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Taking a Blogging Break

There are a lot of things with which I need to deal right now, like my niece’s wedding, having my house and privacy invaded (again), chronic exhaustion, and the tail end of the semester.  I blog because I enjoy it, but lately it has just been serving to make me feel even worse about myself.

I don’t need that.

So I am going to take a little break.  It might last for a couple of days, it might last for a couple of weeks; I’m not sure, myself.  If, for some inexplicable reason, you want to contact me, I’ll still be on Facebook and e-mail.

I hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving!



Not allergies in the literal sense of the word… more like, when I pick up a carpet runner, I am bound to get injured.  (Don’t ask.)  And when I said that I am “allergic to carpet runners,” Mr. J offered to put it behind the supply closet in my office.  I fail to see how that would be helpful if it was a true allergen, but okay.

Anyway, I’m “allergic” to Saturday nights / Sunday nights in the same way.  I’m not sure what it is about them, but they tend to make me feel very sad.  I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with the weekend being over, really… ugh.

Katy tagged me to answer these questions!  So I actually have a reason to post, other than cleaning up my media library.  😉

1. How did you come up with the name of your blog?  I have no idea, really.  It used to be Cacti Don’t Cry (don’t even ask me what that means) back when I was using Blogspot, and when I switched to WordPress, I just wanted a change.  It’s not full of a deeply significant meaning, or anything.
2. What was the last thing that you ate? This sorbet.
3. What’s your favourite colour?  Depends for what!… sometimes red, sometimes blue, sometimes black.  Hey, I’m indecisive!  😉
4. What’s your favourite spice/herb?  Cinnamon, in the “sweet” category; garlic in the “savory.”  I also am partial to chili powder and paprika.
5. Dark or Milk Chocolate? Definitely dark!
6. Where abouts in the world have you travelled? If you haven’t travelled, where would you like to go?  Hmm… let’s see if I can remember all of this.  I’ve been to Israel, London, Russia, Uzbekistan, the Ukraine, some really random states, and a bunch of Caribbean islands.  And Bermuda, which isn’t technically a Caribbean island.  I’m on a mission to dive off every island… and I would love love love to dive the Great Barrier Reef.  And Eilat, because I’ve never actually gone diving in Israel.  Shameful, I know.
7. How many languages can you speak? Name them.  Three, I guess; English, Yiddish, and Hebrew.  And I used to be able to speak French, since I had to take three years of it in high school, and I got awesome grades… but I hated it, and I never wanted to be taking it, so I’ve erased it all from my memory.  Which was, admittedly, a stupid thing to do.
8. Cardio or strength training? Why?  Depends… if it’s in the gym, definitely strength training.  I find cardio to be tedious and boring if I’m not actually getting anywhere.

And for some catching up… the frozen desserts of the week:

Coconut milk mini fudge bars; cherry amaretto ice cream.

The fudge bars were not very popular. My brother said they taste like Pesach macaroons, which would make sense — chocolate and coconut, after all.  But too much coconut, not enough chocolate.  If you like coconut, you’ll like these.

I was excited to find this cherry amaretto flavor; I’ve never seen it before!  I was expecting something similar to the cherry nirvana flavor, but this didn’t have any chocolate in it, so it tasted a little … flat.  (My brother also apparently has a theory that the only “pieces” which belong in ice cream are chocolate, so he griped about the cherries.  I thought that was the best part!)

And on the topic of cherries, I present a “cherry pie parfait” which I had so long ago, I’m not sure I even remember what was in it.

Layers of vanilla yogurt, cherry pie filling, and graham crackers.  I was just so excited to have bought a new parfait-appropriate glass, I had to make one.  😉

Moving on from cherries to pumpkin!  The failed cranberry experiment left me with a nearly-full bag of cranberries.  So I decided on a very season-appropriate bowl of overnight (in my case, “overday”) oats.  While I gave my brother a haircut (apparently I moonlight as a hairstylist), I had a pot of cranberries bubbling on the stove.  Once most of them had popped and formed a goo, I turned off the heat and stirred in some Truvia, then plopped it on top of the oats.

The oats were made in my usual way, except that I replaced the banana with pumpkin and the cinnamon with pumpkin pie spice.

