Stuffed Sunday

This here is something which requires a great deal of thought.

Is that per eye, or in general?  Because if it’s in general, then that means that there is an eyeless eyelid, which is kind of creepy, and also impossible, because how can it be an eyelid if there is no eye? 

Clearly, I am thinking about this far too much.  Moving on…

Last week I dubbed Sundays “Stuffed Squash Sundays,” but I now have to amend that to just “Stuffed Sundays,” since I remembered an eggplant I had in the refrigerator, and eggplant-stuffed squash just didn’t sound very appealing.  So I stuffed the eggplant instead.

Pre-oven: stuffed with its own diced innards, which were microwaved with baby bellas, fetus carrots, and spices I don’t completely recall but which included garlic and onion powder, cayenne and black pepper, and chili powder.  That was combined with cooked buckwheat and stuffed into the eggplant “shell.”  With some barbecue sauce poured on top, since I was making barbecue baked tofu at the same time, and it seemed silly to put the bottle back in the refrigerator when there was hardly anything left in it.

Post-bake!  See those crispy bits?  I like those parts the best, which is the problem with stuffed vegetables; only the top layer gets crunchy that way.  And while this was good, I do prefer stuffed squash to stuffed eggplant.

As predicted, I went to the pet store today.  It took me ten minutes to get there, and another ten minutes to find parking.  Which was annoying.

they were clearly in the halloween spirit.

I got a much bigger pleco than I wanted … but it was the smallest one in the store.


And two silver dollars.

Last week, after months of resistance, I finally I splurged on this.

Ridiculously expensive, but so. damn. good!  I am blaming this purchase on Mr. J… yeah, your salary is practically double mine, and you love to rub in the fact that I can’t buy whatever I want whenever I want.  Because you love to rub everything in, since you are a freaking moron!!!

Actually, I’m pretty moronic myself.  I realized last night that I hadn’t yet submitted my preferred classes for advisor approval, and without that I can’t register for the next semester.  Which means I won’t be able to register until late tomorrow morning, if I’m lucky.  I just have to hope that those classes don’t fill up, because I have no other options…

And I’m not always splurging.  See, I bought Honeycrisp apples in Whole Foods on Friday — organic apples for $1.49/pound?  Yes, please!  The cashier said, “Somebody is apple-happy!”  Um, I buy apples by the dozen.  At least.  I live with people who like apples!

But I don’t think I’m sharing these.  😉

Today was a sad, sad day: I wore a winter coat.  Have I mentioned that I hate winter?!  (Rhetorical question.)  Today I was also informed that yesterday was National Oatmeal Day.  I celebrated without even knowing about it.  (Obviously, these photos weren’t taken on Saturday… they’re from Friday.)

Overnight oats, except that they weren’t overnight; Friday’s sat for two hours, and Saturday’s sat for five.  I think five hours is the perfect amount of time for this… 3/4 cup plain soy yogurt, 1/2 cup oats, Truvia, cinnamon, banana extract, cinnamon extract, banana, blackberries, and raspberries.  Half of the banana was mashed in.  I think this is close to a perfect ratio for me — I love the texture of it!  (I am aware that there are hardly any oats or yogurt visible here.  This is not very pretty after it’s been mixed up!)

After trying 99% chocolate and finding it far too bitter, I don’t know what possessed me to buy this… but since it cost two dollars, not ten, I wouldn’t feel bad just throwing it into cookies or something.

Like I said… I have no sense.

The squares were really cute, though.

Yes, I am easily amused.  But… gahh!!  Bitter!!!!!  I’ll stick with 82% from here on, thanks very much.

And, ohhh… that cookbook I was so eager to read?  There is a recipe in there that I need to find the time to make.

I’m sure you understand the necessity.

Also, my car is being annoying.

I got the message the first time… you really don’t need to tell me that every time I get in the car.

And the tea was awesome.

I just put two ice cubes in the mug so that I wasn’t drinking hot tea.  My tongue and taste buds thank me for it.

Now would probably be a good time for me to go over the presentation I have to give tomorrow.  Apparently, my professor has this misguided notion that I’m good at this book talking thing, which is seriously laughable, and also makes me feel like I’m under an undue amount of pressure.  And, to add some sweet irony, I’ve decided that I’m going to be marketing a public speaking skills workshop.  It’s too bad that I’m not actually any good at public speaking, myself, but … beggars can’t be choosers!

Have a great start to your week.

Question: How many eyelids does a duck have per eye??

“Don’t let the past steal your present.” 
~Terri Guillemets


9 responses to “Stuffed Sunday

  1. whoa. three eyelids? that’s freaky.

    I’ve been having to wear winter coats, too :\ NOT happy!! I guess I’m asking for it, though, living in the northeast and all…

  2. I’ve been wearing my winter coat for the last two or three weeks, sadly! I don’t mind so much though because it keeps me warm. What does suck is wearing a coat and still being cold. Since we have no heating in this house I sometimes wear my dressing gown, coat and a blanket when I’m sitting in my bedroom at night. Fail!

    Ack, 100% chocolate is like a tastebud assault course! It does make every good chocolate porridge though – since cocoa powder has the fat taken out of it 100% cocoa solids work SO much better. I’m sure it’d be great for baking with too 🙂

    I have no idea how many eyelids a duck has per eye, but I’m going with three because the alternative is creepy and I like ducks!

  3. It’s really funny that you call them fetus carrots but never fetus bellas. I don’t know why it amuses me so 🙂
    If you can bear to spare one, try the chocolate pudding in overnight oats instead of yogurt. You may have to thin it out a little more but…omg. And I love that pudding. I wonder how I will stay vegan in Israel. Ah!

    100% is good for recipes, esp. ones that include lots of sweetening up, OR in spicy/savory dishes – it goes well in like chili and stuff. Oh my gosh I need some now.

  4. hahaha, I love the thing about the duck! 😀 it is confusing…

  5. I just had a massive discussion with my Mum about the duck eyelid dilemma…no seriously haha. I’m thinking it would be 3 on each eye coz otherwise where would the third one be?

    I’ve tried to get into dark chocolate but I have to say I’m for milk chocolate all the way. I DO prefer dark chocolate in baking like brownies though because it gives a much deeper and richer chocolate flavour.

    Much love


  6. Yuck. 3 eyelids? That’s kinda disgusting. I dunno why. The word “eyelid” just grosses me out!

    Whose bloody hand is that?

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