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Nearly There

Seamstress, yesterday at noon: It’s ready.  You can come pick it up after 4.00.

Seamstress, yesterday at 5.30: Oh, can you come back in an hour?

Mom: I thought you said it was ready!

Seamstress: I forgot to include the “almost.”

We went back today.  This…

…has turned into this.

My mom is all annoyed because she thinks it’s still too short.  Quite frankly, I couldn’t possibly care less than I do.  And this picture was taken before I left the seamstress’ place; my room is not that big of a disaster zone!

vanilla yogurt, chocolate chip muffin topper, chocolate syrup

Instead of going to see my therapist this week, we had a phone session.  I quite liked that, even though I hate the phone, because that gave me time to go and spend some more money unnecessarily… eh, okay, it isn’t entirely unnecessary.  My poor feet were in agonizing, excruciating pain from those stupid wellies; I wanted to buy Hunter wellies a while back, because I figured that if I didn’t get a “knockoff” version, it might actually be more comfortable.  But I fall between sizes, and so I couldn’t get those.  I bought these instead.  Don’t ask me what’s up with those studs, because I haven’t got a clue; all I care about is that they seem to be more comfortable than the (three) pairs I already own.

Honeycrisp and cinnamon... not my favorite apple, actually (that would be Jazz), but it was wonderful and juicy!

If I had to summarize it, I’d say half of the aforementioned phone session was spent on the “I will not take drugs” issue.  I’m tempted to say that I’ll do it, then just not do it but let her think I am, and then I will watch the reverse placebo effect at work.  That would be rather interesting.

The other half of the session was spent on dissecting why I hate it so very much when the holidays bring around foods that I hate to have around.  I figured out why it annoys me so much: I never really have to worry about eating “too much” of something, because I hate leftovers, and since I just cook for myself, I only ever make one portion at a time.  I’m not used to having such huge amounts in front of my face.  Just the situation alone makes me feel out of control, without my even doing anything.

cucumber from my garden!

After Saturday, this interminable month of holidays will… well, terminate.  Finally.  But first I have to get through the hell of tonight and tomorrow night.  It’s not a big secret that (to put it mildly!) I do not like to eat late at night.  Granted, I’m not as bad as I used to be — I might not be happy about it, but I won’t descend into a full-blown panic attack.  However, I have my limits, and I’m sorry, but eating at midnight is just not in the cards for me.  While skipping the meal altogether is a lovely idea, I am just going to come home earlier than everyone else and eat on my own.  (Then I get to feel disgusted for that, too.  I tell you, I am impossible.)  My parents are not very pleased with this plan, needless to say.

Which is really just too bad.

I know I said we’re going to be trying darker chocolate, but this was on sale, so I just bought one… my brother would like it.

I guess the 99% would look like this, too, because this is baking chocolate.  It was impossible to break; I barely managed to crack off these two squares, and then I just gave up and shaved off a small piece with the knife.

Not bad, but too sweet for me.  I like it dark!

And as a lovely little segue into the topic of “dark chocolate,” here’s a new frozen novelty.

Coconut Bliss dark chocolate bars.  Too much coconut, not enough chocolate!

Something else that was “too much”?

All Whites with sweet paprika, chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, sea salt, baby bellas and yellow squash; microwaved and then broiled sweet potatoes with chili powder, sweet paprika, and garlic powder

I went way overboard on the spices here.  The hot sauce didn’t help matters any!  But it was g-o-o-d.  😉

Oh, and of course I had to go to Petco to replace my dead fish.  Which I carried around all day in a water bottle.  And in order to get it into the water bottle, I had to pick it up by the tail and drop it in.  Which was kind of gross.

blue gourami

Way back when I first started my aquarium, I had a blue gourami.  That was before I realized how traumatic it is to get attached to your fish… I was very, very sad when that gourami died, and so I haven’t had one since.  (Well, I also don’t like their “whiskers.”  But I figured that if I have angelfish with massive whiskers, I can live with this.)

