Weird Monday

Mondays are not generally my favorite day of the week; I think many people share that sentiment.  So it was a really, really weird feeling to have Monday turn out to be a good day, and right from the start.

It was beautiful outside today, not exactly sweatshirt weather, but I just had to wear this hoodie I bought a couple of months ago.

I’m sure you can see why… my nails matched it perfectly!  😉  And look at the inside:

It is huge and delicious and fuzzy and cozy and I lurve it.

crispin apple -- looks like a granny smith, so it looks like it should be tart. it's not, but it's not exactly sweet, either. strange.

I found out on Sunday night that I had won twelve thousand dollars worth of jewelry.  I was rather skeptical, given the less than reliable source, as well I should have been… because it was misinformation.  In fact, I won an elliptical.  Okay.  I’ll take it.  😉

Actually, to backtrack a bit: Sunday is apparently “Stuffed Squash Sunday.”  I think I’ve had one every week for a month now.

white acorn squash stuffed with TVP, spinach, fetus carrots, baby bellas, corn, and a bunch of spices I forget.

White acorn squash, I think, is much better than the regular green variety.  But that’s just me.

And then I followed that up by baking, which I haven’t done in way too long.

I made these s’mores cookies for my brother.  I would not have been able to vouch for the taste of these, even pre-ED, because I wouldn’t have tasted them; I’ve always hated marshmallows.

Back to Monday!  I arrive at the gym, which naturally wasn’t open yet.  The door was actually obstructed by a drunk homeless woman sprawled out on the sidewalk.

I would have thought taking this picture was insensitive, but A) I was inside, and B) uhhh, note the bottle of alcohol.

While we waited (half a block away to avoid to stench) for the girl who opens to show up, one of the other members informed me that this location is going to be closing in November.  There goes one of my cons against moving: I won’t have a back-up gym here, either!  And I guess my gym fees will go down, since this location cost more than the others.

Then I got to work, where I found an email from my professor.  I got an A on my book talk!  He said, and I quote: “You’re really good at this.”  Which made me laugh so hard, because I am scared to death of public speaking.  (And he did, in fact, note that I ought to slow down and use more eye contact.  My therapist will love that one — she’s always trying to get me to work on the “eye contact” thing, and I just … can’t do it.)

romaine, roasted cauliflower, edamame, steamed sweet potato

On my lunch break, I wandered out to see whether I could find a dress to wear to my nephew’s bar mitzvah.  Now, I have plenty of dresses, and I certainly didn’t need another one.  Especially not another black one.  But it didn’t come in any other colors! (I bought this dress, but I could not get a decent picture of it.  If I end up keeping it / wearing it tomorrow night, maybe I’ll get one then.  Except that it won’t be sleeveless anymore.)

After I tried this new-to-me product, bought in Bed Bath and Beyond…

…which I really liked, despite its extreme sweetness (I double-checked the ingredients because I was sure there had to be sugar added; there is not), I found out that it was time for my annual performance review.  It went well.  So, woot woot! for that, even though I feel like an impostor, but whatever.

Class wasn’t too interminable, either.  We’ll gloss over a mild… incident I encountered in school, and just say that the day ended off on a fairly typical note.  As in, I was cursed at by some crabby woman on the subway, and naturally, I take such things personally.  (Oversensitive much?!)  I put in my token appearance at a cousin’s engagement party, and now for some reason, I am blogging instead of sleeping… and I need sleep, because even before my brother barged into my room last night, I was late getting to bed since I was on the phone with my nutritionist.  Initially, the call was about the bar mitzvah.  But then we were discussing the various different types of cattle.  Don’t ask.  I think we might have a rather… unprofessional relationship.  Anyway, I am not so excited about this bar mitzvah, but that kind of goes without saying.  I so need social skills training, it’s not even funny.

Oh, and the 99% chocolate?

too bitter for me.  I think I’d like 86% the best, but I’m happy with my 82%.

Bed calls!

Have  a happy Tuesday.

“Who covets more, is evermore a slave.”
~Robert Herrick


7 responses to “Weird Monday

  1. Glad you gave the cookies a try! I hope your brother loves them. 🙂

    The stuffed squash looks so good. I’ve never seen white squash before but i used to do that with regular acorn squash and always loved it! I’ll have to keep an eye out for the white variety since you mentioned it being better.

    Oh, and love that hoodie! I desperately wish it would hurry up and *stay* cool enough for hoodies here. It’s my favorite type of weather 😛

  2. Ah, eye contact. I always lose marks for that too, and for speaking too quickly. But I tend to try and cram in far too much in terms of the allotted presentation time and also nerves make me speak at 100 words per minute…I like to think that I’m packing in the content while still keeping people on their toes. They have to pay complete attention otherwise they won’t follow what I’m saying, so I’m doing their concentration skills a favour in that respect and so are you 😉

    Very happy that you had a good Monday 😀

    That is a lovely hoodie…I have a similarly snuggly favourite but it is slightly less stylish than yours ~ it has a hood with a panda face on it and little ears attached. So when I zip it up and put the hood up I look like a cross between a manga character and a football mascot 😛

    Don’t feel like a fraud in relation to your performance review: it went well because you’re an asset to your company, you work your butt off and you’re a highly intelligent woman. I think your workplace needs you more than you need the job, and they most certainly should recognise your huge contributions.

    Let’s hope today follows Monday’s trend 🙂


  3. I can see how your prof. gave you a good grade! Your writing is so good, I always feel like you are talking straight to me, if you know what i mean! 😉 The squash looks great, i have never been much a fan of squash, but your way of fixing them alwaays makes them look delightful! 🙂 Oh, and I LOVE your orange sweater and nails! i love painting my nails bright colors!

  4. Congrats on the A!

    I love that orange hoodie! Orange is my fave color! 🙂

  5. first of all i have to say that most people cannot and should not wear orange since its hard to pull off, but the hoodie sweater is absolutely beautiful. and with ur nail polish too, omg it looks so good! definitely wear orange, it looks awesome (and its the color of the 2nd chakra!!)

    eye contact is usually the last thing most people think of when presenting or speaking publicly. especially when they tell u after that everything about ur presenting is good, and it comes natural to you, but u have to make more eye contact lol.

    the pic of the homeless woman looks like it could be from my city. see far too much of that on a daily basis than id like 😛

    btw, YES YES YES to the fantastic s’mores cookies!! WOW, A++++


  6. Congrats for your mark! That sweater looks so cosy 😛

    Ugh, I’m like you on the marshmallows. I don’t get why people like them so much. They are much too squishy for my liking. And then when it comes to chocolate covered marshmallows *cue gag reflex* ick!!

    We have a rather famous homeless person here in Wellington, NZ. He’s pretty much the only one but he CHOOSES to be homeless because he luuurves living on the street. He’s called “blanket man” coz he carries around a huge blanket with him all the time. It’s pretty funny!


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