On their own, the cranberries were still too tart, even with the Truvia; but mixed in with the pumpkin oats, they were perfect.

Of course, once a can of pumpkin is opened, it’s easier to use it than to freeze it.  Especially when I already have some in the freezer.  Enter: pumpkin carob chip oat bran.

Oat bran cooked in almond milk, with Truvia, pumpkin pie spice, and pumpkin; topped with carob chips, which melted into the hot oat bran in the most appealing way.  😉

I usually cook my oats in water, but I used almond milk this time, because I was trying to finish up the almond milk so that I could open a carton of coconut milk.  I still had a little bit of almond milk left after cooking the oat bran, so I tried to make chia pudding, except that it didn’t really work.  What did I do wrong?!

Why did I need coconut milk?  Well, I wanted to make curry.

I used chickpeas this time, and I soaked them overnight instead of boiling them.  I think that works better… except that I’m a very. impatient. individual!  And I may disguise some of the remaining coconut milk by making sufganiyot with them. Because I really hate coconut.

That is enough catching up for now, I believe.  But because I keep going on and on about it, here’s the old office vs. the new:

old (we'd already started moving, the walls weren't always so bare)


I chose this picture because you can tell that I actually have a door!  But it usually looks more like this:

I am a spoiled brat, and I need daylight bulbs or I want to shoot myself.  We couldn’t find the right size bulbs for the ceiling fixtures, so we ordered them online, and I’m just using the lamp in the meantime.

All this aside, I still don’t want to go back to work.  Or school, because — ahhh!!! — I have this presentation tomorrow!!  And I have a feeling it isn’t going to go well.  Eep.  Oh, and even though I’m looking forward to the long weekend, I’m simultaneously dreading it because my niece is getting married next week, which means his whole family is invading my house, starting Friday.  Did I mention that there are going to be nine additional people here?!  I’d like to leave.


  • Do you have any “allergies” like mine to weekend nights?!  I’m also allergic to cold weather.  My joints feel like they are about three hundred years old!
  • How on earth does one make chia pudding?!
  • Are you particular about the type of light bulbs you use?  I can’t stand most incandescent bulbs, but some of my co-workers think I’m nuts because they hate the daylight bulbs!

Have a lovely Monday.

“There is no safety in numbers, or in anything else.”
~James Thurber


Moving is exhausting.  Tempers have flared, some people nearly came to blows (no, not me), several of us are getting sick, I am tired like you wouldn’t believe… but we’re mostly settled in to our new digs.

I actually like my new office.  For starters, it’s my office.  Even if Mr. J keeps popping in unannounced for no reason whatsoever.  It’s also on the “warm” side of the building, so even if it’s a bit chilly, it’s not frigid like the other side / the old place.

To be perfectly honest, I have absolutely zero blogging mojo of late.  (“Mojo” is totally the wrong word, as I never had any in the first place… but I can’t think of a better word.)  However, I also have a growing stockpile of pictures, and it’s starting to really get on my nerves.

After musing that plain protein powder could create a “sandwich bread,” I tried it with Genisoy powder.  Problem: I don’t have a microwave-safe loaf pan, so I had to use one that was too big, and the “loaf” was really flat.  Observe:

Two “sandwiches,” one with apple butter, one with pumpkin butter.  I have no idea what I was thinking when I said that apple butter and pumpkin butter taste alike.  They absolutely don’t.

I’m also confused about the flavor of the carrot cake Larabar.

Carrot?  I could see it, but I didn’t taste it at all.  There was a vague hint of pineapple, a vague hint of coconut… until about halfway through, when the overwhelming flavor was coconut.  Hmm.

New-to-me almonds!

Hello, it includes cinnamon.  Of course it’s good.

Remember this stir-fry from Pasta Week?

I did eat it cold, in the end.  It looked so much more voluminous when plated, too:

I kind of love how the purple carrots “bled” onto the pasta; I got a kick out of that!

Remember this?

baked banana cottage cheese

I told my nutritionist about it, and she was intrigued by it, so, as I often do, the next week I arrived bearing gifts.

baked banana cottage cheese

She actually liked it.  And she sounded kind of surprised about that.

