It’s Noisy Here

I’ve mentioned my trippy acupuncture dreams before… but today’s was really weird.  In fact, I even mentioned it to my acupuncturist, as my sister-in-law has gotten acupuncture and claims she had no such experience.  The acupuncturist thought it was really strange, too.  I guess I’m just a freak!

After all of these holidays, it was nice to get back to a basic salad.

Romaine, roasted cauliflower, tofu, and kabocha.  Over-spiced, of course.  But that’s fine with me.

Even better?  Packages!

First, this from the folks at Artisana:

All I wanted was a sample of cashew butter; heaven knows what I’m going to do with this haul!  Especially the coconut-hater in me, who is rapidly learning not to hate it quite so much.  Thank you to the Artisana people; reviews will come as I try these.

Next, a very, very expensive package.

This is the first time I’ve bought hair products from Ouidad since they’ve re-designed the packaging.  I buy salon sizes for a reason!  I don’t actually need shampoo or conditioner — my old bottles are still half-full — but I did need more gel.  And I have to say, I prefer the old packaging, because those bottles are not opaque.  I like to see how much product I have left.

Also in the hair care department, this arrived for me today:

Apparently, I won this in an Allure giveaway.  I’d try it tonight, except that I am hopping into the shower as soon as I’m done here, and it’s supposed to be used on dry hair.

Can I just say how very peeved I am?  I generally wash my hair on Tuesday evenings after going swimming.  However, I did not go swimming today, because the pool — which was supposed to re-open on September 18 — is still closed!!  What am I supposed to do for stress release if I don’t have that?

And believe me, I need to release some stress right now.  I wanted to get this booktalk down on paper, because I wanted to run it by my professor first to make sure that I won’t make a complete idiot out of myself.  But tonight was the night that six of my nephews moved in.  I am truly very grateful that I have wonderful hearing, but when my house is overrun with a bunch of screaming banshees, even if I lock myself up in my room with earplugs stuffed in my ears, I can still hear them.  And I can’t concentrate.  So instead I went out in search of a dress again.

Nice dress, huh?  That would be a golden acorn squash and a white acorn squash.  I was just annoyed that I drove all the way out there for no reason, so I bought these in the supermarket across the street.  I feel like I lived in supermarkets today; I went to one near my house to pick something up for a reader (hi, Hilary!  :)), and then when I was making my lunch for tomorrow (which is going to be exactly the same as my lunch on Thursday… b-o-r-i-n-g), I ran out of lettuce, so I had to go back there.  That’s just for starters.

My house, in fact, is so unpleasant for me right now, that this is more appealing.

That is so not my kind of thing.  But I don’t want to be in my house right now at all.  In fact, I’m going out for dinner with a friend this week.  Voluntarily.  Because no matter how much I dislike doing it, it’s preferable to the alternative.

After the kids finally went to bed (at which point I was ready to the same), Google Docs was acting up, so I had to switch computers.  And now I am just too tired to think about it.  When am I going to get any of this done?!… I am starting to panic.

The Spring 2011 schedule is now available, which means I am planning my last semester of graduate school!  The problem: throughout the first half of any academic program, registering for certain classes is difficult due to lack of pre-requisites.  During the second half of the program, registering is difficult because I’ve already taken everything I can / want to take!  But I am so, so glad that there might be an end in sight…

I just need to get a $#^)load of work done first.  And right now, it does not look like that is happening.  Help.

Happy Hump Day!

“Silence moves faster when it’s going backward.” 
~Jean Cocteau
(I don’t care… I’ll take silence any which way!!)


7 responses to “It’s Noisy Here

  1. Ooh interesting, your acron squashes actually look like acorns – the acorn squashes sold in England are kind of splotchy, like the one you commented on in one of Jessica’s posts a few weeks back. Not that it matters, I just find squash variation interesting 😛 there are so many different types. I still haven’t found one that I like all that much, but they can be very pretty!

    Ack, I hope your nephews calm down a bit soon! Trying to study when it’s so noisy is never fun.

  2. lists lists lists!! make them!! sometimes they help me see that I’m over-stressing and creating unnecessary anxiety that prevents me from actually getting ANYTHING done! and if you do make lists, be KIND to yourself– do what you can and what you can”t, can always be done another day 🙂

  3. I don’t think I need to reiterate my love for squashes, but I have to say that those look so perfect, almost ceramic in the smoothness of the skin…and major nut-butter sample envy occurring over here too!

    So sorry you’re still being invaded…I can’t concetrate with even the slightest noise so I have no idea how I’d cope with the distractions you have to put up with, particularly when you’re at such an advanced level and the material must be brain-crushingly difficult.



  4. Congrats on an end in sight for grad school! Now, that is an accomplishment! 🙂

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