Wow.  “Bored” doesn’t even begin to cover it.  First, Mr. J rushes us all into packing everything up (while his own desk still looks like it’s been hit by a tornado).  Then we have no work to do because everything is all boxed up… so he says, “Unpack it and then re-pack it!”  No.  Sorry, but I’m not doing that.

Here’s a lovely little outtake: I’ve mentioned this co-worker of mine who constantly (okay, always) comes late, and Mr. J never seems to notice, or care.  Yesterday he showed up after 10.00, and when Mr. J asked him, “What’s going on?” do you know what he replied??  “I’m tired.”  Well, shoot.  If I would have known that being tired is a reason to come late to work, I wouldn’t have been coming on time all these years!

In fact, I received this free sample yesterday.

It isn’t kosher, so I had to give it to my co-worker, but I most definitely could have used that caffeine.

On Tuesday night, once more, I found myself tearing the house apart to find something.  This time it was the remainder of my blue hubbard squash, which I knew I had moved from the vegetable bin to a higher shelf in the refrigerator.  I called my mom to ask her if she knew what had happened to it, and she claimed ignorance.  I did find it, in the end, when I randomly opened one of the garbage cans (we have two) and found it perched on the top.  Lovely.  Even though it was wrapped in foil, I felt compelled to peel it after that.  (For the record, there was no actual “garbage” in there at the time!)

romaine, roasted blue hubbard squash, tofu, broccoli slaw

The squash isn’t burned.  It just looks like it is, because it is so incredibly moist that it releases a crazy amount of juices in the oven.

romaine, steamed delicata squash, roasted tofu, baby bellas

The squash is steamed because I didn’t have time to roast it.  That also explains the raw mushrooms, but it did remind me that I actually do like raw mushrooms, which I seem to keep forgetting.

This is what I do when I discover that I have a shocking amount of something that is about to “expire”: eat it.  Except that it gets boring to eat the same thing day after day after day, so I used this applesauce (do they not make it anymore?!) in the below concoction.

Mixed with a scoop of vanilla protein powder, 1/4 cup All Whites, Truvia, and baking powder… and then microwaved to death.  Way too long, evidently.  Washing the mug was fun.  Not.  I’m almost finished my canister of protein powder — it’s Whole Foods’ soy powder — and I really don’t think I like the flavor of it, so I’m going to try something else once it’s gone… maybe the vanilla version of my chocolate powder.  But I’m going to wait until the one I have now is actually empty, because there is altogether too much food around here that needs to be used up!

Though I still bought chia seeds today.  Don’t ask me why, since I have absolutely no idea how I was planning to use them… what do I do with them now?!

One nice outcome of having my living quarters invaded is that sometimes, the interlopers bring a “gift basket” from a chocolate shop in my neighborhood.  I don’t care for that, but I do get very excited about new dishes!  So I used the latest one this morning.

nature's path smart bran, blackberries, raspberries, almond dream

I’m not sure whether it’s microwave safe, but I guess I’ll find out.  😉

Today was the last day that I used the gym where I ran my first mile.

On the treadmill with the tools.  Goodbye, gym.

The “oil assignment” has been upgraded, by the way; now it’s supposed to be four days a week, not three.  (Even though I only actually managed two last week.  Hmmm.)  So, the stars of the show today:

Rainbow carrots!  I kept it simple, just using some extra virgin olive oil and sea salt.

Turns out that a teaspoon is actually quite a lot of oil, so after prepping the carrots, I used the remaining oil to toss with some cauliflower, garlic salt, paprika, and chili powder.

Evidently, I heart roasted carrots.  I am so sad that I’ve been missing out on this awesomeness for all this time!

On my “farewell to the neighborhood” walk today, I wound up purchasing four pairs of earrings.  Because, as we all know, I am desperately in need of more earrings, right??  (The collection has grown substantially since that post, by the way.)  They’ll appear on the blog at some point, I’m sure.

There is actually a podcast I need to do for school, but I haven’t even downloaded the sound editor yet.  I am feeling kind of like I am drowning, but I’m about to run out the door with my mom, so I guess I’ll have to do the stupid podcast some other time… when, I don’t know!!

I recently came across this article about how social networking impacts girls’ self image.  Then, Eden posted something semi-related to that.  It’s sort of what I was trying to get at with this post… I really do feel like I’m just some sort of undesirable, unlovable freak, but I’m not about to go and use it to “make [myself] look cooler than [I] really [am].”  This may not coincide with what the article claims, but I absolutely do not believe that my “social networking image” portrays me as something I’m not.  Yes, I may come across differently than I would in real life, but not in an “I am cool online but a loser in real life” way.  Hey, I fully admit to my loserdom!  Own it.


How about you?  Does your “social networking image” match who you really are?

And what should I do with chia seeds?

Have an awesome weekend!

“Patience:  A minor form of despair disguised as a virtue.”
~Ambrose Bierce


8 responses to “So. BORED.

  1. I think I’m exactly the same online as in person, I don’t have a social networking image as far as I’m aware. Maybe teenagers are more prone to doing that? Although I don’t think my 16 year old sister is any different on facebook than in person either, so there goes that idea! Anyway, I like you, so there!

    There is always an excuse for new earrings 😉 I hope we get to see pictures at some point!

  2. For the record, I get giddy when i get a pinback on a post. So a big thanks!
    I think bloggers are people of their own sect. They are often not even very friendly in person, they do better virtually and maybe thats why their blogs are so popular. I think I’m a good blogger, but i do better face to face and I dont rely on my blog to make me cool and vice versa.
    Chia seeds make awesome “sprinkles” on ice cream. I also like them instead of poppy seeds in salads and cakes. But a word of warning, they make you GO. So dont use too much unless you want to live in the restroom.

  3. I ❤ roasted carrots yet I don't understand why I don't eat them! Hmm I need to get me some carrots, me tinks.

    I recently bought chia seeds as well and I haven't yet used them. Apparently they're good to use in overnight oats if you don't eat yoghurt. You just put them in the milk and it swells up! Other than that I don't know haha.


  4. I just commented but it disappeared 😦

    Comment fail. xxx

  5. Chia seeds are so good for you! A quick and easy way to use them is by making a simple pudding…a tablespoon of chia seeds and about 1/3cup almond milk…add stevia to taste and you can also add cinnamon or chocolate…maybe even a spoonful of pumpkin :). Try it and tell me what u think 🙂

  6. Roasted carrots = love. Roasted any kind of veggie = love, but especially carrots. 🙂

    I bought chia seeds a while back after seeing them all over the blog world and have so far only used them in oats. They make them super volumous which is always a good thing. But apparently chia “jelly” is good, too..which is basically just mixing the seeds with the appropriate amount of water, I think 3:1 water:seeds? I’ve never tried it and it looks kind of weird, but people like it. 😛

    I think my “blog” personality matches who I am and even how I talk. At least I hope so.

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