Changes Afoot

I think I should start a couple of new blogs.  One of them can be The Wordy Spinster.  Another can be The Ungracious Hostess; I’d use that one to whine and complain about the fact that I live in a hotel.  For real — I don’t think there have been more than three consecutive days since July when just the people who actually live in my house have been its only inhabitants.  And having my cousin drive me crazy at 5.30 AM when I am trying to eat breakfast is just not something I care to deal with all the time… but I’m going to skip all of the guest-related craziness, because they are thankfully gone now.  (And in two weeks, when my niece gets married, his family is going to invade my house.  Oh, double, triple, quadruple joy!)

I am also pretty sure that my body is confused and thinks that the clocks were just moved forward instead of back, if my exhaustion is to be any indication.  It is insane!!  Then again, I did stay up an hour later than planned last night, tearing the house apart to find a checkbook.  (Nope, I never did find it.)

romaine, blue hubbard squash, roasted tempeh, sugar snap peas

This squash was much better cold!  (Oh, right, mostly everything is better cold.)

I tried this new-to-me flavor bar, even though I don’t think I like hemp much.  I was pleasantly surprised at first… but then it just started to taste way too sweet.  Weird.

So, this is a rather … difficult time for someone like me, who really dislikes change.  I feel kind of like I’m living in Limbo Land.  The gym I go to is being dismantled — we don’t even have to swipe our cards anymore to come in, because the scanner is gone.  And you know what else is being dismantled?

My office.

We are moving, like, now.  (The good news is that we are taking along with us my favorite co-worker!)  I am so not ready for this, and I am finding it immensely stressful.

To bid a farewell to my farmer’s market, even though I know there are a couple of them in the “new” neighborhood, I finally bought something I’ve been wanting to try …

Rainbow carrots!  I think roasted carrot fries are in order one day soon… much as I adore roasting every vegetable I can get my hands on, I don’t think I’ve ever roasted a carrot, since I usually stick to the baby variety and they’re just… too small to roast?  Don’t ask me.

But I may roast them with *gasp* a bit of oil.  Seeing as how I’ve been wracking my brain trying to find a way to complete my “use oil” assignment.  Funny how when I desperately want to avoid it, I’m bumping into it left and right, but otherwise… I feel weird using olive oil in a salad or something, because then I can really taste it, and I’d feel like I’m eating a Chanukah menorah.  Not exactly pleasant.  I did this instead:

A penne stir fry… whole grain penne, stir fry vegetables, and TVP.  Honestly, I’m not quite sure why I added the TVP beyond wanting to satisfy my curiosity about seeing whether it would brown like beef does!  (It didn’t.)  Toot, toot, but this was pretty damn good.  I don’t know if that’s because of the oil, though.  It might have been just as good without it!

You know what else was pretty damn good?  I made baked pumpkin and cottage cheese using a banana instead of the pumpkin.  I’m guessing I used about 1/3 cup cottage cheese for a small banana, about 1/3 cup All Whites, a couple of packets of Truvia, and a sh!tload of cinnamon (it slipped, as it tends to do).


post-bake ... nicely puffed up

post-refrigeration ... it sank

Yeah, so maybe it wasn’t all puffed up … but oh my gosh, it was good.  I actually loved the density of it — the texture was almost cake-like!

The only thing I’d change next time is to use one packet of Truvia instead of two.  I was afraid that the cottage cheese flavor would come through, but it didn’t; it was actually a little too sweet.

And I just have to show you this, because it’s so sad.

mountain bread wrap with broccoli slaw and frank's

Eh, yeah.  Kind of … exploded?  Oh, well.

Just because it’s been a while:

And a necklace, to make up for lost time.

And, even though I could still go on and on and on, now would probably be a good time to go finish making my lunch for tomorrow so that I can finally get to bed.

Have a happy Hump Day!

Question: Houseguests — yay or nay?  I actually say yay — for a day or two or three.  After that, it’s go home!

“Fish and visitors smell in three days.”
~Benjamin Franklin

(Coincidentally, I hate fish.)


9 responses to “Changes Afoot

  1. Pretty necklace and earrings! I can tell you one thing that isn’t better cold – my freaking bedroom. Brr. Oh, and soup. I love hot soup! I say yay for houseguests for a short period too, but not having room to manoeuvre from July until November sounds horribly stressful. Enjoy your two guest-free weeks!

  2. I can’t blame you – I start to get really frustrated when I never have any personal time. Having guests and needing to be all polite and courteous and stuff for more than a week would probably make me a little grumpy 😛 So yes, I vote nay on houseguests. I’m a big meanie, I guess.
    I summer, I loved pasta tossed with olive or basil oil, garlic, and fresh basil. So simple and deliciouss. Of course, I don’t see why that can’t be done in winter, either. Maybe because I’m just more apt to have something like hot sauce in the winter 😛

  3. Whoa, you are one healthy chick! That penne dish looks yummm 🙂

  4. That penne stir fry looks awesome! House guests…it depends who it is and how smelly they are. Seriously! If they stink something awful the entire house smells like them in the morning because they have to sleep in the lounge. I say nay on smelly people haha!

    Those rainbow carrots look awesome! I wonder if the different colours taste any different to the orange ones. I’ve heard that carrots were originally supposed to be purple but I could be lying. In fact, I most likely am! Hope you had a great humpy day (lol).


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  6. I love those earrings!

    I like house guests, but like you, am ready to say bye after a few days. And all summer? BOO on that!!!

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