Powered by Pepto

It is one of the deep secrets of my sordid past (yes, I am being sarcastic; I have had about as boring a life as it is possible to have) that I was once “addicted” to Pepto Bismol.  In fact, I went through it so quickly that my mom made me go to my doctor because she said that if I always had an upset stomach, something was wrong with me.

In retrospect, I think it’s just that I was an anxious, uptight kid, and I couldn’t tell the difference between a physical stomachache and anxiety.  However, I have had a lot of practice in that area, and now I know the difference all too well… which is why it is even more frustrating that lately, an unhappy digestive system seems to be an all-too-frequent occurrence.  It really kind of sucks to feel nauseated all day for no discernible reason; it’s a thousand times worse when you’re emetophobic, as I am.  Something has got to change; my digestive system needs to learn to behave, and fast, or I may lose what little sanity I have left.

This morning, nausea notwithstanding — because if I didn’t eat when I felt nauseated, there would be entire days at a stretch when I just, well, wouldn’t eat — I toasted a couple of slices of my sprouted wheat berry bread and topped them with a bit of Bee’s Knees.  

I.  Love.  This.  Bread.  I brought a slice to my co-worker, and he said it tasted really familiar… so I guess it must taste pretty similar to Trader Joe’s sprouted wheat berry bread, then!  Good to know, I guess.  😉

Speaking of work, I arrived there this morning around the same time I always do — only to find that the security guard wasn’t there, which means that I couldn’t get inside.  I went around to the other entrance; same story.  I stood there for about fifteen minutes, wondering if I was crazy and there was no work today, before deciding that I had better things to do than hang around and wait for people to show up… so I went to Whole Foods.

I picked up a box of these applesauce squeeze packs…

…because my stomach has felt “off” frequently enough for me to want something like that on hand.  I should probably store raw knobs of ginger in my refrigerator!!

Apparently, something happened to the morning security guard, because the evening guy was there when I got back, and he said he was working a double shift.  Huh.  I wonder what will happen tomorrow morning…

Like a trooper, I kept shoveling food in my face all day.  Including the epitome of a colorless salad.

romaine, roasted cauliflower, tempeh, chayote squash (hommus and mini Tam Tams alongside)

I discovered that poor chayote squash buried in the vegetable bin near the golden beets… it had seen better days, and needed to be used immediately.  I will never understand this vegetable, though — it really doesn’t taste like anything.  So strange.

It really was a pity that I felt so crappy today, though, because I would have loved to have been able to enjoy this dinner.

Tofu marinated in a mixture of apricot preserves, Frank’s, water, and a bit of peanut oil… and then roasted.  Accompanied by …

…”Oriental garden pilaf,” the recipe for which is on the back of the box of barley that I used.  I made this once before, and I loved it.  I still do, apparently.

After all this excitement (or lack thereof), we had a little family get-together for my dad’s birthday.  You must understand that a “little family get-together” means that there will be a minimum of twenty children in this house.  It’s actually more than that, but I can’t be bothered to count.  My point is, it is loud and crowded and difficult to withstand for an extended period of time!

birthday cake

Luckily, it’s a school night, so it didn’t go on for too long… if it were a weekend, everyone would probably still be here.  As it is, I’m getting ready to go to sleep… and tomorrow night, we’re expecting another foot of snow.  Oh, joys.

Anyone living somewhere warm want to adopt me?!

Happy Tuesday.

“Nerves and butterflies are fine – they’re a physical sign that you’re mentally ready and eager.  You have to get the butterflies to fly in formation, that’s the trick.” 
~Steve Bull


8 responses to “Powered by Pepto

  1. Ugh, that’s sucky about your stomach, hun! When I was 14 I had a poorly stomach all the time so I spent a lot of the year off from school because it too nauseating. It wasn’t until I had my bloods done that it was because I was iron deficient :\

    mmm your marinated tofu looks delicious! I’m thinking I need to marinate some tofu asap…as in as soon as I finish this comment…which is aboooout…NOW.


  2. i would love to adopt you, however, living in the Northwest, its pretty darn cold here! ;P I love those squeeze packs, those are probably a different brand but my younger siblings got them at Starbucks once and I stole a taste. Pretty darn good in my opinion! Sorry about the indigestion, I get that a lot too. It always kind goes away on its own tho so long as I keep eating like I’m supposed to, so good job sticking to what you need to do anyway. But some extra fruit thrown in the diet never hurt anyone either! 😉 Have a good Tuesday! 🙂

  3. i am NOT in warm weather! ahah… i love the marinade on your tofu!

  4. I’d adopt you if it were warm here.
    It’s not :/
    I hate that flippy-floppy anxious/nervous feeling! I can never tell if I’m nauseous, nervous or hungry. To make things even more complicated, sometimes if I’m hungry I’ll feel sick to my stomach instead of the usual hunger pangs. It seems counter-intuitive to eat a meal, but usually works. I dread the day that it’s because I’m actually getting a stomach bug 😛
    That barley pilaf looks SO good!! And yes, you guessed it…I have a bag of barley that I’ve probably only used about one serving of 😛
    (oh! And one last thing – your sprouted bread looks amazing!! Sell me some? I’m too afraid to make my own sprouted bread. Adding “sprouted” makes it seem 10x more complicated than normal bread 😛 )

  5. Haha, almost snap – when I was younger I was literally addicted to polo mints. I’m not sure whether it’s even possible to be physically addicted to them but I had a MAJOR psychological dependency going on. If I didn’t have any I would panic and feel even more sick than usual. And of course it was for the same reason as you too – my anxiety started making me feel sick constantly when I was about nine, and this didn’t let up until I reached 16. I didn’t become any less anxious when I got to 16, I think it was the single benefit I ever got from antidepressants – they made no impact on my anxiety or depression but stopped me feeling sick! That only happened the first time I took them though, it was all downhill from there on 😉 anyway, I don’t eat polos by the packet anymore. I can’t remember how I broke the dependency on them but it was probably when I went through that period of feeling really nauseous all the time in late 2007 – I couldn’t even bring myself to eat polos then. My poor teeth have suffered horribly. It would have been marginly better for me to become dependent on something like pepto, but unfortunately that always made me feel MORE sick, so polos it was. Bah.

    I’ve got that quote about butterflies on a postcard 🙂 it’s very apt. I wish I could adopt you but it’s certainly no warmer here than it is where you are!

  6. Sadly I share your stomach woes: even on the rare days I don’t overeat, what I do eat tends to involve pain of some sort. I agree with you that it’s caused by anxiety a lot of the time, and from my perspective it actually makes me overeat even more badly because I don’t know when fullness is genuine and when it’s from GI issues…I’ll often be shaking and weak before I ever feel ‘hunger’. Then I end up stuffing my face in a panic to stop myself from fainting. Oy.

    I was an anxious kid too and always had tummy troubles. I tended to live on Gaviscon 😛 Bleurgh.

    I really hope your stomach improves! I would love to adopt you, but sadly our climate over here is even colder 😦


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