Bar Mitzvah … Migraine

Wow… I am totally wiped. out.  Three late nights in a row + a migraine = exhaustion, I guess, but math never was my best subject!

Let’s go in chronological order, shall we?

Tuesday was another lovely day, weather-wise.  It started with some aggravation (thank you, MTA), but I practiced the power of positive thinking and told myself that I wouldn’t let it be a horrible day because of that.  Even though, you know, you can’t get an A / good performance review / win an auction every day.

this is no longer available. sniff.

The day wasn’t a bad one.  It might not have been especially wonderful, but like I just said, that won’t happen every day!  I did, however, find this on my desk.

For those of you who can’t read the chicken scrawl, it says I would rather not look at this.  How about putting it on your fridge? Back story: I brought this magnet from Antigua (months ago!!) as a joke between my nutritionist and me.  Neither of us needs it, so I brought it to the office and gave it to my co-worker, and we decided to put it on the communal refrigerator to see how long it would take for someone to notice.  Now do you see how incredibly dense Mr. J can be??  Not to mention undemocratic.  😉

The workday ended, I went home.  Actually, on the way, I stopped off to take a little walking tour of the neighborhood to which my office is moving.  I visited what is going to become “my” new Whole Foods.  I have to say, I prefer the ones I frequent now… but maybe that’s just because I’m used to them.  I did, however, pick up something there that I’ve been trying to find!  (Clarification: something I’ve been trying to find for less than the price of a limb, as I have none to spare.)

My nephew’s bar mitzvah was supposed to begin at 7.00, but as we exist on Jewish time, everyone shows up late, so I didn’t need to rush quite as much, and I was able to satisfy my daylong craving for pumpkin oat bran.

My mom was hanging over my shoulder the entire time I was making this.  What is that?  What are you doing?  You’re not going to eat by the bar mitzvah? Well, excuse me.  I didn’t know I’m not allowed to eat now!  (Actually, I ate before the bar mitzvah because I didn’t know whether or not I’d end up eating enough there.  But I wasn’t about to tell her that, because it’s really none of her business.)

Then I put some squash and tempeh in the oven, did my nails, drank some crack while they (mostly) dried, and proceeded to get dressed and made up.  This involved trying out a new mascara on which I’d had my eye (no pun intended):

Ooooh… I like it!!  I think I may have a new favorite mascara.  🙂  It’s very similar to my previous favorite, so some further “testing” is required.  😉  (As an aside, every time I get my eyebrows threaded I’m afraid that I’ll sit up and look in the mirror to find that I have no brows left.  Does this happen to anyone else?!)

Then, the dress.  This is what it looks like as it’s meant to be worn:

And this is what it looks like as I had to wear it:

Two photos because I think neither of them actually shows what the dress looks like!!  It’s hard to see black on black, I guess.  And I can’t believe I used to wear heels on an almost daily basis… those are probably my first pair of stilettos (I’ve had them since I was in high school), and they’re actually pretty comfortable, but still.  Ouch.

On to the bar mitzvah.  I took about a dozen photos of this, because I was trying to figure out which settings to use on my camera.

some sort of salad in a taco shell bowl? no idea, i didn't eat it.

I never did figure it out, which was incredibly frustrating, but I still managed to take over eighty photos.   My brother (whose son’s bar mitzvah is next month) said he’s going to hire me because I’m cheaper than a photographer.  Thanks.  😉

Then, this.

mushroom soup

I know, I know; a caterer using paper goods?!  I’ve never heard of such a thing before, either.  Anyway, I’m pretty sure this soup had chicken in it.  I was really upset about that at first, until I remembered that I’m actually not a vegetarian on moral grounds, so it was just disordered of me to react that way.  Especially since there was more fat than necessary in here.  And pepper.  I mean, I like pepper, but this was overkill.

And then, this.

I cannot caption this photo, really.  There’s chicken, which I obviously didn’t eat (my sister took care of that for me).  And oily potatoes and vegetables.  And, um, a “fruit tart”?  I ate that thing, and I still have no idea what it is.  Pineapple, but the pink stuff in it?  Not a clue.

Something weird happened.  I looked at that plate, and my knee-jerk reaction was I can’t eat that, because of the grease.  I sat there for a few moments, and then picked up my fork and ate it.  Well, most of it, anyway.  And instead of feeling like everyone was staring at me and judging me, I felt… normal.  It was really, really odd.

I’m sure that it helped that my sister, sister-in-law and I strategically maneuvered ourselves onto a different table than my mom.  (My niece was at my table, but all the way on the other side, and the centerpiece was obstructing my view, so I was able to sort of pretend she wasn’t there.)

And then I went home, and went to sleep not long after.  Without “letting the food digest,” which is unheard of for me.  And I didn’t feel anxious about it.  Again, very, very strange.

