Remembering Dates + Sprouted Wheat Berry Bread

Today is my ex-boyfriend’s birthday.  I wish I didn’t remember that — we haven’t been together for over five years!!  It doesn’t help that his birthday is sandwiched between my niece’s birthday (Friday; yes, that niece, who is finally no longer a teenager) and my dad’s birthday (Tuesday)… as if I weren’t already good enough at remembering dates I don’t want to remember, that just helps me along.  Quite frankly, it is rather irritating.

Another date I remember is my brother’s anniversary.  That’s partly why I’m so ticked off about this package — I ordered some prints, and one of them is an enlargement of a photo I took of my brother and sister-in-law at my nephew’s bar mitzvah.  It turned out to be a nice picture, so I wanted to frame it and give it to them for their anniversary.  But at the rate we’re going, I’m not even going to have the picture in time.

Last night, I did finally manage to liberate my muffin from the freezer.

double chocolate chip!

However, I woke up at 3.00 AM and didn’t fall asleep again until after 5.00… which would have provided me with ample opportunity to go downstairs when that guy was asleep.  So much for forcing myself to stay awake later than I wanted to!  I am now a total zombie.  Me + too little sleep = cranky cranky cranky!

Like I’ve mentioned — and keep mentioning! — there is entirely too much food in this house, and I need to get it under control, so I am probably going to be doing some weird things for a while.

There’s a lot of cereal, first of all.  Both the cold variety…

vanilla yogurt, Yogi granola crisps, blueberries

…and the hot variety.

whole wheat hot cereal, 100% chocolate, Truvia, Mighty Maple

The peanut butter is diluted, because I wanted it to be drizzly.  Apparently, I diluted it too much.  It tasted fine; it just doesn’t look very pretty!  Did I mention there is also a lot of peanut butter around?!

There are a lot of grains, in general.  And so I decided to do something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, and make wheat berry bread.  It took a bit of searching, but I eventually found this recipe for sprouted bread, and I based my loaf off that.

resting dough

What I hated about this recipe is that it required both a food processor and a mixer.  I mean, yeah, I could have mixed it by hand, but I definitely couldn’t turn the sprouted wheat berries into a pulp by hand… and there are few appliances I hate to wash more than a food processor.  Still…

It produced a wonderful loaf, so I’m happy.  I know it looks flat, but that’s because I halved the recipe, and I didn’t have a smaller loaf pan.  The bread is dense and chewy, just the way I like it.

And by the way?  I used this for the honey.

I think I bought that way back in the beginning of September, around the time of Rosh Hashanah… that would be the only reason I’d buy honey, since I don’t actually like the stuff.  But I never even used it until now.

While rummaging around in the vegetable bin, I came across two golden beets.  I was sure I had finished those, but I guess not!  I roasted one of them immediately; I was going to roast some tempeh, too, but I decided to try something different.

It’s Trader Joe’s three-grain tempeh, which says on the package that it can be eaten just the way it is.  Yeah, I tried that — not a fan.  So I grilled it on my Foreman instead.  I definitely prefer to roast it, but this wasn’t bad at all.

You know what is bad?  I have to use this.

Yeah, it’s a makeshift lightbox.  I started making it a few weeks ago, then my sister convinced me to just buy one, since I was having trouble finding the lights I wanted.  She and I both ordered one, and they were to be delivered to her house.  She received a lightbox last week.  Emphasis on the “a” — only one.  I’m not going to have mine until the end of next week, apparently.  I’d be annoyed, but it’s too tiring.

In fact, I am so tired that I think I am going to hop in the shower and then straight into bed as soon as I’m done here.  It’s not even 9.oo PM.  Goodness, I’m an old lady.

Happy Monday.

Do you tend to remember dates, whether or not you want to?
Have you ever made sprouted bread?

“This is my “depressed stance.”  When you’re depressed, it makes a lot of difference how you stand.  The worst thing you can do is straighten up and hold your head high because then you’ll start to feel better.  If you’re going to get any joy out of being depressed, you’ve got to stand like this.” 
~Charlie Brown


15 responses to “Remembering Dates + Sprouted Wheat Berry Bread

  1. Weiiirdd, my ex’s birthday was yesterday and I remembered it right before going to sleep. Not that he means anything whatsoever to me now, but it struck me because he was always the type to make it known it was his birthday. Like, if I didn’t wish him happy birthday at 12:01, I must have forgotten. Loser.

    Anyway! If you’d like help getting the food supply under control, feel free to send some this way. 😛

  2. I’m cranky today, as well, but that’s because I was up late reading . I’m my own worst enemy there…

    Oh yes, I’m very good at remembering peoples birthdays. ESPECIALLY the birthdays that I know longer wish to remember. What star sign are you? Don’t know why I’m asking 😛 That bread looks awesome! I prefer to make bread in our bread maker because handling yeast freaks me out. Dunno why…haha.

    We have so much food in our house too! But it’s all junk left over from Christmas. Not that I mind, but there’s only so much Christmas pudding and custard a person can have!


  3. I’ve never made sprouted bread, but that looks so good that I am going to go check that recipe right now!

  4. The sprouted bread looks great! I’ve never attempted to make sprouted bread before, but really should work on some of the wheatberries I bought a while back :\ I also wound up with TONS of bulghur wheat. I think we have the same “too many grains” problem 😛
    And trust me – I HATE washing food processors/blenders, too. I grumble every time I see it in a recipe and will try to either find a way around it or change the recipe to soemthing else, unless I’ve really got my heart set on it.

  5. I’m good at remembering painful dates, but rubbish at remembering useful ones like birthdays of current friends. I have selective memory, but the selection isn’t conscious 😛

    I am scared of tempeh. What does it taste like? I have been tempted to try it in the past but the idea of it grosses me out a bit – the fungi aspect! It’s funny because I’m happy to eat mushrooms…

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