First, some housekeeping notes related to my last post!

  1. I am not going to Bermuda on my vacation.  I just included that picture because I hate it when I have a post that only has pictures of food!
  2. The oh-so-exciting story behind the “sauteed eggplant” is that I was attempting to replicate my addiction, and the ingredients list reads “eggplant, water, tomato paste, pizza sauce, sugar, salt, spices, less than 1/10 of 1% potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate to preserve flavor.”  The inclusion of spices is what makes this problematic, since I don’t know what spices those are!  Anyway, my first attempt wasn’t exactly successful, which is why it just wound up dumped on top of that random concotion I posted on Friday.  I tried it again, and that worked out somewhat better…
    The trick, you see, was that I needed to use a skillet, not a pot.  I also discovered, on the second try, that I need to let it cook for a lot longer, because the eggplant chunks were much firmer than they are in the store-bought version.  Since I had no idea what spices to use, I just added as much red color as I could with chili powder, cayenne pepper, and paprika, and I also included some garlic powder and onion powder.  I used two packets of Truvia, but I’m going to cut back on that next time, because it was definitely too sweet.  It was good, but it wasn’t what I was after!
  3. My exciting Sunday outing was not, unfortunately, a skydiving trip.  Instead, I went here.

I bought this.

All together now: Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  (In case you’re wondering, that’s a combination of excitement and pain at the price.  Yes, my parents paid a portion of it, but I still covered more than half.  I am oh-so-glad I didn’t go with the more expensive one I was originally eyeing… not least because it weighs about a thousand pounds!)

Being the techno-dummy that I am, I am actually feeling a little intimdated, even though this is supposedly a “beginner” camera!  I will definitely not make the same mistake I made with my point-and-shoot… I didn’t read the manual until I’d already had it for a few years, and I was therefore unaware of the macro setting for a very. long. time.  Pity indeed.  I was going to clean my room today (or attempt it, at least), but I think this takes precedence, don’t you?  😉

Because I cannot seem to post something without the inclusion of some sort or verbal vomit, I am going to whine now.  Skip the next paragraph to avoid it.

My dad and I had some “bonding time” by going together to buy the camera.  That’s all fine and good… except that whenever we spend more than ten minutes in the same quarters, he seems incapable of not talking about my eating disorder.  Which, frankly, makes  me feel like I’m not anything but that.  I really, really wish he wouldn’t always feel compelled to take what would otherwise be considered a pleasant situation and turn it into an uncomfortable and awkward one by attacking me about how I am “not normal” and “different” and persistently asking “what recovery means to [me].”  (In case you’re wondering — the only “correct” answer to the last question is that I get my period.  Everything else is irrelevant.  Since I don’t believe that, I refuse to answer that question.)  When I wanted to know if we always have to discuss this, he said that yes, we do, because I have yet to give him a satisfactory answer… and that I would understand within a couple of weeks why he is asking this now.  Um… okay?  If I were the type who is excessively curious about everything, a cryptic statement like that would really bother me.  As it is, I’m just mildly puzzled.

In other random news, check this out.

Old on top, new on bottom.  (Duh.)  It was clearly high time I replaced my lifting gloves, but on my last attempt I wound up with a pair of mens’ gloves.  This time, I decided to go with the exact same thing to avoid that problem.  Yeah — anyone else notice how much larger the new gloves are?!  They’re so huge that when I tried them on, I accidentally put two of my fingers in one, and I couldn’t figure out for a second why the glove had six fingers.  Genius.  So much for that… I just don’t understand it!  If they’re the same model and the same size, they should be smaller than my old gloves, because those stretched out a lot since I’ve bought them.  Hmph.

And now, if you will excuse me, I have a manual to read.

Have a great Monday!

“It is foolish to tear one’s hair in grief, as if sorrow would be made less by baldness.”


13 responses to “Aaaaaahhhhh!!!

