Acupuncture = Awesome

My acupuncturist agreed with me that I have a cold.  (You think?!)  A few needles in my neck, and suddenly my cold is a lot better!  I didn’t feel the need to drink non-stop today, and I can walk more than three feet without fearing disaster if I’m not surgically attached to a box of tissues.  I heart acupuncture!

But let’s rewind.

Today was Tu B’Shevat, AKA the “New Year for Trees.” It’s traditional to eat at least one of the fruits from the seven species (grapes, figs, pomegranates, olives, dates) and recite the Shehechiyanu blessing over it.  Problem: I can’t do that, since I’ve had all of those fruits over the course of the past year.  Solution?

Fig for “seven species” purposes; carambola (AKA star fruit) for “Shehechiyanu” purposes.  Just FYI, fresh figs WAY > dried figs.

Then I took my pot out of the refrigerator… See, last night I decided that I’d save time by cooking my whole wheat hot cereal and just heating it up in the morning.  Because it takes an entire whopping minute to cook.  Well.  It congealed overnight, so I had to add water in the morning.  I added too much and had no patience to let it all cook out, since that would totally negate the time-saving benefits.

So it was a bit more watery than I’d like.  Oh, well.  The bowl was covered in a blanket of cinnamon after this, but that photo wasn’t taken in the lightbox, and it is so inferior to this one!

As I was eating this, I realized that I had forgotten to change my earrings.  (I am never not wearing earrings; but when I’m asleep, I wear tiny gold hoops that I’ve had since I was a kid.)  When I went upstairs to change them, I neglected to remember to put on makeup.  I only realized this once I got to the gym.  The horror!!  Good thing, then, that I’m still carrying around this mascara… wouldn’t want to frighten any little children, now, would we?

Today was our winter departmental meeting, which is basically a boring, pointless waste of time.  My plan was to go to Barnes & Noble beforehand to buy my textbook, which would then keep my entertained.  Fail on that end, since it apparently doesn’t open until 10.00, which is when the meeting started.  To which I was late, since I am a genius and somehow wound up on the wrong floor.  But I’m glad I was late — the room they reserved was way too small, and I was feeling completely claustrophobic even though I was right near the door.  I would have died if I were further inside.

The good thing about these meetings is that they always allot more time than necessary … so we were all done by 2.15.  I went to Barnes &  Noble then, and I bought my book.

I’m glad they had it, and all, but really?

For that?!… I should probably go get started on reading this, actually.  Ew.

To facilitate that, let’s move through this rather quickly…

Another wrap with hommus and pea shoots, Foreman-ed.

Exploding Wrap, Exhibit A.

Somehow I have an entire container of soy yogurt to get through in the next couple of weeks, which wouldn’t be a problem, except that I brilliantly bought a bottle of coconut milk kefir today.  (Yeah, I view them as sort of interchangeable!)  So…

Soy yogurt with a crumbled wild blueberry muffin topper.  There’s some blueberry syrup under there, too.

Little amendment to the peanut butter prownie:

I replaced one of the tablespoons of peanut flour with unsweetened cocoa powder.  It actually improved the texture quite a bit.  Though that might be because I didn’t microwave it to death.

From chocolate to vanilla — remember when I mentioned those vanilla glazed carrots?  I sort of tried them today.

Sort of, because I’m obviously not able to use butter.  I considered using a vegan replacement, but they all have palm fruit oil in them.  Even my nutritionist rails against that.  I’m willing to overlook it sometimes (read: Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter, even though I do wish they’d use something else!)… but this is not one of those times.  So, what did I do?…

Um, yeah.  Because this is just so much better for you.  (Sarcasm alert.)

Besides, I don’t think this is meant for cooking; I think you’re just supposed to spread it on toast, or whatever.  Um … ew?  Given my aversion to butter, I don’t know why I’d want to do that.  Anyway, the carrots just tasted like… carrots.  I couldn’t taste the vanilla or the honey at all!  Hmph.

It’s supposed to snow again tonight; honestly, I am getting very tired of wearing wellies.  My feet are pleading for mercy.  At least it’s almost the weekend, so they’ll get a little break… unlike my deadened brain, which is now going to attempt to dive into that overpriced book.

Have a great weekend!

“Time, which changes people, does not alter the image we have retained of them.”
~Marcel Proust


8 responses to “Acupuncture = Awesome

  1. I view the yogurt and kefir as interchangeable, too 😛 Especially the coconut milk kind!
    Glad you were able to get your book after-all!
    Those carrots sound good – bummer they don’t taste as good as they look and sound, though. You’d have tricked me if you said otherwise, though 😛

  2. Glad the acupuncture helped with your cold! I always used to wear earrings too until one day I just took them out and never put them back in. Every week I put an earring through the holes in my ears so that they don’t close up (I got them pierced when I was 6) but I only wear earrings on special occasions. It’s cool that you always wear earrings, though! That’s totally your thing 😉


  3. That freaking textbook is 50% more expensive just because it has hardcover….daylight robbery!!!

  4. YUCK i couldn’t imagine spreading that on food to eat!! im also so impressed the acupuncture helped your cold! wowza!

  5. ^I’m with Sophia, textbooks are a total rip off! Grrr. Starfruits are so cute 🙂 either that or I am just really easily amused…

  6. Ohh pleased your cold is better! I’ve always been really frightened of acupuncture because I have a fear of needles.

    Thats a pricey book! When I was at university one of my text books cost £100 D: I barely used it as well!

    Have a lovely weekend petal.

  7. Ugh, the woes of hardcover-only books. I feel your pain! The worst of my books was an edition of Christopher Marlowe:The Critical Heritage which was £250. I am currently wincing just at the thought.

    Right, you have convinced me to see an acupuncurist about my knees. I’ve always been open to trying it but after seeing how much it’s helped you I have to get over the needle fear and take the plunge.


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