Departmental Snooze

I am going to be very “nitpicky” for a moment.  My trip to Aruba was, in fact, quite fabulous.  It was also in June of 2008.  I just returned from Antigua.  I know, I know — all those “A” islands get confusing.  😉

Today was our departmental meeting.  We have them twice a year, and they are pure. torture.  In fact, they are so dreadfully boring that Mr. J falls asleep.  Every time.  Except for when he gives his own mind-numbing presentation, when we are all supposed to be chipper, interested and alert.  Gah!!  But I was assigned the role of official photographer for the event, so Cary got an outing.  😉

Cary did that, too.  Natural light!  The batter yielded so many pancakes!  I was, of course, too impatient to cook them in two batches, but a wrench was thrown in my plans to make silver dollar sized pancakes when the batter spread on the griddle.  Try flipping over three pancakes that have joined as one; it is not easy.  The blueberries were flying everywhere!  But I did get eight lovely pancakes in the end, so it’s all good.  🙂

I am seeing my nutritionist tonight for the first time since the start of the summer.  Not to make excuses for myself, since it’s absolutely my responsibility, but things have gone sort of haywire ever since I got the news about my niece.  I’m sure it will all be fine, though, so I shouldn’t worry — except that worrying seems to ensure that everything will be fine, so maybe I should worry!

Since I actually don’t have anything of import to say, and am really not quite sure exactly why I am posting, I will throw a few pictures at you and be on my merry way…

Zensoy vanilla pudding with blackberries and raspberries… which are actually better in yogurt.

This is another variation of “baked beans on a sweet potato” … and how odd, I didn’t realize until I linked that, but I ate roasted broccoli with it last time, too. I used Lightlife Smart Tex Mex here.

romaine, roasted cauliflower, tempeh, baby carrots

This might seem random, but maybe I’ll tell you later why I’m asking this question… What’s your favorite moment from when you were in the sixth grade?

Have a happy Thursday!

The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder.” 
~Ralph W. Sockman


5 responses to “Departmental Snooze

  1. Oddly enough, I actually read it as Antigua anyway…must have remembered it from previous posts? Shows that the mind sees what it ‘wants’ to see I suppose!

    Congratulations for getting through the departmental meeting, and I think they’re very fortunate to have you as a photographer…judging by your pancake shot, I’ll bet every picture looks amazing.

    Good luck with the nutritionist tomorrow…sorry everything’s been so hard with food and life recently. I wish I could do something to reassure you how wonderful you are, and how you’re twice the person your neice will ever be whether you get married tomorrow or when you’re ninety because you’re fiercely intelligent, witty and a million other brilliant qualities too.


  2. ur one of the few people who can make tempeh look really hearty and appetizing! i always love how u whip out a container to throw a bunch of greens together and top with tempeh ❤
    cant wait to hear how ur appointment goes! i hope it went really well since im sure when u read this u'll have already gone 🙂

    hmm sixth grade was one of my favorite years! i was such a trouble maker. my fav was when we had an exchange teacher from japan come in and make us udon noodles.. lol all he did was make us food, no one complained of course 😛


  3. Sixth grade would be…age 10? 11? It was a bad year for me, I don’t remember many good bits! But that’s a dreadful cop-out…um, if it was age ten, I was in a nice pantomime during the summer. I was a billy goat gruff. During a heatwave, with this big furry costume on. Big billy goat passed out five minutes before we were due on one night. Stage lighting, fake fur and 90 degree weather does not go well.

    I hope the appointment with your nutritionist went okay ❤

  4. hm best thing from 6th grade? this is going to sound vain and stupid but oh well…I started getting noticed by the more ‘popular’ group of guys. actually i dont see that as the best thing that happened to me then now. I just thought it was the best thing in the world when i was 11 hahaha

    Dana xox

  5. OMG 6th grade was the BOMB! I had the best group of friends back then, and I didn’t know anything about eating disorders, and I just liked to play and swing water balloons. Loved our water balloon fights!

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