I. Am. Screwed.

To say that I am feeling “overwhelmed” right now would be the understatement of the century.

I may have an addiction to mascara, but I will never, ever pay full price for it — it’s not as if I’m likely to suddenly find myself without a single tube, after all!  So I finally got to try this one I’ve been eyeing:

I like the premise… I don’t care how many people say it’s “so easy” to apply false eyelashes, I don’t think it is.  And it looks… fake.

And these don’t look like false eyelashes, either.  I actually liked this mascara quite a lot, but “Falsies” is a misnomer.

Another new-to-me Raw Revolution bar, tropical mango:

It surprised me that I absolutely loved the taste of this, since I don’t like mango at all.  But — again — the grease!!!!

As previously documented, Monday was a less-than-stellar day.  I did not discover until Tuesday just how awful it was.

We had some sort of crazy hail storm on Monday night.  It shredded much of my gardens.  😦

romaine, steamed sweet potato, roasted tofu, cauliflower

This is quite shocking — if I hadn’t already been sitting down, I would have had to sit down — but the pool was open this week.  I walked onto the deck, and immediately knew the water wouldn’t be warm — you can tell from the air temperature.  It also didn’t look that different than it did two months ago, so I can’t figure out why it was closed.  Maybe it looked a little cleaner, but really, what did they do, scrub the grout between the tiles with a toothbrush?!  And the water was freezing.  Like, 76° freezing.  After one lap, my limbs were so numb that the temperature ceased to bother me; after three, my teeth were numb.  Yeah, I didn’t know that was possible either.

romaine, roasted sweet potato, black beans, roasted Brussels sprouts

I stayed, though.  Because the only place I am ever really relaxed is in the water, and I desperately needed that.  Proof is that I actually slept through the night afterward!  That, however, is a feat which was not replicated the next night, because school-related anxiety did an awesome job of keeping me awake.

spiralized zucchini with Eden Organic pinto bean & spelt chili (most of it is under the zucchini)

I have several projects due — not including the re-do of another assignment because I refuse to accept that grade — and I don’t even know where to start.  I always feel a little better about such things once I have something down on paper, but this is entirely too overwhelming and I can’t even come up with that.  This is the point at which I usually say that I don’t even care about the grade, I just want to get it done — but clearly, that isn’t true.

Ezekiel sprouted corn tortilla with chunky PB and blackberry jam ... OIAJ, here I come!

The two classes I am taking this semester are so similar in so many ways that I am constantly getting confused about what’s what… but it’s also a good thing in that I can combine a site visit for both of them.  No, it’s not ideal; and no, I don’t care.  Like I said, I have senioritis.  At the same time, if anyone knows anything about tweens, or is one, (or remembers being one, because I sure as hell don’t!), your input would be much appreciated…

Especially since I attempted to combine said site visit tonight, and I nearly had a coronary.  My GPS was sending me around and around in circles, and I got so lost it wasn’t even funny — because I was practically around the corner from where I needed to be all along.  I wasted two hours that could have otherwise been spent in a productive fashion.  I am not going there again.  I can’t.  This assignment is due in less than two weeks, and I am screwed.

Last night, I found a new-to-me apple variety in the supermarket.  I am not actually posting about that, because I haven’t tried it yet.  But I just wanted to point out why I don’t really care for Honeycrisp apples.

They are freaking. huge!  I like smaller apples.  My mom says, “Cut it in half.”  Um, yeah.  I like smaller apples because I think they’re sweeter.  Halving an apple the size of a cantaloupe won’t help with that.

And while I’m pointing things out, I’d like to mention that clothing sizes are completely arbitrary.  I’m sure we all knew that, but still.  I was in Target earlier this week, and I always end up buying things I really don’t need… this time, it was these tops (I didn’t realize until I was in line that they match each other perfectly!).  Anyway, they’re the same brand, same year.

I know that they’re different styles, and that the one on top is supposed to be a looser fit.  But that one is a smaller size.  I just found this rather… interesting.

It can just get in line, but my laptop hates me.  I mentioned that it wasn’t reading my memory card; well, there’s nothing wrong with the card, because it works on my other laptop.  There’s nothing wrong with my laptop, because the card from my SLR works just fine.  It’s just a conspiracy to drive me insane.  I guess it didn’t get the memo — I already am insane.

Seriously.  I don’t know what to do.

But you have a great weekend.

“Hardware: the parts of a computer that can be kicked.”
~Jeff Pesis


8 responses to “I. Am. Screwed.

  1. Ugh, sounds like such a sucky time, hun! I’m sure you’ll manage to get everything done. It’s just a matter of having no life for a few weeks. I’ve been there. IT SUUUUCKS! But in the end, it’ll be well worth it. Just remember to have to yourself as well 🙂

    I just bought a block of firm tofu and I see that you eat roasted tofu. How do you do yours?

  2. Your eyelashes look better than falsies any day: you don’t NEED them.

    That is a truly freezing pool temperature…I don’t think I’d be able to stand it!

    Through all of the work and stress, remember that this is the final year of having to endure this and you WILL get past your block: you’ve done it in the past, and I know you can do it again.


  3. you have gorgeous eyes! and i love how you did the mascara. i haven’t even dARED try to put makeup on my face 😉

    i was thinking. maybe “boys and girls club”? that’s a program i think. or those big brother/big sister programs? girl scouts? boy scouts?

    a lot tweens are really into iCarly lately. the big thing was “spaghetti tacos”. i am pulling shit out of my ass. sorry. i just want to help! 🙂

    i really should makea trip to NY 😉

    and yeah! the grease bothers me too. i like the coconut chocolate one. i’lll try this one for sure! and my food processor is coming. shall i make a MEBAR 🙂

  4. Eek, I agree with Jess, I don’t think I could stand water that cold! Bad pool people. I’m sorry your Monday was so disastrous ❤ at least it's the weekend now! Also, you're not screwed yet 😉 you still have two weeks. No catastrophising allowed!!

  5. What do you put on your tofu when you roast it? I’ve been trying to experiment with different thing and havent come up with anything to exciting 😦

    Okay, i’m going to have to try that mascara now! I use to spend like $25-30 on mascara at sephora, sometimes more! Then I realized that Maybeline makes just as good mascara, if not better! =)

    Dana xo

  6. Target gets me everytime too. I actually avoided going today even though I needed one thing..I knew I’d leave with way more than that.

    I’m a mascara addict too. I used to wear a $25 tube, but now I prefer a $7. A bit easier on the wallet..that’s for sure.

  7. I wish you the best of luck, but you reminded me how much I dont miss school.

    I cant eat “half” of anything. maybe stick it in the dryer and the apple will shrink? But honeycrisp are awesome. Maybe the organic ones will be smaller, they usually tend to be.

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