Lots of Random Babble

We didn’t get hit that hard by the latest snowstorm.  And the plows were out all night, so the streets were actually clear in the morning!  Now, if only something could be done about the corners, I wouldn’t have to worry about trudging through piles of dirty snow, and then I could wear my Uggs instead of my wellies… and keep my toes, instead of losing them to frostbite.

Alas, the same cannot be said of my acupuncturist, who is stuck in Massachusetts.  Sad.  I was really in dire need of that acupuncture nap today.

I just thought this was really hysterical, for some reason.

My dad bought a new snow shovel, since I kept complaining about our old one… which is not meant to shovel snow, it’s meant to push snow along the sidewalk to the curb.  It’s an insanely long wooden stick with a piece of metal on the bottom, the edges of which are curled from overuse or something… and it is very. heavy.  I’ve only been whining about this for three years, so I was happy that we finally got a new shovel!  It is plastic, and lightweight, and made shoveling a breeze.  I even had time to take some pictures after I shoveled our entire walkway and the sidewalk, not just a path like last time!

It was still dark out, and even though I don’t have particularly shaky hands, most of the pictures came out blurry due to the slow shutter speed.  More on that later.

After all my shoveling, it was time for the next reincarnation of the sprouted wheat berry bread:

I made French toast out of it!  I know I said I wanted to wait for it to get stale, but it’s a good thing that I didn’t.  Because I found out that hard way that, like Ezekiel bread, this should probably be refrigerated.

I’m pretty sure that’s mold.  But more on that later, too.

I did, indeed, have to go to work on Wednesday.  We had a delayed opening, though, which was helpful since the gym near my office was closed when I got there.  (Putting a message on Facebook at 9.00 AM that you’ll be opening at 10.00, when you’re supposed to open at 7.30, is not sufficient.  Just saying.)  Instead, I went to the gym I used before my office moved, and popped into Whole Foods on my way back to buy a banana, since I still wasn’t sure whether I’d be able to make it to my nutritionist later.  And I am so glad I did, because I found something I totally wasn’t expecting to find…

The blueberry muffin Larabar!!  Of course, I had to try it immediately.

Verdict?  I absolutely adored it.  I don’t quite think it tastes like a blueberry muffin, but it was good nonetheless.  It was somewhat softer than a lot of the other flavors… does it make sense to say that cashews are a “softer” nut than almonds?  I seem to like the almond-free Larabar flavors better.

This, apparently, is the “chunky” version of that “crunchy” bar I posted about last week.

I guess I can see why.  I prefer this one, actually.  It doesn’t fall apart as much, and I like the texture of the flakes.  Chunks.  Whatever.  😉

Much of Wednesday was spent getting riled up… I was on hold for over an hour at the post office.  Accomplished nothing.  UGH. My pictures are still MIA!!  UPS is much more reliable than USPS, though.  (Surprise, huh?!)  This did arrive yesterday:

It was about 11.00 PM by the time it made its way to my house (it was delivered to my sister), so I didn’t really have time to dissect it.  But I immediately opened it to try this out:

A tripod!  Woohoo!  I took a few pictures, increasing the f-stop to ludicrously high amounts, just because I could.  😉  And they were all nice and sharp.  Then again, I always get confused between increasing and decreasing f-stops — too mathematical for me! — so perhaps I ought to go try this again…

Okay, I’ve given up on attempting to keep this chronological, and I am just going to start jumping all over the place in no order whatsoever.

This would be Take II of using TVP in my “pasta sauce.” I actually ate this right after making it, so re-heating wasn’t an issue… and look, Ma!  No pool of liquid!

Speaking of pools of liquid, though, can you tell me what on earth is going on here??

That’s a bowl of mushroom barley soup.  Carrots are listed in the ingredients.  Yeah, okay, I get that.  But have you ever seen a carrot large enough to make such a huge circle?!  It looks more like a sweet potato!

Anyway, after much aggravation (will I be able to drive to my nutritionist tonight?!), it was determined that my dad needed the car at 9.30, so losing our parking space wasn’t an issue.  I went earlier than usual, to ensure that I’d be back in time.  I also took along a bag of goodies… I’m not going to explain what every item is doing there, but I brought my nutritionist a package containing English muffins, a bag of Jazz apples, an Asian pear, my copy of The Great Gatsby, and a couple of slices of my wheat berry bread.  Which is when I discovered that it needs to be refrigerated.  I salvaged the last “clean” slices for her, then stuck the rest in the refrigerator to worry about when I got back.