  1. I am jealous…I want a new camera!!!!

  2. Might try that ‘sauteed eggplant’…I have 10 eggplants in the fridge, haha.

  3. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    that new camera looks awesome!
    & interesting about your dad- i wonder what he is referring to? i assure you you are more than your eating disorder, and he knows that too. I’m sure it is all out of love & concern.

  4. Blue-Eyed (and I love that name) – I keep coming here randomnly and I really must just add you to my Reader 🙂 Anyhow – just wanted to say I like that quote…I liken it to the idea of be-rating or being mad at ourselves, being angry and always judging ourselves – that’s like hitting your head against a door. It gets you nowhere. Accept yourself, be kind to yourself and love yourself FIRST – and then change will come.

    Thanks for letting that come to me.

    And, yay for time with your Dad 🙂

  5. omg i have been wanting the REBEL but havent gottten it b/c i am scared i will eff it up and wont be able to use the focus since i have never ever had a “real” non point n shoot camera. keep me posted on how you like it!

    nice lifting gloves, so spiffy n white!

  6. I will see your aaaaaahhhhh!!! and raise you an eeeeeeeeee!!! because that looks like a great camera 😀 I hope you have fun learning how to use it!

    I’m sorry your time with your dad became rather stressful. I don’t think there’s any way to change parent’s behaviour – my dad is unhelpful (to say the least) on the subject of my eating disorder, and I’ve just had to learn to stand up for myself or ignore it, depending on the situation (and his level of intoxication, lol 😛 ). I know that doesn’t change the fact that it’s frustrating and hurtful though. I wish all parents could be perfectly supportive when their children suffer from mental illnesses, but I think eating disorders in particular are something you have to experience personally to understand. Anyway, I hope your dad doesn’t spring any unwelcome surprises on you in the next couple of weeks!

    Have a nice Tuesday 🙂 xx

  7. You nearly gave me a heart attack with that post title! Whenever the word ‘ahhh’ appears I always assume it’s like a cry of pain. I didn’t realise that it was a contented sigh or an elated scream 😉 Glad you’re excited about your beautiful new toy: I just inherited a Garmin 205 and it’s like a child to me, only without the whining, tantrums and nappies. Give me a Garmin over a baby any day.

    Dads in general just do not understand eating disorders, it seems. Mine gets very frustrated and aggressive with me and my ‘abnormal’ meals and behaviours. But even if I didn’t have problems with bingeing, he’d still be on my back about my veganism. He can’t even handle the concept of vegetarianism! But at the same time I think that aggression comes from frustration, becauese as Dads they think it’s their job to ‘fix’ us. Men tend to think on a practical terms and can’t live with the fact that we’re not as easy to fix as a cabinet or a shelf. Weird analogy but there you go 😉



  8. Ooooo! Girl! congrats on the new camera! I’m sure you’ll love it 🙂 I’m the same way with reading manuals; I usually either lose them or throw them away before I have a desire to flip through them, but when I got my DLSR, I was so intimidated by all the different settings and options, that I actually read the manual cover to cover… and even when I finished, I was still intimidated 😉 You’ll get the hang of it eventually, though. It’s really not as bad as it looks.

    I’m sorry that you had kind of a rough time with your dad… my sympathies. I think dads in general are kind of… clueless. Mine didn’t think I had a problem, even when I could barely get out of bed. He thought it was all within my control and that I could choose to get better as soon as I wanted to. Sigh. Men…

  9. Yay Yay Yay for the Rebel! P and I are going to look at them tonight after work. Cross your fingers I join the club with you today! XOXO

  10. how exciting! your first dSLR! 😀

  11. My dad and I bong over costco trips! weird but we do! My mom also diet when I was younger, so we’re close anyhow, but when we want to have “fun” and we’re not out of town, we go to best buy, ikea, or costco. That camera looks awesome, might go on my hanukah gift list (even though I never get presents of hanukah).

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