There is, unsurprisingly, a huge mountain of reading I need to do for school.  Except that the book I really need — because I have to read it by Monday — is still “in transit,” and has been for a few weeks.  I guess that won’t be happening, then.  I’m telling you, I am getting an ulcer because of all this school stress.  And I’m averaging around four hours of sleep a night, if I’m lucky.  My therapist tells me to “let it go,” but, um, if I knew how to just “let it go,” don’t you think I’d do that?!

Instead, I will go prepare for the holiday of doom.  Oh, and going to synagogue should be really fun now, considering I look like I walked into a pole — there is a massive mosquito bite on my forehead.  Whee!

Have a great weekend.

“When you have to make a choice and don’t make it, that is in itself a choice.” 
~William James



My current afflictions include a severe case of insomnia, as well as acute senioritis.  These do not make a very good pair.  Add to that the fact that I need to do multiple booktalks … and that I need to give a presentation practically every single week for the next few months … I am passing out at the thought.  I don’t care how many times I do it; speaking in public always makes me hyperventilate.  Not kidding.

One of the fish I bought yesterday is pretty much dead — shockingly, not a pleco — but I feel bad taking it out, because it’s not actually dead.  And it isn’t even my fault this time, because I tested the water, and everything is fine.  (Doing a daily water change will make that happen, I guess.)  I prefer Petco fish only because they have a thirty-day return policy on deceased aquatic life (oxymoron much?!) — for good reason!!!

Brief interlude:

Horrible picture.  But that’s a “toasted” whole wheat hamburger bun, Maranatha sunflower seed butter, and banana slices.  I toasted the bun because I wanted to make French toast out of it, and it wasn’t even remotely stale.  I didn’t mean to toast it, but I put it in the oven and forgot about it.  I know it doesn’t look like French toast, but I actually did dredge it in a mixture of soy milk, egg white and banana extract.  Apparently it was too fat to cook like that.  Oh, well.  It tasted fine, anyway.  😉

The good news of the day is that I do not have a cavity like I thought.  My dentist told me that it’s impossible for me to have any sensitivity to hot or cold in that tooth anyway, so I guess I’m just nuts.  He said I should try a certain toothpaste and see if that helps.  I went to buy it, and I encountered another genius employee… I paid with a ten dollar bill, but it was printed in 1950, which means it looks slightly different from one that was printed recently.  She decided it was counterfeit, and even when she called her manager and the manager told her it was fine, she was skeptical — “I’ve never seen anything like this before!”  Really??  Did you not handle money before the new bills were printed?!

And I encountered another brilliant individual today — I’m on a roll!  My mom came to take me to lunch again.  Because I am a crazy person, I called my nutritionist and told her to tell me that I needed to not get non-fat dressing.  (Yes, I have issues, okay?!)

romaine, broccoli, (mealy) cucumbers, peppers, green beans, mushrooms, ginger-grilled tofu, croutons, LOW FAT raspberry vinaigrette

I wanted roasted pepper vinaigrette.  Of course they didn’t have any.  And, nasty weather notwithstanding, frozen yogurt was a must.  Except that the machine wasn’t turned on, so we had to wait.  And while doing that, I watched as the carton of frozen yogurt mix / starter / whatever-it’s-called was poured into the machine.  In front of the sign that reads, “Fat free frozen yogurt.”  From a container labelled “low fat frozen yogurt.”  It’s not that I feel like I’m going to explode because I ate low fat frozen yogurt instead of fat free; I just feel kind of… deceived, I guess. 

When I told them that it wasn’t true that the frozen yogurt was fat free, they just couldn’t understand why.  “That’s what the sign says!”  I know it does — that’s the problem!!

Also a problem is the fact that I received three mini Larabars as free samples in Whole Foods last week.  Well, that’s not the problem per se; the problem is that one of them was coconut (I hate coconut, so I gave it to my dad); I kept the cherry; and I mourned over the fact that I could not have this one.

