A Day of Ouches

Well, first things first… something not painful!

Thank goodness.  That was a very close call!!  At least now I have this to comfort me in my pain.

Ouch #1:

Yeah, I bought it.  I got the natural flavor, because it’s more versatile… and because it was the cheapest.

Yes, I said cheapest.  Alas, the natural flavor also contains soy lecithin, which sort of renders the whole concept of whey powder irrelevant… but whatever.

Ouch #2:

As any sane person with a throbbing mouth would do, I decided it was a great idea to make buffalo tofu.  Because, you know, when you already feel like you’re in shreds, pouring hot sauce on top of that is a good call.  I used a (very tiny) bit of olive oil, a lot of Frank’s, a lot of garlic powder (hand slipped… again), and a bit of water.

Pain factor aside, the tofu was really awesome!  It probably would have been better if I hadn’t forgotten about it while it was in the oven, but, well, I usually forget about things when they’re in the oven.  Which is why it’s nice that I actually like it when things are well-done.

And, apologies for the weird lighting, but I didn’t feel like getting up …

That’s roasted turban squash, but with the skin removed prior to roasting.  It was definitely better this way… from the perspective of the eater.  From the perspective of the cook, not so much!!

About the king / pauper thing … barring another snowstorm, I am going to see my nutritionist this week, so I will try to discuss it with her… but yeah, flipping things around shouldn’t be so complicated.  I don’t know why it’s stressing me out so much.

Just like this stressed me out: I live in a hotel.  This is old news.  There are two people staying in my basement now, and they were sitting in the kitchen down there, on their laptops, all yesterday evening.  I wanted to go liberate a muffin from the freezer so that it was defrosted by this morning, but I feel very awkward rummaging through the freezer while literally standing on top of their heads.  My dad wound up going downstairs and getting one for me.

That, by the way, was the lesser of two evils, because I am kind of obsessive compulsive about things like that… even though I am eventually going to have eaten all of the muffins in the package, for some inexplicable reason it makes a difference which one I eat when.

Why, yes, I’m crazy.  I thought we already knew that.

You know who else is crazy?  The woman who told me today that I had beautiful earrings… the same woman who was talking to the toy she had just bought, telling it to shut up.  Um.  If you want a quiet toy, don’t buy one that talks?

Recycled picture, but these are the aforementioned earrings.

I’m off to go see what’s happening in my kitchen, where I’m pretty sure I’m overcooking something else!  And to actually read a book, which I only seem to do on Shabbos, which needs to change, since I love to read.

Happy Monday!!  (Or… er… as happy as Monday can be.  Sob.)

“Fear is a cloak which old men huddle about their love, as if to keep it warm.” 
~William Wordsworth


8 responses to “A Day of Ouches

  1. I dont buy protein powders. I got a bunch as samples that I ‘ll use, but thats about it. The artificial nonsense they contain scare me a bit and theres always eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese, milk I can add to things if I really need the protein. Call me old fashioned or cheap, but when an icky tasting powder costs more than a tri tip? sorry, I had to get my expensive protein powder spiel out.
    My mom actually grew up in a hotel in Israel. Her mom owned it and my mom would make friends with the guests when she was bored. But I think she was incredibly happy to live in a house on her own once she moved out.
    I feel so incredibly behind on your blog. I’ve been swamped with work and trying to take care of my dad since he’s still not 1oo% after the brian hemorrhage.

  2. why is protein powder so expensive!!!?? its ridonkulous

  3. Ouch indeed! I am finally facing up to my Sun Warrior expenditure and I think the time has come to try and find something else. I take Eden’s point to heart and a ‘sign’ that I need to change…sounds like I’m joining AA or something, doesn’t it?

    And you DO have nice earrings…now if I could only get that Tickle Me Elmo to shut his yap…

  4. I’m with Eden, protein powder was never my thing. I did buy it once eighteen months ago – pea, since I can’t eat dairy and soya often disagrees with me – but it made me sick as a parrot, so I gave up on that idea! I’m obviously biased against it now 😉

    Your buffalo tofu looks really good, post it to me? (Joking of course 😛 Although one of my friends smeared strawberry jam into an envelope and posted it to me once, because she is odd like that!) Also, I talk to inanimate object all the time, so I guess I’m crazy too, but we knew that already. Your earrings ARE very pretty! You have great taste in jewellery 😉

  5. Ahaha…that reminds me…I was roasting some squash yesterday and I totally forgot I had it in there, until my mom asked me if I was cooking something.
    “Oh!…yeah…” was my response. She started claiming it was smoking, and it was, but only because it had a higher water content…alas, it was just about done and I’m glad she said something 😛
    Love the buffalo tofu!! Yummy 🙂

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