Looks like we’re a pretty mixed bag when it comes to chocolates!  As for everyone’s suggestions… Theo, Cote d’Or, and Vega are not kosher;  Endangered Species, Dagoba, Cadbury, and Baker’s are all dairy.  Believe me, I could have told you in my sleep what the kosher status is for every type of chocolate out there!  My dad said that the 82% has a “bitter aftertaste.”  I’m guessing he will not be too enamored of the 99%… 😉

But, speaking of chocolate…

chocolate chocolate chip muffin

This is what happens when I ask my mom to pick up some chocolate chip muffins for me.  “They didn’t have any chocolate chip.”  Holy chocolate overload!  =O

Guess what I found this morning?  Libby’s pumpkin!  I was so excited that I grabbed two cans and went to the register… but as I was waiting in line, I realized that I didn’t want to pay over $2 a pop for canned pumpkin.  Especially since I hoarded a can last year, and I don’t eat that much of it.  No, I prefer fresh winter squash.

red kuri squash

I think you’re actually supposed to peel this once it’s cooked, but I can’t be bothered.

And I lived to tell the tale.

I am reading an extremely boring book for one of my classes.  Call me crazy, but I think that a book with the word “amusing” in its title ought to be, well, amusing!

You know what else is crazy??  My nutritionist wants me to come for a weigh-in on Thursday, before Yom Kippur.  Have we mentioned that she had a baby yesterday??  I mean, it’s really nice that she cares that much, but, hello — you just had a baby!

That verbal vomit I mentioned yesterday?  Yeah, it’s not going to happen tonight.  Because I was so busy with other random things, and then my sister called to discuss plates (for my niece… setting up house), and my mom was interrupting me every thirty seconds while I tried to watch some random movie clips for class, and, yeah… sleep sounds better than verbal vomit right now.

However, I do have two questions.

  1. I really need a long-sleeved, black boatneck top.  Not a casual T-shirt — something more “dressy,” I guess.  I’ve looked everywhere I can think of, with no luck.  Anyone have any idea where I would be able to find this?!  Time is kind of running out, and I am afraid I will have to go to Macy’s.  (Quite literally afraid — that place scares the crap out of me.  Way too big.)
  2. Corn maltodextrin.  What are your thoughts?

And off I go.  Have a happy Hump Day.  (Personally, I hope it goes by faster than today, which was i.n.t.e.r.m.i.n.a.b.l.e.)

“One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one’s work is terribly important.” 
~Bertrand Russell
(Looks like I’m safe, then)


5 responses to “Squash.

  1. the chocolate bars from Terra Nostra and Seeds of Change both are certified organic and kosher, and theyve got dark varieties, and i know the terra nostra is REALLY yummy!

    wow im surprised that ur nutritionist is already gung-ho after delivering. is that allowed, should she be on bed rest..or however pregnancy works hehe.. not fun for you, well weigh-ins arent fun for anyone huh eeeek 😛

    haha ur mom got u the most chocolate of chocolate WOW!
    i love steamed kuri squash, so delicious! should probably try baking with it soon 🙂

    xoxo ❤

  2. Wow, your nutritionist is…committed? Enthusiastic? A bit crazy? Something like that! Good luck anyway.

    I couldn’t help out with chocolate in the US because I don’t know what’s available. However, if you ever come to the UK, I can help you out then 😛

    Eh, corn maltodextrin (or even corn syrup, gasp!) doesn’t bother me. Very simple carbs would probably not be the best thing to base my entire diet on, but it’s not going to kill anyone in small amounts 😉 besides, there are so few processed foods that I can eat that it doesn’t make much of a difference to me. I have filed these issues under “not worth spending time or energy worrying about” in my brain 😛

  3. You have more willpower than I to resist the allure of Libby’s pumpkin! Though your squash looks rather tasty too…I’ve never had or even seen Kuri squash. And I think you can eat the skins on them as long as your stomach can deal with the fibre (mine cannot!) I’ve eaten Kabocha skin and lived to tell the tale…just.

    One can never have too much chocolate 😉 Your Mom certainly surpassed herself with that muffin.

    Here’s to a speedy hump-day for us all!


  4. I used to eat chocolate chocolate chips muffins (from 7-11) might I add weekly when I was a kid! LOVEd them 🙂

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