The Pepper Post

I’m guessing it’s back to work again tomorrow… for some inexplicable reason, I suddenly have really crappy cell reception in my room, and so when I got the call re: whether the building will be open tomorrow, it cut off before I actually heard the message!  Oh, well.  Anyway, I’m not going to get much sleeping done tonight, because I sensed a migraine coming on earlier and so I took two Excedrin Migraine.  Pro: I never actually got the headache, because I caught it early enough thanks to the aura.  Con: the caffeine in those pills doesn’t let me sleep!!

What better time, then, to tackle the promised pepper post?  (Sometimes I outdo myself with the alliteration, seriously.)

I mentioned this stir fry in my last post…

…and the salad which is finally going to accompany me to work tomorrow.

romaine, snow peas, roasted tofu, baby peppers

But then I had to get a little more creative, because, well, these peppers were looking a wee bit pathetic to be eating raw.  So I found a recipe online that involved both peppers and mushrooms, and made this:

There’s tarragon in there, too.  I didn’t think I liked tarragon, but it’s actually really good!  Oh, and peanut oil.  Ulp.

After that, I had just a few peppers left, so I used them this morning to make an omelet.

I just have to show you this entire plate, because it looks like a face, and I am so easily amused that I find it rather hysterical.

Those eyes are a whole wheat English muffin with sugar-free blackberry preserves.

Remember when I first found whole wheat English muffins I can eat?  Yeah, these are way better.  I can’t always have them, though…

They need to have that sticker on the package.  I pounced on this when I saw it, even though I don’t particularly need English muffins; I have two in my freezer!!  Oh, well.

My mom and I went to a jeweler today to see if we could find a birthday present for my sister.  The magpie in me was delighted: shiny things!  As it turns out, I can be prone to having expensive taste in jewelry.  Sucks, because we couldn’t get what I really wanted to get.  (Yeah, I know it’s not for me — but I know my sister’s taste in such things, and my mom doesn’t, which is why I had to go along.)

And on the way home, I snapped this photo.

That’s the alley behind my house; in other words, there is no way my car is coming out of the garage anytime soon.  This is doubly tragic.  First, because I need Snapple.  Second, because I was supposed to go to see my nutritionist tomorrow, but I guess that won’t be happening.  Just like I missed my acupuncture and swimming today.  At least the gym was open…

And would someone please explain what the hell is going on here?!

I would love to know how that happened.

Before this storm hit (or, while it was in its infancy), I made black bean brownies, using a recipe I found online.

To be honest, when I first tasted this, I did not like it at all.  It was too odd… I could detect both the cocoa and the black beans, and black beans with chocolate chips?!  Well, that was just too weird for me.  I stuck the pan in the fridge with the intention of giving it to my brother (I made it sugar-free for that purpose), but I didn’t feel like trekking over to his apartment in this weather, so I grudgingly gave it another shot.

That’s a small piece, toasted and “crumbled” over vanilla yogurt.  It’s kind of hard to really crumble this, since it’s not exactly very “cakey” … but it’s not “fudgy,” either.  It’s very strange.  But in a weird way, I kind of like it.  So long as I’m not expecting it to taste like a brownie.  (Which, by the way, I had never had in my life prior to going IP, and I haven’t had one since.)

There was a turban squash sitting on my counter that was starting to turn… aren’t these things supposed to last for months?!  Anyway, I’m always up for trying a new-to-me winter squash.

Nickel for size comparison purposes.  As is always the case, I don’t think the skin of this is supposed to be eaten, but it was a pain in the ass to peel it and so I didn’t bother.

Delicious.  But the skin is definitely not supposed to be eaten.  😉

This is neither here nor there, but I found this photo from a few days back… it’s for Kelsey!

white chocolate chip muffin

And now it is high time I shut up, so I will.  Even though verbal vomit would be nice.  Did I mention that my therapist is stuck in Florida?  Ha.

Happy Hump Day!

“The biggest liar in the world is They Say.” 
~Douglas Malloch


7 responses to “The Pepper Post

  1. haha, that is sad that your therapist is stuck in Florida! oh, i just saw a nutritionist for the first time today! it was…rather interesting, i hope she has some good ideas for me! 😉 I live in eastern Washington and we havent even seen that much snow! Except one day, it dumped all day then warmed up that same night and the snow all melted by the next day…the weather is doing odd things…happy wednesday!;)

  2. Stuck in Florida…I can think of worse places to be. In fact, I think I would pay good money to get stuck in Florida 😉

    Goodness, you really have been hit hard with the snow. We’ve had it for a more prolonged period and it’s been bad, but not as severe as it looks in NYC from your pics. The Mayor was on UK TV saying it was going to melt though…hopefully it’s not a standard politican’s empty promise.

    Hurrah for the gym being open though 🙂

    I’ve always wanted to try a turban squash but never seen one. Not sure what they taste like, but they’d be worth it just for novelty value.


  3. I’ve never seen a turban squash either! I want to try one now. I don’t really feel the same way about black bean brownies though, I think I’ll stick to the regular type and leave my beans in stews 😉 I hope your snow melts soon, it’s so pretty to look at but I know very well how frustrating it can be!

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