Playing With the New Toy

Have I finished reading the manual?… No, of course not.  I just got so wrapped up in playing with my new toy!!  I took the manual along as subway reading today, but it’s frustrating to read it without having the camera at hand.  And I did not take that because then I wouldn’t have gotten any work done today.  Anyway, observe:

I have such well-behaved fish.  😉

This is neither here nor there, but some sort of insect is flying around my room right now, and I am its dinner.  AUGH!!!

Let’s see… all of the following pictures, by the way, are still taken with the point-and-shoot.  Obviously.

I finally got around to trying protein ice cream… I used strawberry Spirutein and Almond Dream. The Spirutein contains guar gum, so I used a lot less than the recipe called for, but I don’t think I’m a fan of gums in general… they tend to give everything a, well, gummy taste / texture!!

Romaine, roasted cauliflower, roasted kabocha, roasted tofu, snow peas.  There is a new spice kid on my block: garam masala.  Expect to see a lot of it.  😉

In fact, I used it to roast a chayote.  I saw one on Eden’s blog a few days back, and my curiousity was piqued.

Quartered, spiced, roasted.  The chayote itself didn’t taste like anything at all; but it was wonderfully crisp and crunchy, even after being roasted!  I already like the versatility of this vegetable…

I don’t think I’ve done anything except express my adoration for my new baby, but that flying creature has apparently had quite a feast, if the stings on my arms are any indication.  I am off to hunt down some hydrocortisone cream before I do something I may regret.

Happy Tuesday!

“Hope is independent of the apparatus of logic.”
~Norman Cousins


7 responses to “Playing With the New Toy

  1. Hehe I usually am to excited about getting something new to read the manual!
    Lovely pictures above, the colours are very beautiful.

  2. Ahhh obsessions are wonderful, are they not? 😉 I couldn’t stop snapping pictures of pretty much everything when I first got my new camera. Hell, I still can’t stop snapping pictures of pretty much everything, and it’s been over half a year 🙂 Wonderful toy…

    I’m not a big fan of eating gums or feeding insects either. Both result in annoying/painful circumstances… eep.

  3. Hope the flying creature finally left!

    Your fish photos are beautiful – makes me want a new camera, and sorry you don’t like the gums. Took me sometime to find a good a balance when using them in recipes. Gummy ice-cream is NOT very good, but if I get it just right, it’s like my beloved soft serve. 🙂

    Mmm, love Garam Masala…I bet it’s amazing on kabocha. 🙂

  4. oh weird, ive never seen Garam Masala in its whole form!!
    YAY FOR FISH PET OWNERS! i love my little fishies..well theyre getting quite big actually! the only thing i hate is cleaning their tanks!! urgh


  5. O playing with new things is fun…its like when I first got the magic bullet, I made EVERYTHING in it! I think my roomate wanted to kill me cause of all the noise. So glad you jumped on the unique veg bandwagon, I like it with cinnamon and brown sugar, and nutmeg if you got it.

  6. Garam masala is my favourite spice combination too 🙂 but I have never seen a chayote before, how interesting. The pictures taken with your new camera are lovely, glad you’re having fun with it! x

  7. Guess what? There are like 6 flies buzzing around me right now and I think I’m going to smack them before I have dinner.

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