I’ve been doing some other things with bananas, too.  Like making protein pancakes!  I totally wasn’t expecting this to work, because I used whey protein, and since it has a more “grainy” consistency than the “floury” soy protein, I thought the batter would be much too thin for a griddle.  That’s why I started out with a small round skillet, thinking I’d end up with something resembling a crepe.

In this picture, you can’t actually see the pancake I made on the skillet.  It kind of burned, and it just looked really ugly, so I ate it with my hands while these cooked on the griddle.  I loved this.  (Good thing, because I’ve got about half a tub of whey protein to finish by January.)  It’s just half a banana, a scoop of protein powder, a pinch of baking powder, Truvia, cinnamon, and one egg white blended together.  Topped with blackberries, because they needed to be used.  If you’re expecting a fluffy, pancake-like texture, this won’t give you that.  It’s more like a cross between a crepe and a very dense pita bread.

I spent nearly a week trying to dehydrate cranberries to get “craisins.”  Didn’t really work.  This is the result:

You can’t tell in the picture, but they are dehydrated.  All the liquid is gone — they’re light as air.  But I have no idea what I was meant to do with something like that.  I actually ate a couple of them, just to see what they tasted like.  Unsurprisingly, they were extremely tart.  I think I’m going to try and re-hydrate them now… just to see what happens.

And this is one of the strangest salad combinations I have ever created.

romaine, mushrooms, hickory smoked primal strip, cucumbers

Made even stranger by the fact that I had to use honey dijon dressing, since it was the only one available.

There’s a lot more I could post, but since I foresee an extremely unphotogenic start to the week (as in, I have a presentation due on Monday, the major one over which I’ve been stressing for weeks, and I’ve barely prepared at all), it can wait until tomorrow, or whenever.

I will say, though, that I’ve gotten some new fish.

Two gold gouramis, which are being totally terrorized by my blue gourami.  Someone is going to get killed here.

Have a good one.

“It’s a sign of your own worth sometimes if you are hated by the right people.”
~Miles Franklin
(and how, exactly, is one to determine whether the haters are the “right people”?)

Butt-Kicking Moving Day

Today kicked. my. butt.

Because of my appointment / unfortunate lack of gym attendance, I was able to sleep later.  However, I had a nightmare in which I didn’t wake up until 9.51 (my appointment was at 8.30), and so there went the whole “sleeping later” thing.

I wore this shirt today, partly because I like the “flowy” nature of babydoll tops when I feel “fat,” and partly because it so perfectly matched the earrings I debuted.

The earrings are all fine and good, unless you wear them for sixteen hours straight.  They are kind of … heavy.

Since I do not think it is prudent for me to know my weight, I did the same thing as last time and told the doctor that I wasn’t interested in that information.  He said okay.  Not five minutes later, he said, “So … last time you were here you were X pounds, let’s see where you’re at now.”  Me: “I did not want to know that!”  Doctor: “Oh, then, you didn’t hear me.”


I didn’t look at the scale.  But I did see what he wrote down after that, and I think I may have overreacted in the ensuing internal freakout — of the OMG I am getting so fat variety.  Seeing that, you know, I’m supposed to be gaining weight, it doesn’t make any sense to get hysterical over something so trivial.  How trivial?  We’re talking two whole pounds.  In four months.  I am so ridiculous.

Quite frankly, it is tiring to care about this crap.  And while I’m not going to say that I wasn’t prone to “obsessing” over thinking that I am fat, I definitely wasn’t obsessing over a number, because it’s hard to do that if I don’t know the number.  I guess what I really want is for that knowledge not to affect me so strongly.  I want to believe that I am “more than just a number,” I really do… but I often don’t think I’m even that.

Off to the lab I went to get my blood sucked, which turned out to be not quite as simple as it should be.  And to check the four voicemails that I received while I was on yet another aggravating subway ride.  All of them were from Mr. J — “Where are you?  I’m looking for you.”  Uh… I told you yesterday that I had a doctor’s appointment this morning!  When I told him that, after he called for the fifth time, he got all defensive: “I forgot!”  Oh, now that’s my problem too?!

Anyway, I turned in my old key, got my new one, and hobbled through the farmer’s market.