I gave it to my co-worker.  With strict instructions that he is not to eat it until I bring him a Mebar so that he can compare the two for me.  😉

In case you were in doubt as to my lack of sanity, observe today’s weather:

Bad picture, but you get the idea.  Nasty, cold, rainy.  So I did what any truly sane person does, and wore flip-flops.

Ouch.  I hate flip-flops; I do not understand how anyone finds them comfortable!  And I totally need to disinfect my feet.  And I am also rocking the oh-so-classy sock tan.  I have no shame, I tell you.

Remember the dress saga?  Well, since I have so many nephews that I can’t even keep track of them… as it turns out, I have two nephews with upcoming bar mitzvahs.  I refuse to wear the same dress to two bar mitzvahs in a row, because I’m a brat like that, so off I went in search of something else.

Keep in mind that I am going to have to tear apart any dress I get, since my height exceeds four feet and these are all too short.  And I need sleeves.  So I don’t bother looking at sizes; the bigger, the better, because it gives me more to work with.  Ergo, none of the dresses in these pictures actually fit, but it’s just to give you a general idea!

this is cream-colored; the embellishments are gold. I think it's a little too... virginal for me.

black and silver. love this one, but I have SO many black dresses, and it's very, very similar to the yellow dress I posted last time.

don't really like this one, and if I did get it, I'd remove the bow. SO not me. I just want a brown dress because I have a killer pair of brown heels that I've never worn since I have nothing that goes with them!

...and that's why I love this. it's brown! the dots are fuschia -- generally a color I avoid, since it makes me look like a cadaver, but in such a small amount it should be fine. except that this is way too short.

I don’t think any of these are going to work, actually.  But if you happen to be a dress alteration genius, your suggestions are more than welcome!!  😉

Tomorrow, I believe, I will suffer the agony of wellies… instead of flip-flops.  This is why sunny days > rainy days!

And now I am going to shut up, because I think I stopped making sense within the first three lines of this post.  Have a great Tuesday!

“Somehow our devils are never quite what we expect when we meet them face to face.” 
~Nelson DeMille


Let’s not go into all the gory details involved in the past few days… it’s enough to say that seven of the twelve fish in my aquarium died, resulting in some major hassles today.  I went to Petco and got some more fish, and I am telling you, these pet store employees get more and more clueless every time I go to one.  It’s rather scary.

dalmatian molly



Yes, I got plecos again.  Even though they’ll probably die straightaway… I don’t know what else to do about the algae growth!!  If the pH level of my water can’t sustain the life of an algae eater, how am I supposed to get rid of algae??  One would assume that the logical place to go with such a query would be the pet shop… but let us consider that when I asked for a couple of plecos, the Petco employee scooped out some tetras.  Not exactly the type of person to whom I’d turn for advice, you know?

And guess what? Remember how I found this 82% chocolate, and I said that it wouldn’t be a regular purchase, due to its cost?  Well.

If you’re wondering what on earth possessed me to go out and spend nearly $40 on chocolate… I randomly picked one up in Whole Foods and noticed that it was marked kosher dairy.  This means that soon, I will not be able to get this chocolate with any other designation.  Whole Foods only had that one bar, so I went to another store — where it was even more expensive, mind you — and bought an insane amount.

Even this one (which I haven’t tried yet), because now I am paranoid.  Not to mention angry — I finally find a chocolate that I like, and now I won’t be able to have it anymore?!  Gaaaahhh!!

Clearly, I have major issues.

At least something exciting happened:

My peppers have finally started to grow!!  It only took, oh, three months, if not more than that.  I had all but abandoned hope.

Some reviews for this disjointed post!

Soy Delicious dulce de leche.

Yeah, I don’t like caramel.  I was actually in a different Whole Foods than the two I usually frequent, because I was trying to track down my Glenny’s cookie bars (which I later found in one of “my” Whole Foods, but whatever), and they had this flavor of soy ice cream we hadn’t yet tried.  Since I don’t like caramel, I didn’t particularly care for this.  The caramel isn’t overpowering, but that just means that it’s a no-win either way: if you don’t like caramel, you won’t like it, and if you do like caramel, you won’t like it!

