Bumbling Fog

Warning: I have not had anywhere near enough sleep this week, and as a result, this post will probably make little to no sense.  Or, at least, much less sense than usual.  Apologies in advance.

My mom did come to take me to lunch on Monday.

romaine, egg whites, chickpeas, kidney beans, broccoli, green beans, cucumbers, mushrooms, peppers, croutons... I think that's it?

But the real excitement, of course, was this.

frozen yogurt!

The last time I was in Israel (way too long ago, coincidentally), we stayed a short walk from the most awesome frozen yogurt shop.  What made it so awesome, of course, was that I could eat it.  This alone is a reason to go back there.  Not that I needed more reasons, or anything.

Since I went out with my mom, the leftover corn and green beans from the “shepherd’s pie” had to serve some other purpose.  Mission duly accomplished:

On a bed of baby spinach, I combined wheat couscous with green beans, corn, black soy beans, and fetus carrots.  I mixed in garlic salt and chili powder, and topped it all off with Frank’s.  I never used to like “mix-in” bowls like this, but I think they’re growing on me.

There were still some soy beans and corn left, so I cooked them up with pasta sauce and baby bellas, and used it to top zucchini noodles.

Hmmm.  I suppose that isn’t the most appetizing picture.  Oh well!

Because I seem to collect mascara… I tried a new one.

This promises “voluptuous” lashes.  Would someone care to explain exactly what that would look like?!

Somehow, this isn’t quite what comes to mind.

I realized on Sunday night that I was really stupid for not doing any cooking for Sukkos that day, because when else am I going to do it?!  Monday night I have class, and Tuesday night I would go swimming, except that the pool is still closed.  (Yes, it was supposed to open on the 18th.  No, they don’t know why it hasn’t opened yet, or when it will.  This is totally why I pay for a membership.)  So I went to see my nutritionist instead.  I think I’d rather have gone swimming…

Anyway, I did manage to get something done when I got home on Monday night.

Roasted butternut squash, using this recipe.  Seriously — you need to try this.

And while that’s all very fall-like, I am also enjoying / mourning what is sure to be the last of this season’s berries.

I think I prefer summer fruit, but winter vegetablesWhich seasonal produce is your favorite?

On Tuesday night, I did some other random things in the kitchen — it was late at night, my head was exploding, and I could barely see straight.  But there was no other time to do any of it!!

spicy roasted chickpeas

curry roasted cauliflower

cabbage and noodles

bread pudding

I just realized that all of those things are white / beige.  How incredibly boring!  And the picture quality is awful, but honestly, my priority at the time was getting into bed, not taking pictures.

Part of the reason why my head was exploding was because I had an appointment with my therapist yesterday, and it proved incredibly aggravating, as she’s riding the pharmaceutical train again.  And then, as I was sitting on the subway on my way home from work — with an already-forming headache — a woman sat down next to me, and in the process, her handbag bashed me in the head.  She kept apologizing profusely, and I just kept saying, “It’s okay,” even though it clearly wasn’t, because, I mean, she didn’t do it on purpose.  But that is just an awkward situation — what are you supposed to say?! And then after all of her apologies, she fell asleep and basically wound up in my lap.  Lovely.  :p

There is way too much going on right now, and I have way too many things to do, which is really rather overwhelming.  And, joy of joys, here’s a holiday again!  My sister is coming over tomorrow night.  Which means my niece is too.  Let’s pretend to not be stressed out over this… and focus instead of academic stresses, which are probably more socially acceptable.

Since I am just rambling now, I am going to shut up and get to work so I can get out of here as soon as possible!  Have a great weekend.

“Life is about obstacles, endeavors in life are not to be overlooked.”
~Wade Boggs


3 responses to “Bumbling Fog

  1. Hope your head feels better today!

    I like the Stiletto eyeliner, but have been using CG mascara… even though they both probably test on animals 😦

  2. i have a brilliant idea– we go to israel and eat fro yo together, yay 🙂

  3. I swear, the cows in Israel must be holy or something to produce such delicious dairy. I’m not big on the fro yo anymore, but I’m obsessed with their chocolate milks in bags!
    Your eyes are gorgeous! I’m so jealous, I have “poop” colored eyes.

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