Mexico Photos II

As always, I’ve put up two photo posts as a vacation re-cap.  The previous one is password protected because I’m actually in those photos, and it’s old news that I’m a paranoid freak.  If you want to see those, e-mail me for the password.
I’ve tried not to post a crapload of pictures, and if you consider that I took close to 800 in total, I think we can say that I’ve succeeded.  😉  I’m also not going to insert commentary, because, well, it depresses me to think about where I was a week ago when there is snow rapidly accumulating outside my window!!
Also — my Google Reader is a bit overloaded.  I’m trying to catch up with everyone, promise!!

hotel lobby

bed (way too big imho)

jacuzzi (which i didn't use... breeding ground for bacteria, thanks but no thanks)

view from balcony

night stroll





random flower

apparently, this is a coati

i got a massage!

flea market

sea lions

dolphin... ❤


stingray (being followed by a fish)

seven stingrays (swimming away from me)


random coral

see the spiderweb?!

sad to go from THIS... THIS.


6 responses to “Mexico Photos II

  1. Wow, that looks absolutely breathtaking! I would have left kicking and screaming if that were me 😛

    p.s. I would love to see your other recap if that’s okay????


  2. Aww wow it looks amazing! And the dolphin! Eee my favourite animal 🙂

    I would really like to see the rest of your photos.

    Hope you’re good xxx

  3. this was so NOT the day to look at this photos being that there is 3-4 feet of snow in front of my damn window. It did look like a blast though. I need a vacation, i havent gone diving since last April 😦

    Dana xox

  4. I’d love to see your photos! The ones here are amazing!

  5. wow, awesome photos!!!! 😀 I love Mexico! where in Mexico did you go? when we went we went to Porta Villarta…or something like that, lol, i forget…could you email me the password for your other photo post? email is if you dont want to thats ok! 🙂
    thanks for sharing, glad you got to go on such a cool trip!

  6. I feel more relaxed just looking at those photos! So glad you got to do this for yourself.

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