Banana Burglar

Wednesday evening is usually my banana-buying time, when I visit the supermarket after seeing my nutritionist.  Since that wouldn’t be happening today, and not having bananas is not an option, I walked over to Whole Foods on my lunch break.  As irritating as it is to dodge all the tourists near my office building, it’s a million times worse when contending with this:

Ah, yes.  Lovely.  So I got to Whole Foods, bought a few things, and as I was heading along on my (not so) merry way back to work, a bus drove by and showered me with dirty mucky slush.  Beautiful!  I suppose that’s better than getting run over by a bus, though.  And I’ve already washed my Chicobag; I’m pretty sure that if I’d been carrying a paper Whole Foods bag, it would have disintegrated.  Which would have been tragic, because then the glass inside would probably have fallen and shattered.

An apple dusted with cinnamon has absolutely nothing to do with any of this.  Because that isn’t cinnamon…

That was one of the glass jars in my bag.  I was so delighted to find this — for some reason, apple pie spice and pumpkin pie spice are insanely overpriced!  Trader Joe’s has pumpkin pie spice, but not apple pie spice, and this wasn’t that expensive, so I bought one.  Me like.

The other glass jar, because I know you’re dying to know, was salsa.  Since I ran out of “regular” salsa last night, and had to supplement with some peach mango salsa in this:

That would be “saucy Mexican chicken” over brown rice.  I would share the recipe, but it’s from a cookbook, and aside from substituting chick’n strips for the chicken, I didn’t really change anything.  But — holy crap, this was hot!  As an aside, those strips will soon no longer be kosher certified.  This annoys me because I find them more convenient than my other options.

Now you understand why I need to grab the opportunity to try something that isn’t always available?  It might disappear if I don’t!  But I didn’t want to put those English muffins in the freezer.  Sometimes, things go into it and never come out!  So I have to use them up.  Hence:

Cinnamon French toast.  With a satsuma on the side.  I really shouldn’t be eating citrus; I absolutely adore it, but the acid in it does not adore me back.  And there was pineapple in that chicken recipe.  I must be a masochist.

By the way?  My street still has not been plowed.

Actually, that isn’t my street, but whatever.  I took this picture when I was wandering around in random circles looking for the post office, or, failing that, a mailbox.  I never found either.  Clearly, I am a genius.

I must be one, since I didn’t think of this sooner:

Chocolate Cheerios, peanut flour, banana slices and almond milk.  About the bananas I bought in Whole Foods?  Yeah, apparently I paid 4¢ for each of them, since I bought two and somehow, the scale decided they weighed a tenth of a pound.  After being splashed by that bus, I was not about to take another fifteen-minute trek to inform the clerk that he made a mistake.  I do feel a little bad about it, but as my co-worker said, it tends to even out since they are prone to price inflation!

Would you have gone back to pay for those bananas??  (Math is absolutely not my strong point, but I think we’re talking about 30¢ here.  I feel crazy for even contemplating this.)

Tomorrow is my last day of work for the year… and the end of it can’t come soon enough!  Have a happy Thursday!

“Maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets.” 
~Arthur Miller


11 responses to “Banana Burglar

  1. I feel the same way about having to try new things when I see them, recipes get changed all the time and it’s fairly common for me to lose one of my favourites because milk has been added to it. Good job I make most of my food from scratch I guess! I wouldn’t have gone back to pay for the bananas over 30 cents, but I have done so for more expensive things when most of my family and friends told me I was nuts for doing so 😛

    I hope you manage to avoid any unwanted contact with buses today!

  2. yesssss, english muffin french toast!! yum 🙂 I’m the same way about freezing stuff, too, though. I’ll think I’m being all stealthy and non-wasteful, when really – I might be even more wasteful because I just forget I have it or would rather make something fresh than take it out of the freezer :\ There have been two instances in the past week where my mom has looked in the freezer and gone “Are you going to eat this ____?!” and when I sort of give a bashful “uhh, yes, of course…maybe.” she decides to help me out and finish it for me 😛 Usually it’s stuff like chilis or soups or burgers, though. I take care of the muffins I freeze 😉
    How many bananas I have dictates when I go shopping, too. I can live with being out of just about anything else – but no bananas? That’s a crisis. (and no, I wouldn’t go back. Honestly, I don’t think they’d charge you, anyway, because everytime I’ve realized I wasn’t charged enough and brought it to a clerk’s attention, they say “oh, oh well.” so you’d be going all the way back there just to tell them they weighed your bananas wrong, probably. Not to mention, I’m sure they still made a profit on your order.)
    This comment was a pretty serious novel, for which I sincerely apologize. Hope I didn’t make you late for anything!

  3. hahhah no! dont worry about the bananas- it wasnt ur fault! i have never seen apple pie spice! that sounds super yummy!

  4. i was just noticing the same thing about spice prices the other day. whats going on with spices, how can they be so much money!!!! i wish i could comprehend how to find my own cinnamon root to mill..seriously..pumpkin spice..I KNOW! haha

  5. haha, about the bananas, i probably would have done the same thing…think about it, but not go back. I wouldnt feel t0o guilty about anything under a dollar…
    Things like this have happened to me, like i accidentaly stole a Sobe water from target. I had gotten super thirsty while shopping but then walked out the door with it in my hand, forgetting to pay for it with the other stuff! I asked my mom what i should do and she sugested telling the cashier next time i go there. i did, and the lady said it was fine, i didnt have to pay anything. lol, so i guess i dont worry about mistakes like that anymore, they just happen to anyone 🙂
    lol, i wrote too much 😉

  6. I’m slightly evil so I would have noticed the mistake and gone, “MUHAHAHAHA!” That kind of thing with the bananas has happened to me before, though. I can’t remember with what but I am a cheap ass and love saving me monies 😀

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