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Happy New Year


Felled By Citrus

Looks like I’m not the only one to stress over something like mistakenly being undercharged for something — guess I’m not quite as crazy as I thought!¬† ūüėČ

pretty, pretty white snow, huh?

Because of this lovely snow, I don’t want to wear my Ugg boots; I spent too much money to ruin them!¬† So I wore wellies instead, but I was wearing socks that were way too thin, and my feet were freezing, and the back of my heels were being rubbed raw.¬† Enter this essential purchase:

slipper socks!

I do love me some anti-skid socks.¬† ūüėȬ† Of course, stuffing my feet into my boots with two pairs of socks on presented a challenge when it came to boot removal, but hey, you can’t have everything.

All I can say right now is this: what a day.¬† Mr. J is for the books.¬† He e-mailed me a project, which I can’t actually do, since I’ve never learned how to create something like that from scratch.¬† But, fine, I’ll give it a shot.¬† I went about as far as I could go with it, then I showed it to a co-worker.

See, Mr. J doesn’t really know what to do either.¬† So he told me to have this co-worker check it, and then to show it to him [Mr. J].¬† To make a long story short, this co-worker helped me fix it up, and according to him, now it looks fine.¬† Along comes Mr. J, printout in hand,¬†wanting to know, “What’s this?¬† Why is that there?”¬† Uhhh… because [my co-worker] told me to put it there?!¬† “Oh, okay, if he said it should be that way…”

Tried this today:

Also definitely not worth three bucks.¬† But I wonder how I can make those “soy crisps” so that I can replicate this sort of bar… anyone!?

So, yeah, about that citrus thing.¬† Like I said, I really can’t eat too much of it.¬† Between repeating yesterday’s breakfast…

recycled photo, because it looked exactly the same

…after which I was in agony, you’d think I would know better than to include pineapple with dinner.

pineapple, sweet potato, red onion

But, you see, I found a package of pineapple tidbits in my basement the other day.¬† And it expired in November.¬† So I’ve been trying to use it up quickly, but the remaining two cups will just have to wait.

And since I’m¬†in the citrus spirit, this fit right in.

Orange and cream yogurt (pretty much the only flavored yogurt I now like) and a toasted, crumbled orange cranberry mini muffin.¬† (See what I mean when I say that after going into my freezer, things tend to overstay their welcome?!¬† It’s like a bottomless pit in there.)

And since I seem to be somewhat of a Muffin Monster of late:

It’s a banana protein muffin!¬† (Plain protein powder, mashed banana, egg white, Truvia, baking powder, cinnamon, and banana extract.)

Before I segue into some severe verbal vomit, I must show you what I found today.

That would be the post office I was seeking yesterday.

Okay, so, here is my dilemma.¬† I’m sure you are familiar with the adage “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen, and dinner like a pauper.”¬† I feel like with me, that is totally reversed.¬† I probably consume at least two-thirds of my daily calories after I get home from work.¬† Which doesn’t sound so terrible, until you consider that I am awake for about five hours then, as opposed to the twelve hours prior.¬† And I find that it’s physically¬†uncomfortable for me to eat right before bed, so it’s really less than five hours.

This is a problem for several reasons.¬† I won’t go into them too much, because that would take forever, but I feel like it’s partly coming from a disordered perspective (the “saving my calories” thing, and not wanting to eat in public places).¬† And as much as I find it uncomfortable to go to sleep on a full stomach, it’s equally uncomfortable to eat a lot in one sitting!¬† This has been bugging me for a while, though, so I really need to resolve the issue.¬† And that ramble probably made no sense, but I’ll just call it a “stream of consciousness” and leave it at that.

Random question: is there someone you know whom everyone seems to absolutely adore, but you absolutely can’t stand?¬† I know of a few people who just strike me as so… fake, I guess, but because everyone else seems to think they’re the greatest thing since sliced bread, I feel I’m kind of insane for having a different opinion, like I’m the problem.

So, to recap, three questions:

  1. How do I create “soy crisps”?
  2. How to solve this “king / pauper” thing with minimal hassle?
  3. Do you not love someone everyone else seems to adore?

As for the New Year… well, I guess my vacation is tomorrow.¬† So this is what I did today before I left work:

Goodbye, 2010.

Happy Friday.

