Chocolate Oats x2, Skin Care Revision

My mom is really, really getting on my nerves.  That is all.

Well, about that, anyway.

Let’s see… it was a weekend, so we tried another frozen dessert.

This time, it was the chocolate sandwiches.

Personally, I think it’s annoying that it comes in a package of six, but that’s just because we’re four people, so I prefer packages of four or eight.  In terms of taste, well, it tastes like a chocolate ice cream sandwich, and I’m pretty sure almost everyone knows how that tastes.  Unfortunately, mine had apparently half-melted in transit, so I had some of the cookie crust sans ice cream!

vanilla whey protein powder, cottage cheese, wheat bran, egg white, Truvia, cinnamon, blueberry syrup

There was actually some baking powder in those pancakes, too.  They were beautifully puffed up on the griddle… and a few seconds after I removed them, they de-puffed.  If I were scientifically inclined, I’d try to figure out why this happens, but I’m not, so I won’t bother.

There were a lot of things I needed to get done today, but pretty much the only thing that I did achieve was to sort of arrange to have my elliptical delivered. I’m going with this one, because it takes up less space.  But since I don’t fancy bashing my head through the ceiling every time I use it, I can’t put it in the basement; it will have to go in my room.  Which means that this stupid treadmill can finally get out of here!  (Don’t even ask how it wound up here.  I will say, however, that it made for a lovely shelf for my library books.  Now I’m actually going to have to buy a bookshelf!)

Ah, yes, the double chocolate oats.  This is Chocolate Oats #1:

I think it was both Katie and Ilana who suggested I use my 100% chocolate in oats.  This is just steel-cut banana oats with Truvia — two packets, I think; three if you count the one that accidentally fell into the pot, wrapper and all, since I don’t know how much / if any escaped before I rescued it.  I stirred in a square of chocolate once the oats were cooked, but I evidently didn’t stir well enough, since a couple of bites had bitter chunks.  Otherwise, I loved it.  Good to know I can do something with this chocolate!

And for Chocolate Oats #2, it was also Ilana who suggested I use chocolate pudding to make overnight oats.

These were more like “one hour oats,” but never mind.

Speaking of overnight oats, I deviated a bit from my original formula and made PBJ overnight oats, if you consider 6.00 AM to 3.00 PM “overnight.”

ABJ, actually; Blue Diamond almond butter and sugar-free blackberry preserves.

I loved it because I’m really on an overnight oats kick lately (this makes the best overnight oats, ever!), but the almond butter kind of got lost in there.

I’ve been curious about this for a while, but it’s kind of ridiculously overpriced… last week I was in a supermarket with my mom, and it was somewhat cheaper there, so I bought it.

It looks a lot bigger on the package than in real life:

And they look more like Pringles than leaves.  They just taste like chocolate with rice crispies, really.  (Duh.  That’s what they are.)  And the “dark” just means it isn’t “milk chocolate”; it’s rather sweet.  At least my brother likes it!

Moving Day is tomorrow.

I am so not looking forward to this.  Anxiety Central, anyone??  (Mr. J: I have good news and bad news.  The lease at [the new location] runs out in 2016!  Uh.  Okay?)

And something else that I purchased impulsively?…  These.

Ah, yeah.  I’m weird about such things; they always strike me as a “waste,” but I think that’s just a disordered way of looking at it, so now I truly suck.  😉

My grandmother’s yahrzeit is tonight, so it’s Family Time!  Do you think my mom may have gone a bit overboard with the food?!

About 90% of this will be untouched, and then my mom will complain, “This is why I’m fat.”  Yeah, well — I told her not to buy so much!!  (This, by the way, is where I get my overbuying tendencies from.  Just saying.)

And one last thing: I need to make an amendment to my skin care post. I had an appointment with my “second” dermatologist last week, just because I wanted a refill of the prescription for that moisturizer. I was pretty horrified to learn that the “moisturizer” is meant to be used for a few days, not indefinitely, because it contains cortisone. Which thins the skin. So, if my face falls off, that’s why.  (Nice of Dermatologist #1 to notify me of this, by the way.)

She gave me a sample of CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion, and after trying it for a few days (to ensure that it actually works for me), I went out and bought a full-size bottle.  Very cost-effective plan, actually; the prescription was about $15 for a two-ounce bottle, and this is the same price, but for twelve ounces… which will last me forever.  I bought the hydrating cleanser too, so maybe I can save my face before it falls off.  (Though I’m not so sure that would be an entirely terrible thing!)

Questions: Moving — yay or nay?  (I say nay!!  At least in this case…)  And do you go way overboard on food purchases for “events”??

Happy Monday.

“If you don’t control your mind, someone else will.” 
~John Allston


6 responses to “Chocolate Oats x2, Skin Care Revision

  1. No, but my mom does all the time. She’s a big spender, and I’m cheap to a fault. I always like to buy the least amount that I can get away with. I know, horrible!

  2. I love this post for 2 reasons: it contains chocolate and it contains oats. YUUUM!
    Moving? Nay! Too much effort. My Dad goes CRAzY overboard when it comes to holding shindigs at our house. He expects everyone to come starving when we aren’t even holding a dinner! It’s just a party. Ah well, we just give the leftovers away but still-it’s a waste of money. In some cases it’s better to have too much than too little but in these cases not so much. All the food tends to end up in the carpet anyway lol.


  3. Maybe I come from a family of big eaters, but that spread does not look like tons of food…lol
    Moving, I guees I would “yay” it if people did it for me. I’m a lazy bum. I wonder how I ever had exercise issue. I avoid changing the channel if the remote is on the other side of the room! But a change of location can be refreshing, although I’d like to have the fund to have some hired help (ie, people just do all the work for me!).

  4. Moving – nay for effort involved, yay for escaping evil housemates of doom 😀 and I shall be doing so later this week!

    My parents don’t tend to go overboard on food as much as alcohol when it comes to parties! I swear it’s all backwards, I’m 26, society says I should be a binge drinker. Instead I’m virtually teetotal and my parents regularly make like alcoholics 😛

    Anyway, I’m glad you liked the chocolate oats 🙂 yum!

  5. omg those oats look amazing!!!!

  6. shutttuuupppppppp i love the chocolate oat creations…havent had chocolate oats in far too long!

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