Why the USPS Sucks: Take 9,518.

Keeping in mind that having issues with the postal service is nothing new, I have no idea why I am at all surprised with what is going on here.  Actually, I’m not surprised, I’m just incredibly pissed off.  My mom and I have been waiting on a package for a couple of weeks now.  On January 3 I got a notice (dated December 31!) that nobody was available to sign for this package, so I needed to schedule a re-delivery.  First of all, the time on the notice was 11.17 AM; our mail is never delivered that early.  And even if it was, my  mom was at home on December 31 at that time.  They never even tried to deliver it.

So, since I didn’t feel like dealing with the bitch at my local post office, I went online and scheduled the re-delivery, re-routing it to my dad’s office, because the people who live in this house actually work during the day.  That was last Tuesday.  When it still hadn’t arrived by Thursday, I called the general USPS number to find out why… and was informed that apparently, I couldn’t schedule a re-delivery to an alternate address.  So, basically, if I hadn’t called, the package would have just sat in the post office for fifteen days, and then they would have sent it back to the sender.  Isn’t that nice.

Anyway, my mom didn’t go out at all on Friday because of this stupid package.  When the mail was finally delivered, surprise surprise, this package wasn’t there — even though I had been promised a Friday delivery.  So I opened the door and asked the mail carrier where the hell it was, and she said that they hadn’t given her anything but that she would check the post office when she finished her route.  I tried calling customer service again, but they were “experiencing technical difficulties,” so I never got through.  And do you think the package came today?… No, of course not.

At this point, I guess I can just say goodbye to ever seeing the package.  It’s just not going to happen, since the post office here closes at 4.00, and, uh, I have a job, so I can’t go pick it up myself.  And then they wonder why they’re losing money?!  Hello, USPS: it’s because you suck.

PS, this was Friday’s forecast:

Uh, yeah.  There was hardly any snow.  There was, however, an abundance of plows sending up sparks by scraping the pavement.  That is the very definition of too little, too late.  And because they’re busy plowing the clean streets, the sanitation trucks still haven’t collected the trash around here… it’s been two weeks!!!!!

Okay,  moving on.

It’s not a big secret that I am one of the most indecisive people on this planet.  This is probably more than a little “OCD” of me (yes, I know that isn’t a proper use of the term, but let’s just ignore that), but this is Exhibit A in How Indecisive People Make Decisions:

Do you see any similarity between these three things?  You know, when you have extensive mascara, earring, and fragrance collections, making what should be a simple choice becomes anything but that!  So I need a little help.  If you can’t pinpoint the similarity, take a look at the hoodie and socks I was wearing yesterday.

See the similarity now?!

After all that strenuous decision-making, I gave my new protein powder a test-drive, making banana pancakes.

Seriously, my mini food processor has got issues.  I think it might even have more issues than I do, and trust me, that’s tough.

I’m always happy when Whole Foods has my soy yogurt on sale, because that means I get to make overnight oats!  Or should I call it overday grains?…

Vanilla blackberry barley!  I mixed the yogurt with Truvia and a few drops of vanilla extract, then stirred in some mashed blackberries and the barley.  Later, I added some whole blackberries, purely for their aesthetic appeal.  This was thick; I didn’t expect the barley to soak up so much of the yogurt!  I think next time I’ll add some almond milk, too.

It’s a weekend; new frozen products to try!

Organic Rice Divine, Very Vanilla and So Delicious Minis, Neapolitan.

First, the Minis…

Winner; we all liked this!  And when we all like something, that’s pretty significant.

Next, the Rice Divine…

What I really liked about this was the texture.  Unlike Rice Dream, which needs to be taken out of the freezer long before you plan to scoop it out of the container, this product was creamy enough that it’s possible to serve it right away, without risking the safety of your scoop!  The flavor was good, too; it’s kind of hard to mess up basic vanilla.  I’m really sad, though, that I won’t be able to try some of the flavors… especially the carrot cake.

In non-frozen products, there was this…

This was incredibly interesting… it kind of fell apart with the first bite, which makes me think it would be a good yogurt mix-in!  It comes in a “chunky” variety, too, and I’m quite curious to see exactly how that might differ from “crunchy.”

Right now, it’s looking like I’m in the same predicament as last week; I want to liberate a muffin from my freezer, but that guy’s butt is parked on the chair in the basement kitchen.  I wanted to get some soy crisps earlier, but when I went down there and found him in his boxers, I fled.  (Understandable, I think!!)  Instead, I ate this.

Mini Tam Tams with hommus.  Which was good, and all, but I wanted soy crisps, dammit!!

I think I’m going to try again… and hopefully he is gone, or, at the very least, wearing some clothes.  Maybe I’m crazy, but I wouldn’t wander around in my underwear as a guest in someone else’s house!!

Happy Sunday.

“Exaggeration, the inseparable companion of greatness.” 


7 responses to “Why the USPS Sucks: Take 9,518.

  1. Oh yeah, USPS can be super annoying with those lame notices. Gah, I don’t see why they can’t just leave the packages in the office (I’m at a condo so they never deliver to the door anyway) instead of saying “Hey, we were here..in the office, with your package and all, but we’re taking it back to the post office so you can drive there and pick it up at our convenience. Kthanx” Hope they straighten up their act with you soon!

    Thanks for the reviews too, those mini ice cream sanwiches sounds awesome! I could really go for one right now. 🙂

  2. Your post office woes remind me of a line from a friends episode where Monica is on the phone to Joey’s parents about inviting them to the wedding and says, “The US Post-Office? More like the US LOST office!” HAHA, in this case it sounds like it’s true! I think you now have the go ahead to go into the post office with a bat (like a crazy person) and get aaaaaaaaaaaaaangry!! Or you should get the media onto it. They love those kind of stories haha.

    What’s Truvia like?? I think it’s something I need to google.


  3. ugh eff the post office! i just got a new food processor becuz i only had a little one– i recommend upgrading!! totally worth it– love those pancakes!

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