So Delicious coconut milk minis banana split sandwiches… shockingly, we all liked this!  The coconut flavor was very, very faint, as was the banana flavor; I think that’s actually a good thing, because when things are too strongly banana flavored, they tend to taste very artificial.  I’d definitely buy these again.

This is not a review, really, but I just felt like sharing what I did with a random eggplant — I have this annoying habit of buying too much produce, which I then must use up before it goes bad.  I’m not averse to just eating vegetables straight-up, but sometimes that gets a little monotonous.

So I made babaganoush.  I think I am going to try this again and leave the skin on the eggplant.  Who says it has to be peeled after being roasted?!

Back to the star of the show (post?):

Maranatha sunflower seed butter!  I’ve only tried Sunbutter once, and I wasn’t wildly impressed.  But I saw this in Whole Foods, and I just couldn’t resist it; the only ingredients are sunflower seeds and sea salt, and I didn’t have to give up an arm and a leg to pay for it like I would for most Maranatha nut butters.  (We’ll exclude the workout I got in stirring it up, which nearly did claim an arm.)

Spread on a corn tortilla, topped with banana slices.  Um… go out and buy this now!  It is, quite simply, amazing.  No other words can describe it.

This post owes its weird title to the appearance of the sunflower seed butter.  It’s funny in retrospect, given my affinity for English, but it wasn’t actually my first language.  There are even some things for which I just don’t really use the English word, and sunflower seeds are one of those things.

Let me tell you a little story about sunflower seeds and me.  My mom loves salted, roasted sunflower seeds — or semitchkes, as we call them.  I think it’s Russian.  Anyway, when I was a kid and my mom would sit down to do my homework with me, she was usually accompanied by a big bag of sunflower seeds — only I don’t think I realized that sunflower seeds = semitchkes until I was about twelve.  Yes, I was a slow child.  Hence the enormous piles of shells… I always associated sunflower seeds with horrible homework, which is why I tended to stay far away from them!

Anyway, this got me thinking about other things that I don’t call by their English names… trivet (I don’t think I even knew the English word for that until I was in high school!), dishtowel, hot water urn, robe … you notice that all of these are “household words.”  😉  What’s even more strange about this is that for the most part, the words I do use are Russian, and I don’t speak Russian!  I guess it’s because my grandmother used those words with my mom, who in turn used them with me.  In any case, I’m curious to know if this happens to anyone else… do you use another language for certain things?

To round off on a lovely note, similar to the one in which I began, I have just discovered that next week, six of my nephews are moving in.  I love them dearly, and all, but they are wild Indians.  And I hate eating when kids are around, because I will inevitably be subject to either A) the “ewwww!” treatment, or B) the “I want that!” treatment.  Thank goodness the Invading Israelis are leaving the day before my nephews move in; that should hopefully give me the basement to hibernate.  (And I just mis-typed that as “hopelessly” … Freudian slip much?!)

Have a lovely start to your week.

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”
~Theodore Roosevelt

Bumbling Fog

Warning: I have not had anywhere near enough sleep this week, and as a result, this post will probably make little to no sense.  Or, at least, much less sense than usual.  Apologies in advance.

My mom did come to take me to lunch on Monday.

romaine, egg whites, chickpeas, kidney beans, broccoli, green beans, cucumbers, mushrooms, peppers, croutons... I think that's it?

But the real excitement, of course, was this.

frozen yogurt!

The last time I was in Israel (way too long ago, coincidentally), we stayed a short walk from the most awesome frozen yogurt shop.  What made it so awesome, of course, was that I could eat it.  This alone is a reason to go back there.  Not that I needed more reasons, or anything.

Since I went out with my mom, the leftover corn and green beans from the “shepherd’s pie” had to serve some other purpose.  Mission duly accomplished:

On a bed of baby spinach, I combined wheat couscous with green beans, corn, black soy beans, and fetus carrots.  I mixed in garlic salt and chili powder, and topped it all off with Frank’s.  I never used to like “mix-in” bowls like this, but I think they’re growing on me.