“New Year’s Day:¬† Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions.¬† Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual.”¬†
~Mark Twain

Banana Burglar

Wednesday evening¬†is¬†usually my banana-buying time, when I visit the supermarket after seeing my nutritionist.¬† Since that wouldn’t be happening today, and not having bananas is not an option, I walked over to Whole Foods on my lunch break.¬† As irritating as it is to dodge all the tourists near my office building, it’s a million times worse when contending with this:

Ah, yes.¬† Lovely.¬† So I got to Whole Foods, bought a few things, and as I was heading along on my (not so) merry way back to work, a bus drove by and showered me with dirty mucky slush.¬† Beautiful!¬† I suppose that’s better than getting run over by a bus, though.¬† And I’ve already washed my Chicobag; I’m pretty sure that if I’d been carrying a paper Whole Foods bag, it would have disintegrated.¬† Which would have been tragic, because then the glass inside would probably have fallen and shattered.

An apple dusted with cinnamon has absolutely nothing to do with any of this.¬† Because that isn’t cinnamon…

That was one of the glass jars in my bag.¬† I was so delighted to find this — for some reason, apple pie spice and pumpkin pie spice are insanely overpriced!¬† Trader Joe’s has pumpkin pie spice, but not apple pie spice, and this wasn’t that expensive, so I bought one.¬† Me like.

The other glass jar, because I know you’re dying to know, was salsa.¬† Since I ran out of “regular” salsa last night, and had to supplement with some peach mango salsa in this:

That would be “saucy Mexican chicken” over brown rice.¬† I would share the recipe, but it’s from a cookbook, and aside from substituting chick’n strips¬†for the chicken, I didn’t really change anything.¬† But — holy crap, this was hot!¬† As an aside, those strips will soon no longer be kosher certified.¬† This annoys me because I find them more convenient than my other options.

Now you understand why I need to grab the opportunity to try something that isn’t always available?¬† It might disappear if I don’t!¬† But I didn’t want to put those English muffins in the freezer.¬† Sometimes, things go into it and never come out!¬† So I have to use them up.¬† Hence:

Cinnamon French toast.¬† With a satsuma on the side.¬† I really shouldn’t be eating citrus; I absolutely adore it, but the acid in it does not adore me back.¬† And there was pineapple in that chicken recipe.¬† I must be a masochist.

By the way?  My street still has not been plowed.

Actually, that isn’t my street, but whatever.¬† I took this picture when I was wandering around in random circles looking for the post office, or, failing that, a mailbox.¬† I never found either.¬† Clearly, I am a genius.

I must be one, since I didn’t think of this sooner:

Chocolate Cheerios, peanut flour, banana slices and almond milk.¬† About the bananas I bought in Whole Foods?¬† Yeah, apparently I paid 4¬Ę for each of them, since I bought two and somehow, the scale decided they weighed a tenth of a pound.¬† After being splashed by that bus, I was not about to take another fifteen-minute trek to inform the clerk that he made a mistake.¬† I do feel a little bad about it, but as my co-worker said, it tends to even out since they are prone to price inflation!

Would you have gone back to pay for those bananas??¬† (Math is absolutely not my strong point, but I think we’re talking about 30¬Ę here.¬† I feel crazy for even contemplating this.)

Tomorrow is my last day of work for the year… and the end of it can’t come soon enough!¬† Have a happy Thursday!

“Maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets.”¬†
~Arthur Miller

The Pepper Post

I’m guessing it’s back to work again tomorrow… for some inexplicable reason, I suddenly have really crappy cell reception in my room, and so when I got the call re: whether the building will be open tomorrow, it cut off before I actually heard the message!¬† Oh, well.¬† Anyway, I’m not going to get much sleeping done tonight, because I sensed a migraine coming on earlier and so I took two Excedrin Migraine.¬† Pro: I never actually got the headache, because I caught it early enough thanks to the aura.¬† Con: the caffeine in those pills doesn’t let me sleep!!

What better time, then, to tackle the promised pepper post?  (Sometimes I outdo myself with the alliteration, seriously.)

I mentioned this stir fry in my last post…

…and the salad which is finally going to accompany me to work tomorrow.

romaine, snow peas, roasted tofu, baby peppers

But then I had to get a little more creative, because, well, these peppers were looking a wee bit pathetic to be eating raw.  So I found a recipe online that involved both peppers and mushrooms, and made this:

There’s tarragon in there, too.¬† I didn’t think I liked tarragon, but it’s actually really good!¬† Oh, and peanut oil.¬† Ulp.

After that, I had just a few peppers left, so I used them this morning to make an omelet.

I just have to show you this entire plate, because it looks like a face, and I am so easily amused that I find it rather hysterical.

Those eyes are a whole wheat English muffin with sugar-free blackberry preserves.

Remember when I first found whole wheat English muffins I can eat?¬† Yeah, these are way better.¬† I can’t always have them, though…

They need to have that sticker on the package.¬† I pounced on this when I saw it, even though I don’t particularly need English muffins; I have two in my freezer!!¬† Oh, well.

