Catching Up

Oh, well, hey.  Not much doing on this end of town, except that I’m sprouting bruises like nobody’s business.  I mean, yes, I am a hopeless klutz, but I usually remember such incidents.  Like, I know that I tripped on Thursday and this morning, but allow me to point out that there is a world of difference between tripping and tripping and falling.  The former usually does not leave bruises behind!  Mysterious.

There are a whole bunch of random pictures lying around, and they are cluttering up my media library and getting on my nerves, so I am just going to post them with minimal commentary!

romaine, baby carrots, edamame, baby bellas

tortilla with an All White omelet, "sauteed eggplant," baby bellas, nooch; snap peas

There is a whole long story behind the “sauteed eggplant” … hence the quotation marks.  But that will just have to wait until my next post.  I am confident that you will lose no sleep over this.  😉

romaine, snap peas, tempeh, roasted rutabaga

used this... make this!

Just baked a Lightlife cutlet with Dijon mustard.  I bought it quite a while ago — I no longer remember why — but I was hesitant to use it.  Because, you know, the nutrition panel doesn’t say “0” in the calorie department the way yellow mustard’s does.  {{insert appropriate amount of eye-rolling here}}  Even though, to be honest, it did not taste all that different to me, but I’m hardly a mustard specialist…

I made it! The expiring cottage cheese (best by 08/13/10) is no more, thanks to these wheat bran pancakes.  Topped with PB2 sauce, naturally, because I must pursue the futile endeavor of finishing it before it expires.

I found a birthday card from my brother tucked into my purse this morning.  It was classy.  Something about the birds singing for me.  And the bird poop being meant for someone else.  Yes, we have strange senses of humor in this house.  And if I weren’t so lazy, I’d get up to take a picture of it… eh, for now, look at this instead.


In a week from now, I will be in pre-vacation freakout mode!  Wheeeeeeee.

But at the moment, I am super excited about where I am going on Sunday, even if it makes me uncomfortable that I am totally going to have to break my routine to do it.  I’m sure you’re just dying to know… since we so love guessing games, you can try to guess if you want to!  😉  And speaking of guessing games…

It was  apricot.  😀

Have a great weekend!  Anything exciting on tap for you??

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.  It’s not.”
~Dr. Seuss


9 responses to “Catching Up

  1. I’ve actually been pretty lucky and somehow managed to avoid bruises for a while now… Today I almost sliced open my finger while cutting carrots, though, and considering that I’m not the biggest fan of blood, I think I’d take bruises over missing fingertips.

    Ooo bermuda. I’ve never been, but I hear good things. Avoid any/all triangles though 😉

  2. O boy, i’m superklutz AND a chef which = burns, cuts, scars like none other, youd think I was shooting up or something! Curious about the “sautee”….did you not use oil or something?


  4. i burn myself all the time in the kitchen! i have at least 5 burnt scars on my hands and fingers 😦

    i’m desperate to know what the “sauteed eggplants” are about…

  5. Ooooh I want your apricot YOUbar…*eats the computer screen*
    I never had Dijon mustard, I thought it might be sweet and weird. Since you say it taste the same, I’m gonna stick with my French’s mustard :p

    Is your pancake recipe ready? :3
    And I want to know the ”sauteed eggplant” story!!!! 😡


  6. skydiving?

  7. u definitely are my kind of girl, u know the best places to vacation! urgh im so envious i cant stand it!! what an adventure to look forward too!!!
    btw. ur also my kind of girl for loving mustard as much as me 🙂


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