There were still some soy beans and corn left, so I cooked them up with pasta sauce and baby bellas, and used it to top zucchini noodles.

Hmmm.  I suppose that isn’t the most appetizing picture.  Oh well!

Because I seem to collect mascara… I tried a new one.

This promises “voluptuous” lashes.  Would someone care to explain exactly what that would look like?!

Somehow, this isn’t quite what comes to mind.

I realized on Sunday night that I was really stupid for not doing any cooking for Sukkos that day, because when else am I going to do it?!  Monday night I have class, and Tuesday night I would go swimming, except that the pool is still closed.  (Yes, it was supposed to open on the 18th.  No, they don’t know why it hasn’t opened yet, or when it will.  This is totally why I pay for a membership.)  So I went to see my nutritionist instead.  I think I’d rather have gone swimming…

Anyway, I did manage to get something done when I got home on Monday night.

Roasted butternut squash, using this recipe.  Seriously — you need to try this.

And while that’s all very fall-like, I am also enjoying / mourning what is sure to be the last of this season’s berries.

I think I prefer summer fruit, but winter vegetablesWhich seasonal produce is your favorite?

On Tuesday night, I did some other random things in the kitchen — it was late at night, my head was exploding, and I could barely see straight.  But there was no other time to do any of it!!

spicy roasted chickpeas

curry roasted cauliflower

cabbage and noodles

bread pudding

I just realized that all of those things are white / beige.  How incredibly boring!  And the picture quality is awful, but honestly, my priority at the time was getting into bed, not taking pictures.

Part of the reason why my head was exploding was because I had an appointment with my therapist yesterday, and it proved incredibly aggravating, as she’s riding the pharmaceutical train again.  And then, as I was sitting on the subway on my way home from work — with an already-forming headache — a woman sat down next to me, and in the process, her handbag bashed me in the head.  She kept apologizing profusely, and I just kept saying, “It’s okay,” even though it clearly wasn’t, because, I mean, she didn’t do it on purpose.  But that is just an awkward situation — what are you supposed to say?! And then after all of her apologies, she fell asleep and basically wound up in my lap.  Lovely.  :p

There is way too much going on right now, and I have way too many things to do, which is really rather overwhelming.  And, joy of joys, here’s a holiday again!  My sister is coming over tomorrow night.  Which means my niece is too.  Let’s pretend to not be stressed out over this… and focus instead of academic stresses, which are probably more socially acceptable.

Since I am just rambling now, I am going to shut up and get to work so I can get out of here as soon as possible!  Have a great weekend.

“Life is about obstacles, endeavors in life are not to be overlooked.”
~Wade Boggs


Well, well, well.  It looks like I’ve survived another Yom Kippur!  Not like there was any doubt of that, but, you know…  😉

Since it’s supposedly good to eat rice and beans before a fast, I figured that this was the perfect opportunity to try out this new product I stumbled across…

On Friday, I just plated it alongside black soybeans (I think I prefer “regular” soybeans).

By itself, the rice didn’t have much flavor.  A little bit of sea salt and garam masala helped with that.  I just really wish that there were more vegetables in there!!

On Saturday night, I mixed black soybeans into the rice and veggies, along with some spices, and stuffed it into a wedge of roasted red kuri squash.

Way too voluminous for right after a fast, but hey, it was good.  😉

And to back up to even earlier on Friday, I was intrigued by April’s recipe for “shepherd’s pie”.  I did make a few changes — I used Yves Meatless Ground Round Original instead of the turkey, consomme instead of the broth, and canned green beans and corn.  For the “mashed potatoes,” I skipped the parmesan cheese and used Nayonaise instead of yogurt.


I also quartered the recipe, but for some reason, the liquid never completely evaporated; if I’d had to cut this into individual servings, it would have totally fallen apart! I just ate it straight out of the Pyrex.

