, what concerns me most about this isn’t that I feel like I am going deaf.  No, it’s that if I have problems with my ears, I can’t dive.  And if I can’t dive, I can’t ever do the one thing that makes me truly happy.  Ergo, this must be taken care of — immediately.

This is so important to me that I actually called my crazy doctor… me, who never goes to the doctor if I can help it, which is why I haven’t gotten another PCP.  But you see, this is also why he is convenient: I was in his office at 1.30 AM.  (Um, yes, it would have been more convenient to be there at a sane hour, but he wasn’t around.  I went to sleep at 12.30, woke up at 1.00, went over to his office, came home, fell asleep at 2.30 … yeah, not doing too well in the sleep department.)  As it turns out, I am not going deaf.  Nor do I have an ear infection.  What I do have, according to him, is TMJD, and because I have a cold, the pressure just feels like it’s in my ear.  He offered to re-set the joint.  I asked what that entailed, then politely declined in lieu of a drug cocktail.  And I happened to mention in passing that acupuncture helped my cold quite a bit, so I am now rocking these oh-so-attractive accessories:

Magnets!  They work much in the same way as acupuncture.  I’ve had them before, and while they certainly can’t do any harm, I don’t feel like they’re as effective as acupuncture.  Still, if you’re really terrified of needles, then this might be a good alternative.  (My ears, which are not usually red — I had just come inside — are not completely back to normal yet, by the way.  And if I have to go to work tomorrow with my ears feeling like they did on Friday, I really will scream.)

Oh, yeah, so, frigid temperatures.  Let’s see.  I woke up this morning to find that the windchill was in the negative digits.  As I (very grumpily) put on enough layers to simultaneously resemble the Michelin Man and make it nearly impossible to zip my jacket, I wondered whether all that was necessary.  After walking for two minutes, I determined that yes, it was very necessary.  I kind of really hate this season.  A lot.

I’m sure nobody remembers this, but quite a while ago I posted a photo of my favorite pajama pants.  By now, they are, shall we say… very well loved.

You can’t really tell, but that’s the hem, or lack thereof.  It’s getting pretty hole-y in general, so even though I love them to death, I bought another pair.  Like, a month ago.  But I love these so much that it took me until now to actually wear the new ones.

Apparently, I like pajama pants with adornments on the butt.

This was the last of my sprouted wheat berry bread:

Half toasted, half un-toasted.  The toasted slices were vastly superior.

And on the topic of sprouted wheat berry bread… well, not that this is sprouted wheat berry bread in the making, but any guesses as to what it is?!  😉

You’ll just have to wait to find out the answer to that — this post is too long already!!  😉

Happy Monday!  (Errr… really?  Can’t it be Sunday again tomorrow?!)

“We drink one another’s health and spoil our own.” 
~Jerome K. Jerome


9 responses to “Why I Need My Ears

  1. Sorry you’ve had a rough weekend :\ I’m thinking a good week is in your forecast for this week. It’s all gotta even out eventually, you know!
    I’ve never seen anything like those magnets before – how cool! I’ve never had acupuncture treatment or even done anything with magnets – but seeing you swear by it so much (and helping you get over your cold!) makes me really intrigued.
    I love the overnight barley & buckwheat creations, too. I can’t believe it myself, b ut I’ve never had buckwheat groats – just the flour! I’ll have to try it…once I finish off this barley, at least 😛
    Stay warm tonight! I’m ready for the cold to be over, too. I don’t mind the snow (heyyy, snow days!) but this subzero weather is OLD!

  2. Ha, I was just thinking today how tired I am with the temperatures being below 10 degrees every day. I do love the snow though, so I suppose that makes the cold more worth it.

    I wouldn’t even know where to start with guessing what’s in that last picture, but I am pretty curious 🙂

  3. wow, the whole magnet concept is so interesting to me! probably mostly bc i hate needles, haha

    hope youre able to brush off your friday with a fresh start to a new week!

  4. Oh, I do hope the pain goes away! Are the magnets working??

    I’m glad you found coconut milk! I wish we got it here in cartons but we only seem to get it in cans and for some reason that puts me off haha.

    Looking forward to figuring out what that is in the processor…I’m guessing…Frankenstein’s bones?


  5. Wow, a fairly rubbish few days for you then! D’oh ❤ I hate it when colds get into ears, it can be so painful. I hope you feel better soon.

    Hehe I look like the Michelin man all the way through the start of November – end of February, so you're in good company 😉 it sucks, I can't wait to wear fewer clothes, I am not a layering sort of person! Everything gets all tangled up. Your PJ bottoms are cute…I am really attached to the couple of pairs I alternate between too. The world might end when I have to throw them out 😉

  6. Thanks for the recommendation with the magnets 🙂 I’d imagine they’re more economical than a visit to the ‘needle doctor’ as well.

    Nothing wrong with bundling up in the cold weather ~ it’s the best way to deal with it, and I am in complete agreement that the freezing temperatures need to bugger off back to Antarctica or wherever they came from. I’m hitting the wall when it comes to winter…after slogging through November, December and most of January, this marathon freeze needs to be over!

    Your PJs are really sweet: I have a collection with Eeyore emblazoned on them (though not on the bum!) myself.

    Hmm, looks like cauliflower hummus in the blender perhaps? Ha! I know I’m going to be spectacularly wrong.


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