Kids These Days…

Somehow, I seem to be the gastronome of my family; whenever my mom or one of my sisters has a cooking-related question, they call me.  I find this rather funny, but roll with it… as in advising my sister how to add fresh dill to her chicken soup, even though I’ve never in my life dealt with fresh dill.  And, hey, it worked out for her.  😉

A couple of days ago, my sister called me to find out how to make sushi, because my nephew eats way too much of it for her to buy it all the time.  Then, yesterday, she requested a demonstration in how to roll the sushi, since she said that their attempts were a mess.

My sister actually rolled these after said lesson.  I haven’t made sushi for myself in ages (though this whole episode has me craving it now!), but when I used to do it, I always made inside-out rolls, just because they’re easier.  I don’t think I’ve ever done it this way before!

Anyway, the point of this wasn’t to ramble about sushi.  I have two sisters, but I am a lot closer with the other one; hence, I spend more time with her and her kids than I do with this sister.  So I found myself a little shocked at how… disrespectful my nephew is to his mother.  He is one of the sassiest kids I have ever met.  If I had talked that way as a kid (hell, if I talked that way now) my mom would have slapped me onto the next planet.  Not that I’m advocating capital punishment, but my sister just takes it; she didn’t say a word.  Does it make me seem like a total old fart if I say that I am completely appalled at this utter lack of discipline?!  Is it just me, or are kids a lot … cheekier than they used to be?

Since I’m already here, I may as well get some of these photos out of the way.

romaine, roasted mini pumpkin, black beans, roasted Brussels sprouts

new-to-me almond butter!

liked it a lot.

HUGE asian pear. not kidding -- it weighed almost 12 ounces. after i removed the core.

I made baked cottage cheese and pumpkin again… with a different result, of course.  I think that goes without saying.

I’m attributing the difference this time to the new kind of pumpkin.

The fantastic thing about this can of pumpkin is that it cost 99¢.  Wouldn’t you buy it?!

I’ve started to bid a sad farewell to my Trader Joe’s… apparently, that means that this next purchase was necessary.  Even though I hate tea, because I hate hot drinks.

But it’s vanilla and cinnamon in one fell swoop!  Two of my favorite things ever.  I have yet to try it, though.  😉

And speaking of the move?  Mr. J has decided that he finds the new office space “stuffy,” so he went down there on Friday afternoon with an air purifier to see if it made a difference to him.  If it doesn’t, we’ll have to move somewhere else, to “a less desirable location.”  I’m pretty sure that if I said I couldn’t breathe down there, he wouldn’t give a crap.  And if we end up relocating to the place I’m thinking of, then I am going to have to quit.  I am not going to commute 2.5 hours each way every day.

I really, really hate that guy.  (No, not just because of this, but it’s the icing on the cake.)

Several fishy deaths have necessitated a trip to the pet store tomorrow.  Fun times, fun times…

But I think a hot bath sounds more appealing right now.  On a somewhat related note, I received a question on Formspring about my skin care regimen (if you can call it that!), but the answer would probably qualify as a novel, so I may just make a post out of it…

And now I am going to take that bath.  Really.  Because my hands still reek of tuna.  *gag*

Question: Are kids more obnoxious than in years past?!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

“Reality is not always probable, or likely.”
~Jorge Luis Borges


4 responses to “Kids These Days…

  1. Ok so I have a formspring account but I kind of am confused by the whole thing.
    Yes, I think kids get worse in worse every year. With this pattern I think the human race might be obsolete in the next century due to people not wanting to deal with such monsters. I blame the disney channel and miley cyrus.

  2. mmmm vanilla and cinnamon tea!! and its a black tea too ❤ mm bet that flavor rocks!

    just wanted to quickly wish you a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

    btw did my nails in black too!! ❤ woohoo

  3. kids these days….are sooo disrespectful it’s not even funny. the last summer i worked as a camp counselor- man. those kids. even the parents couldn’t even control them. they just threw them out of the car and then drove away. FAST.

    i think it’s the whole they don’t have a lot of stuf the parents do their homework for them etc etc. sucky. or they don’t work. bleh.

  4. I h ave to try this cottage cheese and pumpkin! I also have a jar of that almond butter in my cabinet i have not yet cracked into. I should try it soon…Somtimes I do that with food and it sits around for months.

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