So sad.  I’m going to miss this.

I hobbled because I think the shoes I was wearing had a disagreement with my feet.  My right heel was radiating stabbing pains up my leg all day.  Not fun.  But I eventually arrived at our new offices, where we spent the day unpacking.

One thing I do not like about this office: for various reasons I will not get into right now, I am probably going to be much more sedentary than I have been.  Cue freakout.

I do actually have a video / photos of my new office, but since it’s not all that interesting, I don’t think it’s necessary to share it.

At some point, I did consume a salad.

romaine, snow peas, tofu cutlet, grilled sweet potato

I knew I would be going to the lab for a fasting blood draw, so I didn’t eat anything before my appointment.  And with all the move-related craziness, I just never got around to eating until lunchtime.  I’d be lying if I said I wanted to eat.  That’s what happens.  But at the same time, I wonder… if I’m supposed to be “normal,” I mean, don’t all people have times when they’re so busy that they just don’t have time / forget to eat?!  Isn’t that different than having nothing to do all day but still sitting obstinately twiddling your thumbs and refusing to eat??

No worries, anyway.  I probably ate 75% of my daily calories once I go home.  I actually tend to do that a lot — eating more in the evening than during the day, because I really really really hate eating at work.  I also really hate eating so much later in the day, but it’s the lesser of two evils, I guess.

I took a break from Pasta Week — or, should I say, used a more liberal definition of “pasta” by spiralizing a zucchini instead of using the penne.

And this totally should have gone in a bowl, or at least a bigger plate.

Oh — I finally tried the cashew butter!

I used about a third of the packet … spread of a cinnamon raisin cracker flat.

I couldn’t really taste it, to be honest!  I think that might be because the cracker flat overwhelmed it.  I’m glad I didn’t use the whole packet, so that I can try it another way.

I’m trying to wrap things up here, because I am exhausted and I still need to figure out what time I have to leave my house tomorrow — not an easy task for my sleep-deprived brain.  But I seem to have verbal diarrhea…

To make a long(er) story short(er), I saw my nutritionist tonight.  I don’t know why I feel so bent out of shape when people tell me I am doing “well” — I just feel like a big fat screw-up, and I don’t know why I bother to try and pretend otherwise, because it is pretty hopeless.

Yeah, I’m supposed to be identifying my emotions… a lot of those might be applicable, but right now the prevailing one is sad.

I did, however, go to the supermarket after my appointment (I had no cauliflower — tragic), and … uh-oh.

The protein powder was on sale.  Ha.  I’m using enough of it these days that I don’t have to worry about having three canisters at once.  As for the peanut oil… oh, the peanut oil.  I’m not even going to start on that.

Happy Thursday… tomorrow is a new day.

Questions: Have you ever had a crazy dream you thought was real?  And are you a “day eater” or an “evening eater”?

“Silence is the true friend that never betrays.” 

Keyless Exit

Before we actually had one, I thought keyless cars were the coolest thing ever.  Now I think they’re just annoying.  But this post is not about cars.  It is about office keys.  My office key, in particular.

In short: I woke up at 4.30 this morning, for no reason whatsoever.  I was happy it was Tuesday, at least, and I’d get my acupuncture nap.


We were all supposed to go turn in our old office keys, get our new ones, and report to the new location.  Except that when I came back from the acupuncture clinic, I found this on my desk:

"no keys till later -- we all left early for the day"

Don’t ask what I went through to figure out what on earth I was supposed to do… leave, yes, but where do I go tomorrow?!  And I couldn’t go home, anyway, because I had an appointment with my therapist in the afternoon.  So I had a lot of fun making phone calls, which is not as easy as it sounds, because even if I didn’t hate talking on the phone, the reception is pretty crappy in my office!  Anyway, I wasn’t about to carry Molly all over town, so I decided to do what my co-worker did.

really? that's a plant? you don't say...

Except that the office was pretty bare; no boxes, hardly any tape.  I had to make do somehow:

Poor Molly.  I hope she’s okay.

