200 Days; Moving; Field Trip

Those of you who have seen my Facebook status messages of late may have noticed that I’m counting down to something.  As of today, there are exactly 200 days until my last grad school class ever.  (Unless I lose my sanity and decide to get a second master’s, which is not entirely impossible.)  But who’s counting…

I especially can’t wait because yesterday, I learned that the rumor first circulated in January is true: my office is moving.  There are both pros and cons to this, actually, but I’d really rather not move.  Pros are that it will mean a shorter commute, and that I will have my own office.  Cons?  Well, it’s farther away from my school; I won’t have multiple gyms to alternate between when one screws up; I’ll miss my Trader Joe’s; and especially since my therapist’s office moved farther uptown from where it used to be, using my lunch break to get there will be pretty impossible.  I liked working in that neighborhood.  This really kind of sucks, but I should count my blessings, because they were considering two locations, and the other one is so far out that if they’d moved us there, I seriously would have just quit.

Anyway, on this lovely, cheery day…

disappearing empire state building... photo taken at 7.45 am

…several of us went on a field trip to scout out the new place and see who would be getting which office.  Mr. J was originally thinking that I would share with one particular co-worker.  Honestly?  If I have to share an office, I can’t do it with her.  Remember when I changed all the light bulbs in the office?  In a windowless room (and we won’t have any windows in the new location, either), if I don’t have daylight bulbs, I very quickly deteriorate into an I want to freaking kill myself state.  This co-worker found the new lights too bright, so she replaced the bulbs over her desk with the old ones.  Coincidentally, her desk is right next to mine, but whatever.  I am not sharing an office with her.  Thank goodness.

But I still don’t want to move.

Moving on (no pun intended)!

I’m kind of in a salad rut.

romaine, stir fry veggies, tofu cutlet

romaine, alfalfa sprouts, tofu cutlet, rutabaga

Lately I’m just feeling very… uninspired, I guess.  I’m just too wiped out to think about what to make for lunch, and it’s boring me.  What do you do to get out of a “food rut”??  (I don’t mean a rut when you’re eating the same thing every day because you like it; that’s a different kind of rut.)

Actually, eating a salad yesterday was a poor choice.  Not that you need to know this, because it’s not exactly an appealing topic of conversation, but my digestive system and I had quite the disagreement.  It wasn’t a good day for that to happen, either, since I went to my nutritionist.  I should have eaten BRAT, but instead I ate pretty much normally, and my stomach didn’t like that.  As a random aside, apparently the probiotics in yogurt are beneficial when it comes to curing digestive ailments.  Who would’ve thunk it?  Dairy + upset stomach = disaster, if you ask me.

Food rut aside, I did manage to make some variation of the couscous bowl I created a few weeks back.  After devoting way too much thought to which grain and protein to use, that is.

I ultimately went with bulgur… mixed with microwaved zygote carrots, baby bellas, and green beans.  As I was stirring it all together, I realized that I had meant to include corn for a splash of color, but couldn’t be bothered to get it out of the freezer, so I sprinkled a bit of nooch over the top.  It’s yellow, anyway.  As for the black beans, I didn’t feel like opening a can — what would I do with the rest of it?! — so I finally opened the dried beans I bought a while back.  I don’t know why I thought it would be such a complex thing to do… I just boiled it for a few minutes, then let it sit in the hot water for about half an hour.  It was probably a little underdone, but I like it when it’s not too mushy anyway.

ezekiel corn tortilla, maranatha sunflower seed butter, banana, and an autumnal plate

My cousin is having a birthday gathering in her house tonight.  She invited me, and I said that I wasn’t going to be able to make it because I have way too much schoolwork to do.  That is actually true, even though I’m blogging — clearly, I’m very poor at managing my time.  But I wouldn’t have wanted to go anyway.  This cousin is a couple of months younger than I am, and we were in the same grade in school, but we had totally different groups of friends.  And her friends made my life miserable when I was younger.

I’m pretty flippant about it now — I mean, what’s the point in boo-hooing that girls were bitches to me when I was in school?  Girls are bitches.  It’s what they do, especially at that age.  But apparently, it’s not psychologically healthy for me to make a joke out of it.  Okay?… Am I supposed to sit and cry about it?!

Here’s what will happen if you neglect a jar of applesauce in the back of your refrigerator.

I realize that the focus is more on the jar than on its contents, so let’s take a closer look.

Mold.  Yummy, yummy mold!!

And now I will really have to go get some work done.  But first I just need to tell my dad this story about my brilliant co-workers… one of the offices in the new location has a structural beam in it.  Mr. J, who has a very… odd sense of humor, said, “Oh, we’ll just have [maintenance] remove it.”  And one of my co-workers said, “Oh, yes, that’s a good idea.”  And she was serious.  Really?!  Why would someone put a huge beam like that in the middle of a room for aesthetic purposes?!?!

Mr. J and I took one subway line back to our current office; the others took a different one.  And as we were walking back from the station, he proceeded to tell me how someone told him when he was in graduate school that he was going to get fat there, and that then he started taking a medication for headaches that made him lose weight, and he was XX pounds heavier than he is now, and that he met an old colleague at a conference and she had really “turned tubby”… and all the while I’m thinking Why the hell are you telling me this?!  Is he trying to freak me out and tell me that I’m going to get fat because I’m entering a “sedentary” field?  Eesh.

Okay.  I need to work.

Have a lovely weekend.

“Our deeds determine us as much as we determine our deeds.”
~George Eliot


7 responses to “200 Days; Moving; Field Trip

  1. Such a pretty picture of the empire state building!! I got a kick out the the story about your co-worker agreeing about removing the beam, too, lol. I feel like if I was there, I would have said the same thing just to be agreeable, and then realized how stupid that would be, haha. For some reason, I have this habit of agreeing before sort of going “wait, waht? no!” to myself. Bad, bad habit 😛
    Sorry the move isn’t working out to your advantage 😦 I hope once everything gets settled it seems a little bit better, though 🙂
    Oh, and whenever I have a can of black beans left over, I looove making baked beans with them, or bean burgers 🙂

  2. i hate when i make something thinking its gonna be so great only to be disappointed! thats my idea of a food rut.

    i hope you dont let mr. j get in the way of doing what you need to do to take care of yourself, love!!

    enjoy your weekend

  3. Absolutely love the photo of the Empire State Building: so ethereal and ghostly, yet magesterial too. You’ve captured a wonderful shot there!

    I’m not sure how to get out of food ruts. I think I get where you’re coming from, because I find I either become too exhausted or too afriad to try anything different: routines, especially around breakfast, are comforting for me. In my case it’s because I think anything else will leave me hungry, but for you it might well be different. The problem is whenever the rut is broken I tend to end up disappointed and returning to the old foods anyway!

    The move does sound a pain, but as you say it could have been worse. I think the bigger problem is the twit you have as a boss! It’s so common for some reason for people to offload their problems about weight onto slimmer people, as if they’re looking for some ‘secret’ because they believe that just because you’re so slim, you automatically have everything ‘sorted’ when it comes to food and exercise. Don’t take any notice of him though: you eat VERY differently to him and most likely his colleague. There are smaller and larger people all within the same organisations: some of my lecturers are very thin, some overweight, some obese. And they all have essentially the same job, so he’s talking out of his rear when it comes to that.

    Hope your week-end is going well.



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