Not allergies in the literal sense of the word… more like, when I pick up a carpet runner, I am bound to get injured.  (Don’t ask.)  And when I said that I am “allergic to carpet runners,” Mr. J offered to put it behind the supply closet in my office.  I fail to see how that would be helpful if it was a true allergen, but okay.

Anyway, I’m “allergic” to Saturday nights / Sunday nights in the same way.  I’m not sure what it is about them, but they tend to make me feel very sad.  I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with the weekend being over, really… ugh.

Katy tagged me to answer these questions!  So I actually have a reason to post, other than cleaning up my media library.  😉

1. How did you come up with the name of your blog?  I have no idea, really.  It used to be Cacti Don’t Cry (don’t even ask me what that means) back when I was using Blogspot, and when I switched to WordPress, I just wanted a change.  It’s not full of a deeply significant meaning, or anything.
2. What was the last thing that you ate? This sorbet.
3. What’s your favourite colour?  Depends for what!… sometimes red, sometimes blue, sometimes black.  Hey, I’m indecisive!  😉
4. What’s your favourite spice/herb?  Cinnamon, in the “sweet” category; garlic in the “savory.”  I also am partial to chili powder and paprika.
5. Dark or Milk Chocolate? Definitely dark!
6. Where abouts in the world have you travelled? If you haven’t travelled, where would you like to go?  Hmm… let’s see if I can remember all of this.  I’ve been to Israel, London, Russia, Uzbekistan, the Ukraine, some really random states, and a bunch of Caribbean islands.  And Bermuda, which isn’t technically a Caribbean island.  I’m on a mission to dive off every island… and I would love love love to dive the Great Barrier Reef.  And Eilat, because I’ve never actually gone diving in Israel.  Shameful, I know.
7. How many languages can you speak? Name them.  Three, I guess; English, Yiddish, and Hebrew.  And I used to be able to speak French, since I had to take three years of it in high school, and I got awesome grades… but I hated it, and I never wanted to be taking it, so I’ve erased it all from my memory.  Which was, admittedly, a stupid thing to do.
8. Cardio or strength training? Why?  Depends… if it’s in the gym, definitely strength training.  I find cardio to be tedious and boring if I’m not actually getting anywhere.

And for some catching up… the frozen desserts of the week:

Coconut milk mini fudge bars; cherry amaretto ice cream.

The fudge bars were not very popular. My brother said they taste like Pesach macaroons, which would make sense — chocolate and coconut, after all.  But too much coconut, not enough chocolate.  If you like coconut, you’ll like these.

I was excited to find this cherry amaretto flavor; I’ve never seen it before!  I was expecting something similar to the cherry nirvana flavor, but this didn’t have any chocolate in it, so it tasted a little … flat.  (My brother also apparently has a theory that the only “pieces” which belong in ice cream are chocolate, so he griped about the cherries.  I thought that was the best part!)

And on the topic of cherries, I present a “cherry pie parfait” which I had so long ago, I’m not sure I even remember what was in it.

Layers of vanilla yogurt, cherry pie filling, and graham crackers.  I was just so excited to have bought a new parfait-appropriate glass, I had to make one.  😉

Moving on from cherries to pumpkin!  The failed cranberry experiment left me with a nearly-full bag of cranberries.  So I decided on a very season-appropriate bowl of overnight (in my case, “overday”) oats.  While I gave my brother a haircut (apparently I moonlight as a hairstylist), I had a pot of cranberries bubbling on the stove.  Once most of them had popped and formed a goo, I turned off the heat and stirred in some Truvia, then plopped it on top of the oats.

The oats were made in my usual way, except that I replaced the banana with pumpkin and the cinnamon with pumpkin pie spice.

On their own, the cranberries were still too tart, even with the Truvia; but mixed in with the pumpkin oats, they were perfect.

Of course, once a can of pumpkin is opened, it’s easier to use it than to freeze it.  Especially when I already have some in the freezer.  Enter: pumpkin carob chip oat bran.

Oat bran cooked in almond milk, with Truvia, pumpkin pie spice, and pumpkin; topped with carob chips, which melted into the hot oat bran in the most appealing way.  😉

I usually cook my oats in water, but I used almond milk this time, because I was trying to finish up the almond milk so that I could open a carton of coconut milk.  I still had a little bit of almond milk left after cooking the oat bran, so I tried to make chia pudding, except that it didn’t really work.  What did I do wrong?!

Why did I need coconut milk?  Well, I wanted to make curry.

I used chickpeas this time, and I soaked them overnight instead of boiling them.  I think that works better… except that I’m a very. impatient. individual!  And I may disguise some of the remaining coconut milk by making sufganiyot with them. Because I really hate coconut.

That is enough catching up for now, I believe.  But because I keep going on and on about it, here’s the old office vs. the new:

old (we'd already started moving, the walls weren't always so bare)


I chose this picture because you can tell that I actually have a door!  But it usually looks more like this:

I am a spoiled brat, and I need daylight bulbs or I want to shoot myself.  We couldn’t find the right size bulbs for the ceiling fixtures, so we ordered them online, and I’m just using the lamp in the meantime.

All this aside, I still don’t want to go back to work.  Or school, because — ahhh!!! — I have this presentation tomorrow!!  And I have a feeling it isn’t going to go well.  Eep.  Oh, and even though I’m looking forward to the long weekend, I’m simultaneously dreading it because my niece is getting married next week, which means his whole family is invading my house, starting Friday.  Did I mention that there are going to be nine additional people here?!  I’d like to leave.


  • Do you have any “allergies” like mine to weekend nights?!  I’m also allergic to cold weather.  My joints feel like they are about three hundred years old!
  • How on earth does one make chia pudding?!
  • Are you particular about the type of light bulbs you use?  I can’t stand most incandescent bulbs, but some of my co-workers think I’m nuts because they hate the daylight bulbs!

Have a lovely Monday.

“There is no safety in numbers, or in anything else.”
~James Thurber


4 responses to “Allergies

  1. I’m allergic to cold weather too. I feel dreadful right now, with my non-heater room and just cuddling up my little teeny weeny external heat machine.

  2. You overday oats with the cranberries look so yummy! I always want to make some but I prefer hot oats. I guess we’ll see what it’s like eating hot oatmeal in the middle of summer.

    Oh, I’m most definitely “allergic” to housework and cutting my brother’s hair. I only do either task if I’m being paid haha.

    I prefer really dim light bulbs because for some reason or other, I MUST stare at my light bulbs and it kinda hurts to stare at bright lights. I once tried to look at the sun. That didn’t last long.


  3. “I am a spoiled brat, and I need daylight bulbs or I want to shoot myself.”

    haha we think alike in many ways ❤

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