Anyway, I had a lot of time to kill, so I went to the bank to deposit my paycheck and sign up for online banking, since I just started getting direct deposit; that means I pretty much never have to go to the bank again!  Yay!  And then I went to my third Whole Foods of the day.  While I was there, my therapist called me back to tell me that the person whose appointment was before mine had to reschedule at the last minute, so at least I had one less hour to waste.

Some of the oh-so-exciting Whole Foods purchases:

  • Coconut milk kefir (did you know this stuff now comes in chocolate?), which I’ve been meaning to buy for so long that I don’t even remember anymore why I wanted it, and I’m not quite sure what to do with it
  • Protein powder — I went with this one because it has the shortest ingredients list, but I think I may buy the Genisoy too… I’m going through protein powder like crazy lately
  • Aubrey Organics normalizing shampoo and conditioner, which I’ve been using ever since my stylist expressed total horror that I wasn’t using a normalizing shampoo after swimming or diving
  • Carrot cake Larabar, even though I’m not sure I want to try it; I hate coconut!
  • Peach mango salsa, because I am a sweet sister and my brother loves mango
  • And this clever little Chicobag, which opens up to this:

It’s my new best friend.

Anyway, I believe I’ve decided that the stir fry in my refrigerator is going to be consumed cold.  But I didn’t actually end up eating it today.  It’s going to chill out for a couple of days, because since I got home much earlier than expected, I decided to use the time to try out a recipe I’ve been meaning to get to…

Vegan pumpkin penne!  With olive oil, of course.  Was that three times this week, or four?… I’ve lost track.  Anyway, it was really good!

But if you think that was enough vegetables for me, you’re wrong.

Rainbow carrots and cucumber with the abovementioned peach mango salsa, which I absolutely loved, despite my not liking mango.  And can I just say, having not eaten raw carrots (except for baby carrots) in years, that they are hard to chew?!  And also oddly bitter.

Here’s part of the reason why I am using so much protein powder:

Chocolate protein powder, mashed banana, egg white, Truvia, and a bit of water. (And I just realized that I forgot the baking powder, which explains a lot.) Microwaved, halved, and serving as a vehicle for sunflower seed butter.  Hey — if you use unflavored powder, you could technically end up with “bread,” right?… intriguing thought!

This is pretty random, but a few weeks ago, we had some people staying in my house.  When they left, this was still here.

At first, I thought it wasn’t kosher, so I was going to give it to my co-worker.  But then I realized it was kosher, albeit with a symbol I didn’t recognize.  So it just lounged around for a while until I was able to figure out what it was, and then I finally tried it today.  I’ve never actually had kettle corn before in my life, but I liked it quite a bit — in fact, I might actually go buy some more!

Tomorrow should be another “fun day” … supposedly the keys will be ready.  But I have an appointment with my endocrinologist in the morning.  (Yes, I am just oh-so-excited.)  Which means that I can’t go to the gym, either.  I am not happy about that.  (My therapist, on the other hand, is thrilled.  Not because I over-exercise, but because I am too “rigid.”  Hmph.)  It’s really rather annoying not to know where / when you’re going to work … and not to have a computer all day!  Ahhh!!

The debut of one of the pairs of earrings I bought last week:

And even though I could probably go on forever, I think I will shut up.  But first, questions:

  • What on earth do I do with my kefir?
  • Have you tried the carrot cake Larabar?… Can you taste the coconut?
  • Will I get my key tomorrow?!

“The modern sympathy with invalids is morbid.  Illness of any kind is hardly a thing to encourage in others.”
~Oscar Wilde

Pasta Week

My inner bitch is showing: someone was throwing up in the trash can in the hallway at work today, and I kind of freaked out.  (Internally, of course.  Given my sedate nature, and all.)  Seriously… you couldn’t walk two steps down the hall to the bathroom?  Admittedly, I am looking at this from the viewpoint of an emetophobic, but … yeah.  Then a friend told me about a friend of hers who saw someone crapping in an elevator, and I thanked her for the visual.  What is wrong with some people?!  (Not my friend; the crapper!  ;))

On that oh-so-appetizing note, I’m currently working on killing two birds with one stone.  The birds: finishing the penne and using oil four times this week.  Hence, it has been dubbed Pasta Week.

