If “oversleep” is a word, then I think “undersleep” should be, too… it’s used to describe what happens to me every. single. day, when I wake up at least an hour before my alarm goes off.  IT. IS. ANNOYING!!!!!

So, I won’t link back to all of the dozens of times when I’ve eaten spiralized zucchini with a sauce using sauteed eggplant… there have been many variations, but I tend to use such products to make “meatballs,” or I just add some beans. But, since I have a bag of TVP just sitting around, I decided to use that this time.

Best idea ever.  See, usually, I have to add some water to the pot so the sauteed eggplant doesn’t stick.  Combine that with the water released by the zucchini, and the mushrooms I usually use, and I am left with a draining job.  Which will most likely result in me burning some part of my body.  The awesome thing about the TVP is that it absorbs all that excess water!

I’m not completely crazy yet, by the way; that pool of liquid is because I added water to the pot to heat it up, rather than dirty a bowl and use the microwave.

While I’m already showing you things that look… interesting, I will show you this, but I’m not going to tell you what it is just yet!


Much to my dismay, I believe we are expecting more snow over the weekend.  For heaven’s sake — look what’s still here because of the last one!

Nice, huh.  I feel so much better when I see my tax dollars at work this way.

Anyway, I am off to see my nutritionist for the first time in … three weeks, I think?  Fun times, people.  Fun times.  And then I get to go to the supermarket and buy bananas… and other random stuff.  Which I may show you, if I get bored enough.  😉

Recycled photo.

Have a fabulous Thursday. 

“Man is the sole animal whose nudity offends his own companions, and the only one who, in his natural actions, withdraws and hides himself from his own kind. “


3 responses to “Undersleeping

  1. oo i love your zucchini dish! i need a spiralizer!

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