**Koff, Koff**

My mom has a cold.

Unfortunately for all involved parties, when my mom gets a cold, she gets a cold.  With aplomb.  To hear her cough, you’d swear she’s a hard-core smoker, though I doubt she’s ever even touched a cigarette in her life.  And despite my pleas, she doesn’t seem to find it all that vital that she be careful to cover her nose / mouth when she sneezes / coughs.  As a result, even though I’m doing my best to stay out of her immediate vicinity, I think I’m getting a sore throat now, too.  Can’t say I’m very happy about that!!

Especially since I am better off staying away from “Jewish pencillin” … since soup is supposed to be eaten hot, and me + hot food = disaster.  Case in point*:

whole wheat hot cereal, banana (half cooked in), chocolate chips

This wasn’t exactly straight off the stove — it got to cool down a bit while I took pictures of it.  And I still burned my tongue.  I guess I must have a very sensitive tongue.

That picture, by the way, obviously wasn’t taken in conjunction with my lightbox… my mom already thinks I’m crazy enough when she sees me taking pictures of food, but that’s somewhat excusable because I take pictures of literally everything, and I’ve been doing that for years.  But even so, I think she’d look at me askance if I put a bowl of hot cereal in my lightbox.  Or, more accurately, if I went through the hassle of setting up the lightbox just so I could put a bowl of hot cereal in it.

That wasn’t an issue yesterday  morning, though, since everyone else was still asleep.  Time was more of an issue, as I had to get out of the house… but I wanted to try taking a picture with my lightbox, dammit!  (Excluding the half dozen pictures I took of a sliced grapefruit on Thursday night — one using each possible setting so that I could determine which looked best, which, come to think of it, I never did figure out.)

Nothing you’ve never seen before — banana pancakes with whey protein powder — but it’s a lightbox picture.  Does it look any different?!  I have no idea.  More experimentation is required, obviously.

Time is, sadly, not something that I will have in abundance after this week, since I’m starting classes again.  How did that happen so fast?!  I am not at all ready to go back to school.  On the plus side — it’s my last semester!!  And when I say I want to go back for another masters — because I know I will — someone please slap me.

Another lightbox picture…

Vanilla blackberry barley, made the same way as last time, except that I added about a quarter cup of almond milk (all that was left in the carton) before refrigerating it.  It was still incredibly thick, but I found it more palatable this way.

I have over a dozen pictures of this bowl, and not a single one resembles any of the others.  Lighting has always been my nemesis.  Especially when I am aggravated, I find it hard to grapple with that.  And why was I so aggravated?…

Oh, yes.  Those are my packages.  Which, in case you are wondering, were not delivered to me, as I requested multiple times.  And was assured — multiple times — that I would receive.  No, I had to go down to the post office and pick them up myself, because I have absolutely nothing else to do with my life when I get home from work two hours before Shabbos starts.  And then the clerk in the post office wants to know if I’ve been out of town, since the notice is dated two weeks ago!!  Uh, no.  You people haven’t been able to do your freaking job for two weeks!!  (And PS: they fit through my mail slot.)

It is a weekend, but I did not have any new frozen confections worth trying… unless you consider this protein peanut butter cup:

It shouldn’t really count, though.  Because, as I suspected, “raw” protein powder still makes me gag, and I just couldn’t eat it this way.  I ended up sticking it in the microwave for a couple of minutes so that it turned into a big, mushy blob, which I oddly find more appealing.  Hey, I never claimed to be normal, did I?!

Off I go to brainwash myself into believing I do not have a sore throat.  And hide in my room since my cousin is sleeping here tonight (shocking, I know), so I can’t traipse around in my pajamas.  Happy Sunday!

“We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever.” 
~Carl Sagan

*This is like the word “alas” … so many people say “case and point” instead.  What on earth is that even supposed to mean?!


5 responses to “**Koff, Koff**

  1. Eek – I hope you don’t catch your mom’s cold!! I swear anytime I’m around anyone who’s getting sick my mind starts telling me I don’t feel so hot, either. And then I start eating oranges like it’s my job and chugging the amazing grass and vitamins 😛
    Your lightbox pics look AWESOME! I’ve been meaning to make my own for months…but still haven’t. I have a feeling I’d find lugging it out too much of a hassle after the first couple of days. I’ll tell you what, though – I’m ready for it to be light both morning and night again. I’m getting sick of using my flash :[

  2. “Hey, I never claimed to be normal, did I?!”

    Bah, normal is so over-rated…. 😉
    Have a great weekend girly!

  3. I burn my tongue all the fricken time. I remember waking up Saturday morning with the feeling that I had burnt my tongue even though I hadn’t eaten anything “hot” prior. Then I proceeded to have grilled cheese and soup for lunch. Bad idea. Tongue burn bad haha.

    The pictures in your lightbox look awesome! I definitely see a difference. The pictures are very sharp and clear. I like 😉

    Glad you FINALLY were able to get your packages. Sheesh! Took a while.


  4. ahahah the pb cup looks great! even better in the microwave i think 😀

  5. Haha at “case and point”. Interesting. There’s another similar phrase I’ve seen floating around, I will have to look out for it so I can share the irritation 😛 I’m glad you got your packages at last!

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