Even though it didn’t begin with pasta.  No, instead I observed Stuffed Squash Sunday:

delicata, roasted with chopped baby bellas, yves ground round, and spices (sweet paprika for color)

Accompanied by some extremely overdone roasted rainbow carrot strips.


But back to the pasta.

Can I just say that I had the most infuriating commute home today?!  I know that doesn’t sound like it has anything to do with pasta, but it sort of does, because I was getting aggravated, and I should not cook when I am aggravated; bad things happen.  I also shouldn’t eat when I am aggravated, for the same reason, but whatever.  Thankfully, nobody was downstairs when I got home, so I didn’t have to bite anyone’s head off.  (If someone starts asking me why I’m so irritated, I get really irritated.  If I’m left alone for five minutes, I get over it.)

On my new white plate!  Because I totally need more dishes.  (NOT.)  Whole grain penne in a stir-fry with Yves Ground Round browned (geesh!!) in extra virgin olive oil, baby bellas, baby carrots, and broccoli.  And spices, which naturally included a heavy dose of garlic salt.  It’s actually rather frightening how quickly I’m going through that jar.

Anyway, to continue with Pasta Week, I’ve already made dinner for tomorrow.  Pardon the horrible photo; the steam was kind of fogging up the lens, and I just wanted to get it into the fridge already.

Sauteed rainbow carrots, edamame, and snow peas, garlic salt, onion powder, cayenne pepper, and penne.  I don’t know why this is so much greasier than the previous stir-fry, since I used the exact same amount of oil, but whatever.  I originally was intending to eat this cold, hence why I made it in advance; I’m not a big fan of the texture of reheated pasta.  But now I’m not sure… does this strike you as the sort of thing you’d eat hot or cold?!

So I’m sure you don’t remember, but I mentioned my nearly-empty canister of protein powder. 

the end.

Well.  I was going to replace it with this, but then I realized something: the Whole Foods protein powder costs about ten dollars.  The Maxi Health costs twenty five.  That’s a pretty significant difference.  So… do I go for the Whole Foods powder again, even though I don’t love it?  Do I shell out the money for the Maxi Health, based on the fact that I like the chocolate flavor? Or do I spend just a little bit more on this one, even though I’ve never tried it?  Decisions, decisions.

You’d think I’m always so frugal when it comes to food purchases.  Alas, that is not the case — I finally caved today and bought pumpkin butter.

In case you can’t see it, the price tag says $6.49.  Ouch.  (Hey, at least I didn’t buy the pear butter, too… it was tempting!!)  Of course, I had to try it right away to find out whether I was an idiot for spending so much money on something I don’t even like.

Spread on a spelt cinnamon raisin cracker flat.  And I am happy to report that I do, indeed, like the pumpkin butter.  🙂  It tastes a lot like apple butter, actually. Not surprisingly.

Before I left work today to go to class, the movers arrived.  Tomorrow I have to go to the “old” office to turn in my key and get one to the new place, which works out well since I was going to go up there anyway for my acupuncture session.  And to transport Molly.  One of my co-workers has a plant that she packed into a box.  Call me crazy, but I just don’t trust the movers to get a plant from Point A to Point B in one piece.

I still do not want to move.  But I really should be glad we aren’t going here, I know.  *sigh*

And the realization of the week is that I would be a much happier person if I got enough sleep.  Random.

Questions: that stir-fry — hot or cold?  And which protein powder is my best bet?  (Have you tried any of those three?)  And are you having unseasonably warm weather?  (Yep, and I lurve it.)

Happy Tuesday.

“Boredom is like a pitiless zooming in on the epidermis of time.  Every instant is dilated and magnified like the pores of the face.” 
~Charlotte Whitton

Chocolate Oats x2, Skin Care Revision

My mom is really, really getting on my nerves.  That is all.

Well, about that, anyway.

Let’s see… it was a weekend, so we tried another frozen dessert.

This time, it was the chocolate sandwiches.