But before I went to sleep, I had to rescue the squash and tempeh from the oven.  I’d turned the oven off before we left the house, but forgot to take the baking pans out.  Hence:

romaine, mini pumpkin, tempeh, green beans

Good thing I like it when food is well-done.  😉  On a side note, I’m pretty sure these mini pumpkins are meant to be decorative.  But I ate them last year, and nothing happened to me, so I think I’ll just keep eating them.  😉

This morning, I arrived at work.  I turned on the lights.  I sat down at my desk.  And, much to my dismay, especially considering #2 in this article, I suddenly couldn’t see.  Lovely.  I turned off the lights and crawled under a table in the back to meditate myself back to wellness.  (Benefit of being the first one in the office!)

so zen, isn't it... 😉

“Meditate” isn’t the right word… but back when I was taking karate, we used to do these visualization exercises where you imagine pain as a red ball of fire, which gathers in one place and then exits your body.  I was trying to do something like that.

When my first co-worker arrived, she turned on the lights.  I thought, Why don’t you just stab a knife in my skull? and turned off the lights on my half of the room.  There are 29 different bones in your skull, as per Snapple “Real Fact” #827, and every single one of mine was screaming in protest.  And then my hand turned numb.

looks like a normal hand, yes... but it sure didn't feel like one at the time. actually, it didn't feel like anything. which just makes me that much more grateful that i have the use of my hands on a normal basis!

The numbness later journeyed to my face.  It was a very… interesting few hours.  When Mr. J arrived, he snapped on all the lights (he’s on my side of the room), and I squinted, and he said, “Oohhh, the pain!”  Dude.  This is not. funny!  But I guess I can’t expect anything else from him.

i had to do SOMETHING with it, and raw spinach isn't my favorite. so i mixed it into the sauce. is that incredibly weird?

Oh yeah, that thing that I mentioned picking up in Whole Foods yesterday?  This is it.

It kinda tastes exactly like peanut butter.  And my curiosity is now satisfied.  🙂

I am off to my nutritionist now to find out if I’ve been a good enough girl over the past week.  A pity, since I want to read this:

I’ve been awaiting this for a while, so it’s exciting that it’s finally out!  But I suppose it’s not going anywhere.  Unlike me!


  • What do you do with raw spinach, other than add it to smoothies or use it in salads?
  • Do you get migraines?  If you do (with or without aura), have you found anything that helps lessen the agony??

That is quite enough of me for one day.  And I really should do some schoolwork.  Ah, well.

Have a great Thursday.

“Bore:  A man who deprives you of solitude without providing you with company.” 
~Gian Vincenzo Gravina
(that is a very eloquent way of describing how i feel about myself!!)


6 responses to “Bar Mitzvah … Migraine

  1. Well done on eating that meal even though it was full of grease! It’s an incredibly weird feeling to be able to eat with others in a social environment and actually feel “normal” for once. But it’s only weird because you’re not used to being normal 🙂

    Soynut butter?! I’m intrigued!

    I don’t go near spinach. I don’t get why people put it in smoothies and oatmeal. I understand putting it in savoury dishes though! Spinach is for Popeye 😛

    The ONLY thing that has actually helped me with a migraine is to nibble on chocolate. For some reason, it just helps take the nausea away and lessens the pain slightly. Hey, any excuse to eat chocolate, right?


  2. I’ve found no quick cure for migraines. I usually do something similar in the form of dark room, bed, no noise, pray for it to subside.
    I usually put my spinach in sandwiches or salads. I’ve tried them in an omelete I made once, and didn’t like the slimy consistency. Which is weird because I’ve eaten spinach omeletes at restaurants and liked it, but maybe I just didn’t make it right.?
    Your boss sounds like a real……..character.

    Your episode of feeling normal is something you should be proud of. I know it’s hard to see that from your perspective. I have those feelings now and never know what to do with them because it’s strange to feel normal and allow ourselves to do something others can do with ease. I really am happy that you had the “greasy” dish of….whatever that was! Even if it wasn’t that great, it’s nice to feel normal sometimes. Even if their’s no such thing as normal really 🙂

  3. Well done for eating the meal even though it looked scary to you 🙂 I’m sorry to hear about the migraine though! My mum and sister get them but I haven’t so far. As if we didn’t think so already, your readers now know that Mr J is a total arse! Who makes fun of someone with a migraine? Meanie. I love the effect of that mascara by the way, it looks somehow more real than most mascaras do? Hmm.

    I’m really glad you survived the bar mitzvah anyway!

  4. The dress still looks supa cute! I love the shape and length of the hem.

    My mom gets terrible migraines, and so does my good friend (whenever she doesn’t drink coffee). The only thing that really helps them is rest. Feel better!

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