It was really good, if a tad salty!  The only problem is that now I have random corn and green beans to finish up… I’d just throw them into a salad for lunch tomorrow, except that I think my mom is coming to the city, so I’m probably going to lunch with her.  Frozen yogurt!  Yay!

Oh, frozen yogurt.  Since I really really like it, but can only get it in this one place, I decided I wanted a soft-serve ice cream maker so that I could make it on my own.  Except that I think that in order to make anything with this contraption, you need to use cream, which kind of defeats the whole purpose, since I want it to be non-dairy.  Hmph.

Today, I was very very brave and went to the mall.  Ahhh, how I hate shopping… but I really need that black shirt!  I wound up getting a crewneck, which isn’t exactly what I wanted, but I have no patience for shopping.  And I also managed to spend some completely unnecessary money in Aeropostale.  I love that store.  It is a dangerous place for me to go.

Oh, yes, about the figs.

It’s quite simple, really.  It doesn’t matter whether they’re green figs or black figs; the trick is to make sure they’re ripe enough.  If they’re still firm to the touch, they’re probably going to be tasteless.  They need to be a little mushy.

And now I am off to attempt to finish cleaning my room (ha!) / do something with the green beans and corn / prepare for tomorrow’s classes (sob!).  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task.” 
~William James

Multiple Choice

Multiple choice quiz!

I did not post yesterday because:

A) I was swept away in a near-tornado

B) I was busy introducing my nutritionist to the wonder of good figs

C) I was scavenging for hidden treasures

D) I had too many things to do to get ready for Yom Kippur

E) All of the above

The answer, of course, is E.  I didn’t actually realize until today just how lucky I am that a tree didn’t land on my head yesterday!  I was fortunate enough to get stuck outside during the brunt of a crazy storm.  My socks and shoes are still soaked through.  I did explain to my nutritionist how to determine which figs will be awesome and which will not, and she saved the second one for her husband because they were both disappointed the last time they had figs; and on my way home, I stopped off at the supermarket and succumbed to the call of the pumpkin.  I’m set for the season, I suppose!  As for the Powerade, I’m actually drinking it now, but I needed a picture.  😉

Oh, yeah.  I also went to buy some fish food.  Apparently Petco has been renovated.  Here are the “mascots” to tell you all about it.

Wow.  Am I easily amused, or what?!…

I ate this salad yesterday.

romaine, roasted rutabaga, tempeh, sugar snap peas

And then I called my dentist and made an appointment, because as much as I’d like to plead ignorance, I really think I might have a cavity.  Allow me to rephrase — when I was ten, I had a total crackpot of a dentist (proof is that he isn’t practicing anymore, and he’s not old enough to be retired), and I really think he drilled too deep into a regular cavity and gave me a root canal.  There’s probably more filling than tooth at this point.  Anyway.  If I have to take care of it, I want to just get it over with, but the soonest appointment I could get is ten days away.

I’ve been eyeing these for quite a while, but I’ve been reluctant to buy them because I’m not the world’s biggest fan of nuts, and because I wasn’t sure how much I liked the ingredients.  Having decided that a little bit of added sugar won’t kill me, I moved on to the corn maltodextrin. I wasn’t quite sure what it was, but it just didn’t sound like something I wanted to ingest! (Hence the question.)  I asked my nutritionist about it — mainly because it sounds similar to maltitol, and sugar alcohols and I do not get along — and she said that it’s probably fine.  So.

I tried the vanilla bean.  I was rather underwhelmed.  Mostly because I love love love vanilla, and I couldn’t really taste it here — just the almonds, and I don’t love love love almonds!  I’m guessing it will be a while before this gets finished, unless my brother and / or dad likes it.

Yesterday, at work, everyone was talking about what they were going to eat before / after Yom Kippur.  I think it’s the funniest thing — people act like they’re never going to see food again!  It’s just one day, no need to get so dramatic about it.  But then, I guess I’m probably a little… biased in that regard.  Even so, nobody ever dropped dead from fasting for twenty-five hours, so far as I know!  The bigger problem, if you ask me, is the enormous quantities we are supposed to consume prior to the fast… which “counts” as having fasted both today and tomorrow, instead of just tomorrow.  Personally, I’d rather fast for two days.  But, again — I’m not exactly impartial here.