Personally, I think it’s annoying that it comes in a package of six, but that’s just because we’re four people, so I prefer packages of four or eight.  In terms of taste, well, it tastes like a chocolate ice cream sandwich, and I’m pretty sure almost everyone knows how that tastes.  Unfortunately, mine had apparently half-melted in transit, so I had some of the cookie crust sans ice cream!

vanilla whey protein powder, cottage cheese, wheat bran, egg white, Truvia, cinnamon, blueberry syrup

There was actually some baking powder in those pancakes, too.  They were beautifully puffed up on the griddle… and a few seconds after I removed them, they de-puffed.  If I were scientifically inclined, I’d try to figure out why this happens, but I’m not, so I won’t bother.

There were a lot of things I needed to get done today, but pretty much the only thing that I did achieve was to sort of arrange to have my elliptical delivered. I’m going with this one, because it takes up less space.  But since I don’t fancy bashing my head through the ceiling every time I use it, I can’t put it in the basement; it will have to go in my room.  Which means that this stupid treadmill can finally get out of here!  (Don’t even ask how it wound up here.  I will say, however, that it made for a lovely shelf for my library books.  Now I’m actually going to have to buy a bookshelf!)

Ah, yes, the double chocolate oats.  This is Chocolate Oats #1:

I think it was both Katie and Ilana who suggested I use my 100% chocolate in oats.  This is just steel-cut banana oats with Truvia — two packets, I think; three if you count the one that accidentally fell into the pot, wrapper and all, since I don’t know how much / if any escaped before I rescued it.  I stirred in a square of chocolate once the oats were cooked, but I evidently didn’t stir well enough, since a couple of bites had bitter chunks.  Otherwise, I loved it.  Good to know I can do something with this chocolate!

And for Chocolate Oats #2, it was also Ilana who suggested I use chocolate pudding to make overnight oats.

These were more like “one hour oats,” but never mind.

Speaking of overnight oats, I deviated a bit from my original formula and made PBJ overnight oats, if you consider 6.00 AM to 3.00 PM “overnight.”

ABJ, actually; Blue Diamond almond butter and sugar-free blackberry preserves.

I loved it because I’m really on an overnight oats kick lately (this makes the best overnight oats, ever!), but the almond butter kind of got lost in there.

I’ve been curious about this for a while, but it’s kind of ridiculously overpriced… last week I was in a supermarket with my mom, and it was somewhat cheaper there, so I bought it.

It looks a lot bigger on the package than in real life:

And they look more like Pringles than leaves.  They just taste like chocolate with rice crispies, really.  (Duh.  That’s what they are.)  And the “dark” just means it isn’t “milk chocolate”; it’s rather sweet.  At least my brother likes it!

Moving Day is tomorrow.

I am so not looking forward to this.  Anxiety Central, anyone??  (Mr. J: I have good news and bad news.  The lease at [the new location] runs out in 2016!  Uh.  Okay?)

And something else that I purchased impulsively?…  These.

Ah, yeah.  I’m weird about such things; they always strike me as a “waste,” but I think that’s just a disordered way of looking at it, so now I truly suck.  😉

My grandmother’s yahrzeit is tonight, so it’s Family Time!  Do you think my mom may have gone a bit overboard with the food?!

About 90% of this will be untouched, and then my mom will complain, “This is why I’m fat.”  Yeah, well — I told her not to buy so much!!  (This, by the way, is where I get my overbuying tendencies from.  Just saying.)

And one last thing: I need to make an amendment to my skin care post. I had an appointment with my “second” dermatologist last week, just because I wanted a refill of the prescription for that moisturizer. I was pretty horrified to learn that the “moisturizer” is meant to be used for a few days, not indefinitely, because it contains cortisone. Which thins the skin. So, if my face falls off, that’s why.  (Nice of Dermatologist #1 to notify me of this, by the way.)

She gave me a sample of CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion, and after trying it for a few days (to ensure that it actually works for me), I went out and bought a full-size bottle.  Very cost-effective plan, actually; the prescription was about $15 for a two-ounce bottle, and this is the same price, but for twelve ounces… which will last me forever.  I bought the hydrating cleanser too, so maybe I can save my face before it falls off.  (Though I’m not so sure that would be an entirely terrible thing!)

Questions: Moving — yay or nay?  (I say nay!!  At least in this case…)  And do you go way overboard on food purchases for “events”??

Happy Monday.

“If you don’t control your mind, someone else will.” 
~John Allston