It hurt my heart to throw out that bread — it took three days to make, for heavens’ sake!!  So, even though it might repulse you, I just hacked off the visibly affected parts.  Which left me with a rather weirdly-shaped hunk of bread.  What to do?…

Bread pudding, of course!  I whisked an egg white with cinnamon, vanilla extract, and about a tablespoon of almond milk, poured the mixture over the cubed bread, and baked it for about half an hour.  All’s well that ends well.  🙂

While that was already in the oven, I diced up some tempeh and shoved it in there, too.

I’ve discovered that I’ve come to actually like the taste of Trader Joe’s three grain tempeh plain.  Not straight out of the package — I like to boil it or bake it for a few minutes — but I don’t feel like I need to season it at all.

Ohhh, guess what I found during my post-nutritionist supermarket trip last night!

You have no idea how long I’ve been searching for kosher curry paste.  Yes, I know this isn’t curry paste, but I recently discovered that kosher curry paste actually does exist, and I’ve been keeping an eye out for it.  Which explains why I was in that section of the supermarket at all.  I grabbed this jar of curry sauce to tide me over until I find actual curry paste.  And, um, I got the super-hot variety because I am still not exactly comfortable with the whole concept of caloric condiments, and this one had less calories than the mild type.  Oy.

I have no idea how much milder the mild type can possibly get, because I didn’t think this was all that hot!  Then again, I do like things hot… anyway, this was awesome.  I soaked some dried chickpeas overnight, then cooked them the lazy way — poured boiling water over them and stuck the bowl in the microwave for a few minutes.  Dumped them in a pot, added the curry sauce and a massive amount of barely-steamed cauliflower, and let it simmer away.

The whole pot was upended over some wheat couscous… totally unnecessary for sopping up the absent “heat,” but whatever.  I’m a big fan of the four-ingredient complete meal!  😉

And now, if you will excuse me, I have to go play with my lightbox.

Have a lovely weekend!

“Waiting is one of life’s hardships.” 
~Lemony Snicket


8 responses to “Lots of Random Babble

  1. I need to start using a lightbox and tripod. I can only imagine how much better the photos would look.

    Anyway, you sure had a busy day!! Gah..and all that snow! I feel like I’m the only one that didn’t get bombarded. At least you were still able to get around fairly well and what not.

  2. The fact that larabar now makes a blueberry muffin larabar makes me smile. I can’t wait until they are in stores around here. For some reason, even though they’re easy enough to make…I still get a little too excited for new releases 😛 I definitely understand what you mean about cashews! I probably favor them most among all other nuts 😉
    If it makes you feel any better; I usually just cut or scoop off any signs of mold or “growth,” too 😛 Unless it’s something that’s like…obviously old and should not be eaten, haha.
    You’re going to have so much fun with your new photo toys I bet – I love new toys 😛

  3. Bagels are kosher, right? You should make bagels…they keep better! Heehee.

    I would cry if I had to throw out a bread I took 3 days to make. I would have toasted it with stinky brie to cover up the mold stink, but bread pudding sounds better. 🙂

  4. gah french toast with sprouted bread!!! and i want to try the blueberry flavor! im glad you liked it.. i heard from others that they didnt like it!

  5. I cut off mouldy bits and eat the rest too 😛 I think a lot of people do!

    Optical physics was my least favourite module – I understand the equations involved in f-numbers and the like NOW, but it took ages to get them to stick in my head! Drove me completely batty when I was trying to learn them. Have fun with your tripod 🙂

  6. Your meals look delicious! That pasta looks really good. Kinda wanna lick my screen now. What’s acupuncture like? Does it hurt? Do you feel it? I cringe at the sight of needles or pins. They are icky haha.

    I once tried an apple pie larabar (we can only get them at health stores here) and the texture was really strange and it didn’t taste like apple pie. It was weird. The colour of the blueberry larabar wrapper looks really pretty, though 😛


  7. I’m doing a review of the blueberry lara bars as soon as they ship me one. Cant wait!!

  8. ive been hearing u speak of the dreadful continuation of snow in the area, and my oh my i have to say, i SEE what you mean! 😦
    its been 14 degrees (celcius) here and no snow in sight..other than the annoying rain. but if i could id trade weather for a little while..i wouldnt mind a snow day 😛

    i just tried the chocolate chip peanut butter larabar which was SO YUMMMM, i dont think we carry the blueberry muffin..yet, but when i see it i’ll give it a go 🙂


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