Classic banana oats with peanut butter… sometimes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  Sometimes.

And now I am off to … well … stuff my face.

Have a great weekend!

“He who distinguishes the true savor of his food can never be a glutton; he who does not cannot be otherwise.” 
~Henry David Thoreau


I have attachment issues.  That is, I can’t / won’t get attached to people.  Mostly because historically, it’s been a wasted effort on my part.  I don’t like to hang around where I’m not wanted.  Maybe that’s given me a skewed perception of such matters, but I’ve been pondering the whole “blogging relationship” thing lately.

A lot of bloggers say that they’ve met amazing people through blogging.  I won’t discount that, except that personally, I don’t know that I’d use the word “met.”  It’s like looking at someone from afar and acknowledging their existence, but not having the give-and-take of a relationship.  Can you really say that you’ve met that person?  Given my innate hermitic nature, I’m not sure I’d say that I’m terribly anguished over this, but it does bug me, because I already felt enough like a freak.  No need to help things along in that regard!

On a semi-related note, it used to really bother me that I could see how many views a particular post got, but due to lack of comments, I had no idea who was reading.  Don’t ask me what happened, or why, because I don’t know — but suddenly, it really doesn’t matter anymore.  I don’t care.

This could be seen as both a positive and a negative.  Positive because, well, why should the actions (or lack thereof) of someone else have any impact on my mood?  Negative because it could be seen as just giving up — like, oh, whatever, here we go again.

On to more menial matters!  Such as the fact that in terms of dragging-on-forever, today was even worse than yesterday.  It started out with me not getting enough sleep.  And eating breakfast these days takes longer than it should — it turns into a whole affair because I have to dig my cereal and granola out of their “hiding places.”  Then the girl who was supposed to open the gym didn’t show.  (Shocking, right?)  I went to another one — and I took the subway instead of walking, because I had to make a stop for my mom, but I hate the subway.  The day just dragged on and on and on and on and on.  How is it possible that 5.00 AM to 5.00 PM takes far longer to get through than 5.00 PM to 5.00 AM?!

romaine, roasted red kuri squash, tempeh, sugar snap peas

The skin of the squash is much better cold.  (However, I believe that pretty much everything is better cold.)

I saw this in the supermarket last night, and my curiosity was piqued… so much so that I bought the chocolate orange flavor, since they were all out of the chocolate variety!

It was very similar to this bar.  Taste-wise, it was okay — chocolate with a hint of orange — but it literally felt like I was eating crispy, chocolate- and orange-flavored air.  They’re just not very substantial!

I also tried something else that was new to me:

Lundberg Farms Organic Risotto Florentine

This was an exercise in mishaps… I only used a quarter of the rice and the seasoning mixture, so I quartered the amount of water.  But in true-to-me genius fashion, I neglected to quarter the cooking time, and the mess in my microwave was outstanding.  So I can’t really speak to its texture.  The flavor was pretty good, though it didn’t strike me as “risotto” at all.  Granted, I’ve only had it once, and I wasn’t a fan — far too creamy for my taste.  I’ll finish this box (cooking it for a shorter amount of time!), but I don’t think this is a repeat purchase for me.

Gorgeous earrings which were sent to me by Jessica; thank you again!  😀

Once I suffer through the work day, tomorrow marks the start a very busy few days… not in a good way!  On the plus side, by Saturday night, I will not have to face Yom Kippur for another whole year.  And now, instead of reading the last twenty pages of the least amusing amusing book ever written, I will leave it for tomorrow as a subway treat, and get to bed in anticipation of the horrors to come.

Yes, I am being overly dramatic.  I hope!

Have a great Thursday.

“Untold suffering seldom is.”
~Franklin P. Jones