My mom and I went to a jeweler today to see if we could find a birthday present for my sister.¬† The magpie in me was delighted: shiny things!¬† As it turns out, I can be prone to having expensive taste in jewelry.¬† Sucks, because we couldn’t get what I really wanted to get.¬† (Yeah, I know it’s not for me — but I know my sister’s taste in such things, and my mom doesn’t, which is why I had to go along.)

And on the way home, I snapped this photo.

That’s the alley behind my house; in other words, there is no way my car is coming out of the garage anytime soon.¬† This is doubly tragic.¬† First, because I need Snapple.¬† Second, because I was supposed to go to see my nutritionist tomorrow, but I guess that won’t be happening.¬† Just like I missed my acupuncture and swimming today.¬† At least the gym was open…

And would someone please explain what the hell is going on here?!

I would love to know how that happened.

Before this storm hit (or, while it was in its infancy), I made black bean brownies, using a recipe I found online.

To be honest, when I first tasted this, I did not like it at all.¬† It was too odd… I could¬†detect both the cocoa and the black beans, and black beans with chocolate chips?!¬† Well, that was just too¬†weird for me.¬† I stuck¬†the pan¬†in the fridge with the intention of giving it to my brother (I made it sugar-free for that purpose), but I didn’t feel like trekking over to his apartment in this weather, so I grudgingly gave it another shot.

That’s a small piece, toasted and “crumbled” over vanilla yogurt.¬† It’s kind of hard to really crumble this, since it’s not exactly very “cakey” … but it’s not “fudgy,” either.¬† It’s very strange.¬† But in a weird way, I kind of like it.¬† So long as I’m not expecting it to taste like a brownie.¬† (Which, by the way, I had never had in my life prior to going IP, and I haven’t had one since.)

There was a turban squash sitting on my counter that was starting to turn… aren’t these things supposed to last for months?!¬† Anyway, I’m always up for trying a new-to-me winter squash.

Nickel for size comparison¬†purposes.¬† As is always the case, I don’t think the skin of this is supposed to be eaten, but it was a pain in the ass to peel it and so I didn’t bother.

Delicious.¬† But the skin is definitely not supposed to be eaten.¬† ūüėČ

This is neither here nor there, but I found this photo from a few days back… it’s for Kelsey!

white chocolate chip muffin

And now it is high time I shut up, so I will.  Even though verbal vomit would be nice.  Did I mention that my therapist is stuck in Florida?  Ha.

Happy Hump Day!

“The biggest liar in the world is They Say.”¬†
~Douglas Malloch

Snowed In

…Quite literally!

Okay, that’s not my house, that’s my neighbor’s front door… he was stuck inside because the screen door opens out toward the street.¬† I wasn’t actually snowed in per se, because after waking up at 4.45 AM (on a day when I didn’t have work — not cool), lying around + giving up on more sleep + ellipticizing, I did this at 6.30:

My back is sore.¬† I don’t actually mind shoveling all that much, but A) we need a new shovel, and B) when a gust of wind comes along and blows all the fine powdery snow off the shovel and back into your face?¬† Yeah, that isn’t much fun either.¬† So I thought a well-earned breakfast was appropriate after all that.

Cottage cheese, pumpkin, egg white, whole wheat pastry flour, baking powder, pumpkin pie spice.¬† The thing about cottage cheese pancakes is this: when you think they’re done, leave them on the flame a little longer.¬† And when you really think they’re done?¬† Leave them even longer than that.¬† And then you end up with lovely pancakes.¬† (Which I topped with creamy almond butter mixed with sugar-free syrup.)

I love my camera.¬† Mother Nature evidently didn’t get my¬† memo that we were supposed to have a snow-free winter, but I was happy that I got to take some pictures of the white stuff before it turns into grey sludge.

I was a little less happy when I went to the store for my mom, stepped in a snowbank that sent a bunch of snow down the top of my boot, took my boot off to shake out the snow, and replaced it to find that there was a big clump of snow in the front of my toe.  Brrrr!!  My mom and I were going to go to buy a birthday present for my sister, but after our very similar experiences, we decided maybe we ought to just stay home.

So, in effect, I’ve pretty much been sitting on my butt for the past week and a half.¬† I’m feeling very lazy and “blobby,” but whatever.¬† I don’t have work tomorrow, either, because the snowplows just never really made it around!¬† I’m fairly certain that means my gym won’t be open either, so my streak of laziness continues.¬† Not.¬† Pleased.

So, rather than focusing on that, I’m going to count my blessings that I went on vacation last week instead of this week, because if I’d booked a ticket for yesterday, A) I wouldn’t have gone anywhere, but if I had, B) I would have missed out on my days off work.

And about the vacationing thing — I have more problems than usual when meeting a luggage weight limit, because I have to take food with me, as most of the places I go diving tend not to be very kosher-friendly!¬† Some people have asked me how I manage that, so here’s a quick little response to that, in no particular order.¬† (Note: I am obviously not picturing everything.)

To-go cups of cereal, individual serving cartons of almond milk.¬† I don’t actually love this brand of almond milk, but the store didn’t have the soy milk cartons I wanted.

Because I don’t always know what the situation will be in terms of being able to get my hands on some fruit, I try to take something like that along with me.¬† I was quite pathetically excited to try this out:

It tastes like applesauce.¬† And cinnamon.¬† But it’s so much fun to suck it out of a pouch!¬† Yes, I’m five years old.

As it turned out, there was a fruit platter in the lobby every day, so I snagged a banana.

I’m really glad I didn’t slice it up and put it in the cereal.¬† I took one bite and threw it in the trash — it was the nastiest banana I have ever tasted!!¬† Mealy and bitter and just… yuck.

Some sort of bread product (I’m in love with these mini whole wheat pitas of late), along with nut butter packets.¬† (The first time I went on a solo vacation, I took an entire jar.¬† Then again, I didn’t have all my own scuba gear back then.)

I used to take either canned beans (Eden Organic, usually) or self-heating meals like this, and a couple of times, when I knew I’d have a microwave, I took this, but that can get complicated since the microwave itself isn’t kosher.¬† All of these problems were solved when I stumbled across these quinoa bowls in my local health food store.¬† Add some canned vegetables and beans to it, along with some seasoning, and you have something that resembles something I’d actually eat in “real life.”

Because of that, I wasn’t so sick of “travel food” by the time I got home.¬† Still, I always appreciate having a kitchen in which to work again!¬† Especially when it is so. damn. cold…

Whole wheat hot cereal with freeze-dried strawberries.  This was better in theory than in execution: the strawberries took on this weird, rubbery-ish chewy texture.  The next venture was much more successful!

Whole wheat hot cereal, pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice, sunflower seed butter.¬† I actually don’t really like putting nut butters in hot cereal, because I feel like it gets lost in there, but that didn’t happen with this.¬† (Must be because it’s in a sunflower bowl.¬† Ha.¬† Ha.¬† Ha.)

One thing that I really missed was my tofu.¬† I still can’t believe I used to be scared of tofu!¬† (Not in a disordered way; in an “I have no idea how to deal with this thing” way.)¬† So this was in order:

Stir fry with snow peas, baby bellas, baby peppers, tofu, and shirataki noodles.¬† I actually don’t like to use tofu in stir fries because then it tends to fall apart, but this wasn’t too bad.¬† I needed to use oil, remember, and this was the easiest way. I actually used peanut oil, and I am happy to report that it did not taste like a Chanukah menorah.

Okay, full disclosure, I actually needed to use those peppers.¬† I bought a huge bag of them not long before I left, and my brother was all excited about them and said that he’d finish them, so I didn’t worry about finishing the bag myself before I left.¬† I came home to discover that he hadn’t actually eaten them, and let’s just say they’ve seen better days!¬† Hence, I’ve been eating peppers like mad lately.¬† (Um, they’re also in the salad I packed to take to work today, and will probably remain so until Wednesday.)¬† However, I believe I can leave all the pepper-popping for another post, because this one is already far too long!

In the meantime… happy Tuesday!¬† (I’m pretty sure there will be no pool happening for me tomorrow, either.¬† Sob!)

Did you have a snow day today?

“A man’s health can be judged by which he takes two at a time – pills or stairs.”¬† ~Joan Welsh

Mexico Photos II

As always, I’ve put up two photo posts as a vacation re-cap.¬† The previous one is password protected because I’m actually in those photos, and it’s old news that I’m a paranoid freak.¬† If you want to see those, e-mail me for the password.
I’ve tried not to post a crapload of pictures, and if you consider that I took close to 800 in total, I think we can say that I’ve succeeded.¬† ūüėȬ† I’m also not going to insert commentary, because, well, it depresses me to think about where I was a week ago when there is snow rapidly accumulating outside my window!!
Also — my Google Reader is a bit overloaded.¬† I’m trying to catch up with everyone, promise!!

hotel lobby

bed (way too big imho)

jacuzzi (which i didn't use... breeding ground for bacteria, thanks but no thanks)

view from balcony

night stroll





random flower

apparently, this is a coati

i got a massage!

flea market

sea lions

dolphin... ‚̧


stingray (being followed by a fish)

seven stingrays (swimming away from me)


random coral

see the spiderweb?!

sad to go from THIS... THIS.

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